Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 326

Watchtower Society Corpses in the Shop Window

At the central manipulation point of the Altpoerteler Herrenclub Jehovas there was peace and good weather. The male Jehovah's Witnesses were not present – like on the last Saturdays. Jehovah's seducers have cancelled Saturday and are only able to control the Altpoertel during the week. On Fridays, however, they wait for me and do a ridiculous show, while they make the exit of shame and lies. A strange couple.

In the course of the morning a few angels of Jehovah's death passed by. When they came back, I was explaining the Watchtower Society's bleeding strategy to passers-by and pointing at these angels of death with my index finger stretched out. They accelerated their steps.

The Watchtower Society has no corpses in its cellar, for it displays them in its shop window, in the Watchtower. The Watchtower Society loves to report about how it killed whom. In addition, there are detailed reports about the often youthful people who or their relatives let themselves be bled to death for the pseudogod Jehovah. What an honor! It is the honor of people who let the Watchtower doctrine turn them into monsters. They have become people who burst into tears when a judge orders their 15-year-old son to receive a blood transfusion so he can survive.

The Watchtower religion is the perfectly inverted religion. The Watchtower God is called Jehovah. A Catholic monk only invented this name in the Middle Ages. The invented god Jehovah is worshipped exclusively by Masonic-influenced denominations. Around this Jehovah-god all false teachers of this world gather, no matter how Christian and devout they are. This Jehovah is revealed as Lucifer in the highest ranks of Masons. This Jehovah forbids contact with Jesus. This Jehovah is the finely tuned God in the world who for centuries has been supposed to drive Jesus out of people's hearts.

This Jehovah has long had people killed by Watchtower cannibal regulations that are unique in the world, and the Watchtower Society openly boasts about how it has made people die for this false God. And it also reports how it is going to do a rock-hard job when a Jehovah's Witness considers a blood transfusion. Then the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG forms hospital liaison committees that, organized and by Watchtower rule, prevent the acceptance of a blood transfusion. Which, of course, ends fatally in most cases.

Why has nothing yet been done against the Watchtower Society and its desire to murder? How many Masonic networked lawyers and politicians hold their protective hand over the Watchtower Society? There is no other organization that boasts so openly of its corpses as the Watchtower Society. Even in Hitler's Germany, there were no journals that reported with pleasure on particularly outstanding murders. The Watchtower Society proudly displays its religious murders in its journals.

And even Christians are impressed by the piety of the Jehovah seduced. Where is the transition from simple stupidity to harsh shame? At what level of ignorance can Jesus Christ clearly no longer be the Lord of a man? How much green-left pancake peace must someone submit to until he has nothing more to do with Jesus Christ? For example, how much influence does Freemasonry have on the minds of Christians in the Evangelical Alliance? Who holds the protecting hand over the MURDER-ORG Watchtower Society!

By reacting in exactly the opposite way to a murderer and openly boasting of its religious murders, the Watchtower Society protects itself most effectively from just punishment. Murder is generally considered and felt to be a secret outrage. By turning its murders into a public figurehead, the Watchtower Society blinds almost everyone in the world. No one notices any more that the Watchtower Society deliberately and systematically kills people in a religious way. And by additionally spending its wicked murders as a result of its piety, the Watchtower Society achieves a level of protection that the Mafia can only envy.

And the bottom line is that Jehovah's murderers are Jehovah's murderers at the same time. Jehovah's death candidates are themselves those who murder for Jehovah. Satan cannot conceive of religion more finely. (Remember that every single Jehovah's Witness is informed of the Watchtower organization's death practices before he/she can be baptized.)


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