Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 339

Jehovah God must go laughing out loud

Triumph or disgrace?

Jehovah God cannot stop at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. He has to withdraw from the Watchtower religion because of the simple facts and his propaganda slaves don't show up here on Fridays anymore. Is this stubborn adherence to this god of shame steadfastness? No. It is only the imprisonment in Satan's religious prison. Jehovah's prisoners are completely spiritually gutted.

Jehovah God, whose name was demonstrably invented by a Catholic, also escapes in Speyer and flees laughing loudly when the truth approaches. His co-workers imagine that they will achieve great victories at the Altpoertel, but they give a shameful picture when they clear the field within a few seconds.

Not only did a Catholic invent the name of the Watchtower God, but the structures in the Catholic Church are almost the same as those of the Watchtower Organization. The special exaggeration of the Catholic priesthood over the so-called laity is also found in the Watchtower religion. There it is the 144,000 "anointed" who, like the Catholic priests, consciously sin against Jesus every day by placing themselves higher than others. The Catholic priests let themselves be called father, which Jesus expressly prohibited. Jehovah's pseudopriests use vocabulary such as noble and princely, which even outshines the term father.

Also the integration of paganism is common to both religions. While Catholicism tears down all borders to the outside world, the Watchtower religion acts as if it were doggedly suppressing pagan customs. But the fact that it systematically and organizedly sacrifices people for its God, as it was usual only in the most pagan of all religions, does not notice its victims. This Jehovah God lets people die for him, and his organization uses a self-invented cannibal law for this purpose, which does not exist in the Bible. For this purpose, the rules that apply exclusively to animal blood are simply applied to human blood. But because Jehovah's Witnesses are not cannibals, the question arises why this organization needs such a cannibal law at all. The answer is clear: Jehovah's organization needs this cannibal law exclusively to be able to murder parts of its clientele.

Paganism, which is welcomed with open arms by Catholicism, has long since taken place in its worst form from within in the Watchtower religion. The cult of sacrificing people to the gods is maximally developed in Jehovah's Witnesses, and the murders carried out through seduction and manipulation remain unpunished to this day. So much has the great fraud found its home in the people that no public prosecutor stands up and investigates the Watchtower murders according to his legal duty.

Even genuine Christians – caring cichlids and actors once ignored – are too stupid or at least pretend not to have to recognize the rule of Satan in Catholicism and in the Watchtower religion. And even when they see through the matter, they refuse to interrupt their routine because they are committed to ecumenism. Many are even financially indirectly dependent on ecumenism and cannot defend themselves against the egalitarianism of lies and truth, because otherwise they lose their leading position in the national church. What a dilemma! There are Christians who are aware of their dependence on lies and prefer to keep their feet still because of the Mercedes-Benz in front of the house.

It is all the more pleasant to experience how the lie of truth can only be countered by a scornful laugh on a small scale and must finally disappear from the scene. The confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses with their own lies and evil works is still free of ecumenical pressure. Only when freedom of expression is restricted in favour of religious freedom can a similar status emerge here as it is already effective in the leadership levels of the churches.

What is exciting is whether the abolition or restriction of freedom of expression will replace the long overdue persecution of the Watchtower murders. What kind of world is it in which public prosecutors ignore their legal duties? It is the world in which German food corporations damage entire African economies to such an extent that no one there can market their own agricultural products and millions of people lose their livelihoods. It is the world of a Jesuit pope with thick and doof grins and it is the world in which the Watchtower religion can kill people undisturbed for their God.


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