Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 28

Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims in Bruchsal Pedestrian Zone (06 April 2013)

You'd think the Christmas weather would never stop!

I had already heard several times that in Sinsheim the Jehovah's Witnesses are also active in the pedestrian zone with book tables. But even today they could not be seen in Sinsheim. Instead, I met a Christian who stood with his book table at the corner of the old town hall. He described to me the peaceful coexistence of the book tables when both groups, Christians and Jehovahists, were present. In response to my remark that Christian literature, at first glance, sometimes makes the same impression as the Watchtower notebooks, he said, "Yes, we did 20 years ago!"

The imitation of Christian book-table promotions by Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims turns into a market-like competition for supplies, which in the end makes the Gospel of Jesus Christ look like an offer among many other equivalent offers. The teachings of Islam and the Watchtower Society must be sharper outlined by Christian behavior and more clearly named. The anti-Christian factors of these counter-religions must not go under for the sake of good tone. People who engage in Muslim or Jehovah's teachings should have heard at least once that these ideologies are the direct reversal of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Just like the Catholic doctrine of works justice with its Marian idolatry.

From Sinsheim I drove to Bruchsal because I was pretty sure I would find Jehovah's Witnesses there. Two sympathetic young men had set up their bookstore with Muslim literature in front of their bookstore. I had already had a short conversation with one of them. We got straight to the point of whether Jesus was God, and I said that God had to become man to take upon himself the sin of the world, and that Jesus was that man. "That doesn't make sense to me," the Muslim replied to me and took breath to go further. But I went with my matjes bread roll gesticulating towards the bookstall of Jehovah's Witnesses.

It occurred to me that I would at least have to briefly explain the rough context, and I went back. With two small interruptions I was able to deliver the following explanation to the two Muslims: "God is absolute in everything. If someone is not absolute in any way, he is automatically no longer God. God is absolutely just and he is at the same time absolute love and forgiveness. For his absolute justice and for his absolute love, God took our punishment upon Himself "

The consequence of this story is that Jehovah and Allah are half true gods. They are All-Powerful, killing and destroying. A faith that revolves around a God that is not absolute is in itself a deception. Jehovah and Allah are mixed beings because they sometimes forgive and sometimes not. The situation where God becomes man and fulfills his absolute justice through his own sacrifice, mankind finds only in Jesus Christ. The situation where God becomes man and proves his absolute love through his own sacrifice, mankind finds only in Jesus Christ. All variants of a God who only loves relatively and is relatively just are human inventions or demonic creations.

Jehovah's Witnesses must reject bread and wine: Anti Last Supper – Antichrist

I held this sign up today and noticed that people needed a second or two to check the connection. Non-Christians have virtually no chance of understanding in this case. A passer-by walked by, turned around, read the sign again very carefully, and then asked me: "Are you Jehovah's Witnesses?" "I: "No." "You, standing just half a meter from the Jehovah's Witnesses, and with the sound of the deepest relief: "Well, thank God, I was happy and would have loved to know what was going on in the Jehovah's Witnesses at that moment.

At the end I wanted to get rid of one more sentence: "The Lord's Supper as you celebrate it could only be celebrated by Satanists besides you." I stood in front of the book table of Jehovah's Witnesses and had to say this sentence five or six times until I was sure it had arrived. Jehovah's Witness covered her ears. One of the male Jehovah's Witnesses took his cell phone out of his pocket and threatened to call the police. He kept yelling at me to disappear. He even tried to push me away by physical exertion. But I leaned quite comfortably against his weight and he quickly realized that I was only a human being and not out for aggression.

That was the day and I thank the Lord that we have the freedom to draw attention to the false teachings that propagate antichristianity under a pious cloak and seduce people to an antichristian religion.


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