Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 229

How about a Bible course?

Parallels between Europe and the Watchtower Society

Luxembourg, which is shrinking its corporate taxes according to all the rules of pro forma legality, is taking enlighteners to court. In these spheres, self-evident moral values do not apply. The current injustice draws the lines according to which action is taken in secrecy. How does the Watchtower Society do this? Does it also have something that reminds us of immoral government? Like Europe, the Watchtower Society expands its power worldwide and suppresses moral and ethical values.

This parallel between the power construct of Europe and the Watchtower Society was intended to bring the blush of shame to our faces. All of us, like Jehovah's Witnesses, have fallen for a construction that has its origins in many details of Masonic thought. There are committees, commissioners and many other institutions named after Masonic terminology, all of whose executive bodies are not elected but appointed from above. In the Watchtower Society, the so-called Christian elders are also not elected by the local congregation, but determined by the Watchtower Society.

Are the people of Europe subject to an organisation very similar to the Watchtower Society? What is certain, however, is that both the power construct Europe and the power construct Watchtower Society were conceived, designed and engineered by Freemasons. Jehovah's Witness feels as normal as the European feels. As elitist as a Jehovah's Witness feels, so elitist is the European who stands uncritically behind all the fraud of the European Union. Example: Europe uses subsidies to destroy local markets in developing countries and then exports goods there at a high profit.

And ethically, the European feels as superior as the Jehovah's Witness to the rest of the world! It has become our everyday life that we use a mental attitude that has fallen to us as a pedestal of honour, Sichwort western values. We do not ask where this humanistically atheistic over-morality comes from. This is exactly how it is with Jehovah's Witnesses who do not check where their arrogance or elite feeling comes from.

The Watchtower Society can be weakened by enlightenment as fewer and fewer people fall for its seductions. European society is less vulnerable on this point, because it is not based on the decision of belonging, but recruits its clientele through mainstream and birth. It strengthens its growth by banning democracy by not allowing many member nations to vote on membership at all. And those who are allowed to vote vote vote until the result is right. These methods are very reminiscent of the practices of the Watchtower Society. In the Watchtower Society, too, the individual steps to its construction were pushed through with cunning and treachery. And critical Bible scholars were rigorously removed in the 1930s.

The way in which an admittedly important and pleasant European peace is maintained is also strongly reminiscent of the spiritual uniformity which is the central axis of the Community in the Watchtower Society. Abuse of power becomes a legitimate means to an end. Critical people, i.e. renegades, are automatically excluded. The day will come when this practice of exclusion will also be openly applied in Europe, namely when cash has been abolished. Then the critic, who published something yesterday, goes shopping and has to find out at the checkout that his right-hand chip card is blocked.

This seemingly utopian development was already sketched out in advance in the Bible.

Revelation 13, 16-17 And it makes them all, the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves, to make themselves a sign on their right hand or on their foreheads. and that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, namely the name of the beast or the number of his name.

1. Thessalonicher 5,3 If they're gonna say: It is peace, it has no danger – then she will be attacked by destruction quickly like the contractions of a pregnant woman and they will not flee.

Jehovah's Witnesses have long since abandoned critical thinking, and the European mainstream media are pursuing atheism and evolutionism with religious and propagandistic power. Religions and politics divide people among themselves and use very similar tools. Under this aspect the Heidelberger watchtower lady club makes a rather harmless impression.


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