Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 373

The Watchtower Society Needs More Murder Victims

And Mr. and Mrs. Average don't get it.

If I called you guys, don't just walk past Jehovah's Witnesses! Photograph them! Give them signs of the atrocities of their religion! Then it would be quite pointless, because the normal behavior of people makes such a thing quite impossible. One does not do such a thing. That goes too far. And why should one take care of others? Should I be my brother's keeper? That goes too far. Everybody lives his life and everybody cooks his soup. Everybody carries his own parcel.

But the Watchtower Society has drilled its people beyond exactly this natural behavioural boundary. This gives them the opportunity to attract and sausage more and more victims.

The Watchtower advertising team at Walldorf-Wiesloch station was invisible again today. We need a lot of people to control other stations and if necessary take pictures and hold up signs. But at least on Fridays the station Walldorf-Wiesloch is free of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Jehovah's drums were not present at the Altpoertel in Speyer today. He stayed away knowing well or was he ordered to stay away? The other Jehovah's Witness stood all alone and had to take care of himself and check the area to see if anyone with a camera appeared on the horizon. So far the thing was that the drummer always let his eyes wander and took over the function to warn against me.

But Jehovah's Witness at Altpoertel also made his quick exit and I could just photograph the cloud of dust on the horizon that he would have stirred up if Speyer were lying in the desert. The man does not even realize what testimony he is giving of his religion in this way. He towers like a caught thief or like someone who was caught cheating. The pictures speak volumes.

In the sense of a scientist who discovered a Yeti, I tried to discover the oversized footprints, but there was not enough snow. But the gulli-like cellar skeleton is sparkling clean, because every working day Jehovah's Witness gyrates on it.

After Jehovah's Witness left the Altpoertel, I sat for another hour on the bench in front of Deutsche Bank and showed the people the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death. There were no more crooked mouths to look at, and the Catholic, who was always so committed to Jehovah's Witness, passed by without further reaction. But the action with the sign is always worthwhile, because new people are always coming by. Today the yield was super good. Many showed that they were addressed inwardly and hopefully think about the bleeding practice of the Watchtower Society.

In Heidelberg I first met only the most steadfast from the sect of yellow mailboxes. The Watchtower Society were not present. Only on the way back from a longer hike in the pedestrian zone, exactly at this steadfast mailbox sect member, did I come across two funny representatives of the serial murder Wattturm sect. They immediately collapsed their advertising material and set off. One said: "We call the police again! You don't leave, do you?"

Of course I stayed and after the leading Watchtower comrade had realized that he couldn't go away then either, the two stood up again and put up their Watchtower advertisements again.

In the hour in which we waited together for the police, I had several good conversations. At the end of this waiting period I thought about asking my Watchtower comrades if we should perhaps make a new appointment with the police. Because so slowly I wanted to go home. But then two walkers in police uniform came and walked past us. The leading watchtower comrade followed them and asked if they were not there because of his call. The police officers denied it, but took a friendly approach to the situation.

A longer conversation between the Watchtower representatives and the policemen followed and I had enough time to warn even more people. The people in Heidelberg were very open-minded and many looked around for me because they also wanted to read the front and back of the signs.

After the police had probably informed the Watchtower volunteers that they could only criticize the publication of the photos, an official came to me to record my personal details. Overall, the situation was very relaxed and the police officers very nice. Also the Watchtower people had calmed down, because there was no more room for their special role. For a long time the Heidelberg passers-by in the pedestrian zone at the level of the steadfast member of the mailbox sect had before their eyes a picture consisting of two Jehovah's Witnesses, two policemen and myself. At the end the called patrol car appeared and rounded the picture off.

The two Jehovah's Witnesses have probably learned nothing. They will probably behave just as they do today at the next encounter with me.

The conversations

The fact that the Watchtower Society is bleeding Jehovah's Witnesses to death out of sheer murderousness is very hard for people to understand. Even the Watchtower Society is not expected to do so much evil. One man, whose wife was hospitalized and had to take foreign blood, steadfastly denied that the Watchtower doctrine could have no other motive for her cannibal law than murder. He could not even be reached by argument because this thought simply seemed impossible to him. Only after several attempts on my part, in which I suggested to him to take more time for this problem, did he settle down and stop his unqualified "yes but".

Others, to whom I explained that Jehovah's Witnesses are not cannibals and therefore the cannibal law could only have been enacted out of murder, understood more quickly. The inhibition threshold to expect a religion to do something evil counts more than arguments in this question. But no one could oppose my argumentation. The Watchtower Society murders by bleeding to death. It does it again and again in the same way. This is serial murder.

Serial murder by bleeding to death

For those of you who may have landed on this website for the first time, I'll list the evidence once again:

No religion, no church, no mosque, and no sect except the Watchtower Society applies the blood rules of the Bible to human blood. By applying the Bible's blood rules to human blood, the Watchtower Society creates a cannibal law that does not exist in the Bible. But because not a single Jehovah's Witness is cannibal, there can be only one motive for this tricky invention of the cannibal law: Murder by bleeding to death.

The simplicity and plausibility of this fact, which can hardly be further expanded, is almost like the statement: "One and one is two." One can no longer justify this by logical methods of calculation or argumentation and is therefore hardly understandable if one has not grown up with it. This simple connection has also only slowly become clear to me. That is alarming! A religion murders for decades in series and nobody notices it! Terrible! Devilish! Worse than the so-called Islamic state! Worse than all tricksters, worse than all the evil the world has ever seen.

This is the serial-killing Watchtower Society in Christian guise. This is the Antichrist in pure form.


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