Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 327

Jehovah's smugglers must give way

It's like casting out demons

Christians claim: Jesus is victorious. The everyday experience of Christians is that they never have to evade any assertions. Christians experience again and again that nothing wins against Jesus unless it is simple unbelief. Jesus stops at the unbelief of people, because that is the threshold, the condition, which he leaves to each individual person to make a responsible decision.

If a Christian bears witness in public, nothing can drive him away except armed force. Unbelief can make the Christian ineffective. But often enough it turns out later that even this obstruction has only taken place superficially. Arguments and facts cannot prevent Christians from testifying and all too often miraculously turn against those who produced them. Christians are on the side of those who call themselves "the truth". A Christian experiences again and again how without any effort he wins victory after victory. Sometimes he sees him, sometimes not. But he will never experience having to undo a few raised signs like a watered poodle.

Jehovah's smugglers are exactly the opposite in this matter, unless they have paid stand rent and cannot skip the paid hours without sensitive rebuke from above. Except for a few examples of the most ignorant of the Watchtower We clique, Jehovah's alleged witnesses disappear like cast out demons. Jehovah's smugglers are like demons who are swallowed from far away by the sight of the signs.

Let me be clear: It's the upheld facts that Jehovah's squeegees retreat from, like vampires retreat from garlic. It is unbelievable that people claim to have the truth or to be in the truth, and yet disappear like the last liars, because a few facts from their religion are upheld. This happens with particular predictability whenever a larger neutral audience watches. At Walldorf-Wiesloch station I have never been able to hold up a sign for more than a few seconds. Jehovah's smugglers were always gone immediately.

In Wiesloch, however, this is half as wild, especially as the ladies of the high nose don't even want to take note of the signs. In Speyer we have the Mecki witness, whose best friend seems to be the dysfunction of his thinking apparatus. In Heidelberg there is a Jehovah's woman, whose perceptuallessness shows itself not only externally, but exactly in the fact that she does not want to recognize her embarrassment.

Based on years of experience, we can identify two groups of Jehovah's oppressed:

  1. the ones caught (h like hardened)
  2. und the caught (e as embarrassed)

The h-wiped ones

The h-wiped slaves of the Watchtower dictate are people who still have a residual belief that the Watchtower system will win the final victory and enforce the Millennial Kingdom. The h-Erwashed are still in the emotional mode of a Gauleiter, whose only spinal bone is stamina. My loyalty is my honour (motto of the SA and the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG). The brain is switched dark. The perception is permanently set to zero. One must not notice also after weeks, which embarrassment one has exposed oneself to. As soon as the perception can no longer be put out of operation, the system of blind perseverance no longer works. Some old women in Wiesloch, the Heidelberger Dampfwalze Jehovas and the Meckizeuge in Speyer are these Gauleiter Jehovas with permanently destroyed perception.

The e-whipped

Most slaves of the Watchtower dictate, the e-wiped, prefer to make the shortest possible exit in order to escape the pressure of the facts. My suspicion is that the quick escape of the e-wiped is recommended by the Watchtower commanders, because Watchtower slaves who appear more intellectual are practicing this practice. They vanish into thin air as inconspicuously as possible. There are exceptions, however, which can be influenced by those with perception set out of service. They then permanently draw crooked faces, but keep the slogan: "Don't notice anything and look away!"

The situation comedy

However, the behaviour of h caught and e caught is very much dependent on how many people watch them and what the caught think of the viewers. Jehovah's slaves tend to react calmly when they look down on other people steeply and abysmally. This can be well observed in Heidelberg. However, as long as this disparity of assessment is unclear or even non-existent, the legs of Jehovah's Witnesses move on their own. The disappearance of those who do not so much despise people is predictable.

The Speyer Super Artists

The Jehovah's candidates in Speyer, who occupied the Altpoertel, are in the precarious position of having made themselves dependent on the consent of ordinary passers-by. They must not lose this general consent of the people and they must at the same time be loyal to the Watchtower Moloch. In this way, the old Jehovah's gentlemen at Altpoertel gave their hearts to two gods. They worship both human recognition and the Watchtower dictator, the faithful and intelligent slave. In order not to have to recognize their weakness, they stop like models, but immediately leave when I pull the signs out of my pocket. Gross! And they never notice how they increase their ridiculousness and unbelief in this way to the limit. The pointer of the upwardly open ridiculousness scale has long since left the measuring instrument and has landed somewhere in a corner of a room and these watchtower slaves and disciples of human recognition notice nothing!

Today, the two otherwise quite amiable men of Jehovah propaganda left without really positioning themselves. And the picture is always the same. The man walks along the sidewalk with his briefcase and gets smaller and smaller on the horizon. Is that testimony? Can someone like that even call himself a witness?

Several questions are raised by the strangely different patterns of behaviour of the Watchtower bearers. Where is the much praised unity? Where is the inner guidance as Christians feel it? How far is the Watchtower truth? How do those caught by Jehovah manage to switch off their perception again and again? What type of person values Gauleiter feelings and the instructions of Watchtower commanders? Can one recognize followers, wirepullers, and collab interpreters of the Watchtower doctrine by their reaction to being caught? How superficial must a human being be to ignore the most obvious lies because of a few mental caresses? How can a man be proud not to be a cannibal? How can parents be proud of their ten-year-old son who has allowed himself to bleed to death?

One usually rubs a peppermint leaf three or four times under the nose and sniffs the scent. Then the experience is made and the thing is done. But the abstruse, alienating, abnormal, even shameful behaviour of the Jehovah's caught makes a not diminishingly alien impression on me. The repeated situation alone, that these poor people still don't realize that they can't have the truth according to all the rules of reason, when they make off in the spiritual gallop of pigs, doesn't let you calm down. Perhaps this is where the inner death of these people lies. They die the ice-cold lie death and the next day they stand again at the corner and grin. If that is steadfastness, then the Watchtower Army consists of nothing but spiritual zombies (undead). This is also where the impression of demon exorcism comes into play. At the exits of the caught Jehovas only the screeching whistle and the sulfur smell are missing.


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