Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 439

Jehovah's Witnesses in Heilbronn totally excited

At the end, the War Committee had a meeting

In Heilbronn in 2018, for the first time the accusation arose that the explanation of the bleeding practice of Jehovah's Witnesses was character assassination. But the fact that the failure to help, which is pre-programmed by the Watchtower Society with the help of an insane regulation, is actual murder, remained unmentioned. However, a white-haired superhero of Jehovah's was the loser, because I loudly accused him that the murder by bleeding to death is a real murder and that the naming of these crimes cannot be a character assassination, because this assertion corresponds to the facts. The man disappeared around the corner to not be seen again.

Jehovah's Witnesses believe they are under special protection. The state and police must be at their service. When someone comes forward with public accusations, their first reaction is: He's not allowed to do that!

The blood doctrine

In the Old Testament the people of Israel are allowed to eat meat. With one restriction – the flesh must not contain blood. The slaughtered animals must be well bled out. Now if this blood ban is applied to human blood, it automatically and imperatively implies that human meat has also been allowed for consumption, with the restriction that it no longer contains blood. The slaughtered person must be allowed to bleed well. Only with this release of human flesh could the human blood ban of the Watchtower Society be reasonably logically justified, if it were not just the malicious and murderous fantasy of the Watchtower Society.

But since human flesh was never allowed to be eaten, the human blood ban cannot have this single logical reason. So what is the real reason for the Watchtower Blood Doctrine? The only remaining reason for the blood doctrine can only be the Watchtower Society's desire to kill people in a religious way. And it succeeds. Every year, about 9,000 people worldwide are killed by this serial murder instrument of the Watchtower Society.

Six-year-old from Walldorf died because of blood doctrine

On 30 January 2018, a six-year-old boy from Walldorf in the Rhine-Neckar district died. His parents, as Protestant name Christians, only had contact with Jehovah's Witnesses. This contact was enough to let his own son die because of the Jehovah's Witnesses' blood doctrine.

When I accuse Jehovah's Witnesses of this fact, they yell at me not to address them. Or they just wave at me. What kind of person is this who deals so succinctly with the death of other people? What kind of people actively and so "steadfastly" advertise for a serial murder society and don't even want to perceive the dead they produce? Don't these people know anything about the effects of preventing medical help in an emergency?

Thursday morning in Heilbronn

We were only in Heilbronn for a very short time and held up the signs for two Jehovah's Witnesses to read. The Jehovah's Witnesses simply looked away and hid behind their literary rollators. It is unbelievable that people with cerebrum can be so hardened to ignore the murder technique of their organization and simply dismiss concrete results as lies. These people don't even think of themselves as ice-cold. They even classify themselves as better people. Jehovah's Witnesses feel like people with a biblically trained conscience. Can this be true? Does a biblically trained conscience command you to promote the early death of people?

Jehovah's Witnesses dangerous

Precisely because of this aberration of the most inhuman kind, precisely because of this perfect misjudgment of themselves, Jehovah's Witnesses are extremely dangerous. They advertise with the utmost conviction for the religiously motivated annihilation of human beings and do not exclude themselves at all. They manage to kill 9,000 people worldwide through their doctrine and smile at passers-by on the roadside. They greet friendly, good morning, a beautiful day still, are well dressed and give with their sermon service a shining example for piety and "steadfastness".

But only few notice that they promote and support the serial murder of the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses do not notice it, nor do passers-by. When someone then points to the serial murder of the Watchtower Society with reproachful warning signs, modern people often come by and say: "We do have freedom of religion!" Or the eldest of Jehovah's Witnesses sent for on the phone form an ad hoc criminal committee and are told exactly what has happened again. Aha! This devil was there again! Aha! This devil with the raised signs!

From a considerable distance I was able to photograph the Jehovah's Witnesses' War Council Committee and record their indignant facial expressions. Unfortunately the faces in Germany have to be pixelated. This would not have happened in the USA. But in Germany we may not publish the emotionally moved faces of disturbed serial murder advertisers.

The two ladies of Jehovah with the literary rollators held a meeting with the "eldest" sent for on the phone and revealed their indignation. How can anyone criticize or even stop the Watchtower Society's serial murder when they are so diligently working to get as many people as possible to die of this religion? How can a human being denigrate something as important and beautiful as the deadly Watchtower religion? Terrible!

It must be assumed that many telephone calls will now be made in Heilbronn and around Heilbronn and that many meetings will take place in which the defeat of this Watchtower critic is planned. What was missing, however, was a large JW.ORG flag, which the "eldest" in Heilbronn could have held in the wind like a war hero.


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