Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 168

Jehovah's Witnesses reveal their tricks through inaccuracy

Watchtower religion – nothing but tactics

The experiences I made in Speyer and Bruchsal are now also coming to light in Wiesloch. People come up to me, behave absolutely absurdly and try to make you insecure, only to disappear again. This tactic existed in Bruchsal and Speyer in the most beautiful forms and absurdities. Once a Muslim looking man approached me in Bruchsal and brought out hard insults in quite normal tone, which according to their sitemap could only come from Jehovah's Witnesses. Another time in Speyer three "tourists" stood right in the line of sight between the Jehovah's Witnesses and me and looked at the sky. Absurd to the limit! An informer, whom I had photographed, dragged me by force through the Speyer pedestrian zone and noticed only minutes later that he had thereby betrayed himself as an informer.

There was a similar incident in Wiesloch today. A long-haired blond man approached me, greeting me with a handshake as if we had known each other for a long time, and remarking incidentally that he too would frighten the Jehovah's Witnesses. When in his eyes the collegiality was sufficiently developed, he said: "By the way! Bad news! Jesus doesn't exist." He said that twice and then went away. I said goodbye to him and then called after him: "And a nice greeting to Jesus!" At that moment he stumbled and kept edging away.

But the most beautiful moment today was the exposure of the cheap tricks of Jehovah's Witnesses. More about that later.

First of all, I would like to mention the many good conversations that take place when I stand with the signs in front of the Volksbank. People are used to Jehovah's Witnesses at this point and react very positively when a critic of Jehovah's Witnesses stands there. A young woman told me that she was happy every time she saw me standing there. Christians encourage me in conversation, people make gestures of approval, many smile because of the facts on the signs. The explanation of the false teachings of Jehovah's Witnesses is joyful.

Today there was again a real Jehovah's Witness turmoil between the post office and the Volksbank. Jehovah's Witnesses came and went and came and went, until at some point a particularly courageous Jehovah's Witness stood up frontally to me. For minutes she couldn't hide her excitement and I felt really sorry for this woman. These people don't realize at all that it's about facts. These people are only interested in power and the occupation of space. They imagine that the sermon service is something like drawing pieces in chess. They already think that every city they think they dominate is in their possession.

By about 10:15 a.m., all Jehovah's Witnesses had disappeared except for the record holder for preaching service hours. At about 10:33 a.m., two young Jehovah's Witnesses came from the left, i.e. from the Schlecker-Ruine direction, who told the record Jehovah's Witness in a short but violent conversation that she had to disappear immediately. I could see this from the clear gestures and from the fact that the mentioned sermon service-hour record holder was quite piqued and trotted away in a jab. I didn't think about what the purpose of this action was, but later the connection would unfold in front of me.

Now that Jehovah's Witness was no longer present, I simply stopped in front of the Volksbank with my signs and enjoyed the attention of the passers-by. As soon as no Jehovah's Witness is present at this focal point in Wiesloch, the people are somehow more relaxed and much more talkative. It's amazing.

Around 11:00 o'clock I decided to take a little break or go home, left the stand and stopped about 10 meters further without holding up any signs. My astonishment was not small when the same Sonderkommando that had sent away Jehovah's record witness turned the corner just a minute or two after I left, but then, when they saw me, an imaginary song whistling past me. Of course, this aroused the suspicion in me that they were somehow monitoring the place in front of the Volksbank. Either they didn't have the appropriate overview, so that they couldn't see me nearby, or their informer, excited that I finally disappeared, transmitted the message far too early.

Due to the obvious tactical action of the Jehovah's Witness Sonderkommando, I felt compelled to stand there for a while. And that was the main goal of all. Of the conversations that then arose, two were so outstandingly important that I once again forgot all my doubts, which I, like every Christian, sometimes nurture and cherish too much. Christians have no conviction. Christians only believe!

The morning was a celebration of enlightenment and knowledge due to the involuntary active participation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch. I was able to provide a woman and a man with real biblical information as clearly as this has not happened to me for a long time. Things must be good for a Christian and Jehovah's Witnesses have once again achieved this miraculously without wanting it. Jehovah's Witnesses are trying to gain the upper hand in Wiesloch and thus unintentionally provide even more blessings that refute the heresy of the Watchtower Society.

Even today, there were no Alliance Christians, ecumenists or other tolerance lovers to be seen, so that the morning remained very peaceful.

Beautiful day! A beautiful day!

Parallels between the Oppression in the Watchtower Society and the Oppression by Hartz 4

Neusprech (English: Newspeak) is a language that has been artificially modified for political reasons and has found two concise areas of application in the Federal Employment Agency and the Watchtower Society. Neusprech was first described in the novel "1984" by George Orwell. Neusprech is always adapted to the thematic area in which it is applied. The New Speak of the Federal Employment Agency and the New Speak of the Watchtower Society differ, of course, but both are characterised by the fact that an artificial vocabulary is formed for the respective clientele which outsiders (normal people) cannot understand or can only understand rudimentarily.

Neusprech has the purpose of distracting people from true facts and keeping them in this distraction to the extent that shameful deeds become good deeds, evil becomes good, and so on. People's orientation is so softened by linguistic manipulation that resistance becomes virtually impossible because they no longer think clearly. People who are affected by Neusprech partially lose their control over life and thinking and can be used for terrible goals without their inner self resisting. The lie is no longer obvious and the employer or sect leader is largely free to do whatever comes to their mind.

Examples of Neusprech in the Watchtower Society

  • Watchtower Society becomes truth
  • Decision to death and social murder becomes Deprivation of community
  • (Suicide)murder by bleeding to death becomes loyalty
  • Wrong prophecy becomes becomes brighter and brighter
  • Aware Lie Becomes Theocratic War List
  • Created Becomes Thinly conceived

The list is infinite, only that the normal person is not used to it of course and therefore the collecting of these term mutilations is very complex. That is why there are so few new words. But this small selection gives an idea of what happened to the brains of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Examples for Neusprech in the Federal Employment Agency

Fortunately, I am not yet dependent on the Federal Employment Agency, so I can only offer a few examples. Have a look at the descriptions of Ms Inge Hannemann and Mr Ralph Boes by entering the respective names plus the term Hartz 4 in the search engine. Click on Video and enjoy the Science Fiction Horror Trip! You will be thrilled! – Tip: Lay a piece of wood ready for you to bite on.

  • Citizen becomes Customer
  • Eligor Becomes Customer
  • Unemployed person becomes Customer
  • needy person becomes customer
  • Gagging contract becomes Integration agreement
  • Older unemployed becomes Best Ager

That would be a nice hobby for someone who has time to create more extensive lists of the new spokespersons of the Federal Employment Agency and the Watchtower Society. (Examples sent to us will be gladly published here. Use the contact form.)

The alignment of the German state with a sect is frightening!


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