Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 421

Heilbronn: left green icy cold

Humanism replaces God and is called Jehovah

Last Saturday Juergen and I were in Darmstadt. For a long time we were happy that there were no Jehovah's Witnesses. But around noon three Jehovah's Witnesses stood at the upper end of Darmstadt's pedestrian zone and grinned their faces diagonally. When they took off a few seconds after seeing our signs, they walked very close to us. I said: "Don't even look." One witness turned around, grinned broadly and said: "True." The sign in question was: Six-year-old from Walldorf died of the Watchtower blood doctrine.

One woman was upset that we were carrying the signs: "Religion does not save. Only Jesus saves. How much more could she buy for her sacraments? Nothing. The poor woman was devastated and echauffierte itself like the SPD. Her personal five percent hurdle was so close to her that she could no longer avoid sincere thinking. How tragic!

Today Renate and I were in Heilbronn. I asked her about the word with W. But she said that she didn't want to go to Walldorf yet, and that basically suited me. Jehovah's Witness to the SS in Walldorf had recently accused me of slander and insult and of violating the Art Copyright Act. My statement was sent out yesterday by post, and before the man got his message, he would only act more aggressively and snobbishly. Therefore, I completely agreed to go to Heilbronn. Renate covered me generously with fuel money and we drove away all worries. You can't solve all problems at once.

By the way, I also got fuel money from Juergen last Saturday.

In Darmstadt Juergen and I had a longer discussion about religion and politics and for the first time it became clear to me that left-green humanism replaces everything Jesus is in people by completely exaggerated ideals. Ideals are never attainable. Thus we are sent into a hopeless fight and the Greens and the Left have more or less consciously or unconsciously fulfilled their job. The Mason directs and the Green thinks he is thinking. This replacement of Jesus by Green-Left Catholic ideals was decided and signed, as I did yesterday in a book by Karin (from the Lueneburger Heide), about in the middle of the last century. A re-education of the people to humanism was decided. To this day, people let themselves be guided by this manipulation and joyfully fall for the left and the Greens. Below is a photo of two young women. These two claimed that the death of one's own child was everyone's own business. These poor women really think that you have to let people die for an ideology. How sick is that? It is as sick as the Watchtower doctrine. Freemasonry wipes off its feet in people's brains. Ugh, devils.

A Catholic joined us and pretended to ask questions. He kept his fight for Catholicism so hidden that we fell for him. Later he stood at the Christian book table higher up and also covered these people with his "honest" questions. When I sent his theses to Nirvana in a few words – without noticing it – he looked like one standing at the back of the queue. Did the man learn anything? Not without Jesus. As long as he relies on Catholicism, he is lost.

A man with a buzzing voice asked if he could talk to me. I asked if I could record it, because too often the best conversations get lost. The man refused and I talked to him anyway. After a few diffuse and rather meaningless questions he finally came out with the Gospel of Well-being, which is supposed to lead to wealth and health, as Joyce Meyer, the fish mouth woman, preaches. I asked if he would at least leave if I turned on the camera, and he understood immediately. Unfortunately, it's hard to have a conversation with Catholics and affluent gospel believers. Therefore I refrained from being particularly considerate and indulgent. These hypocrites, who so heavily condemn Jehovah's Witnesses, have usually run so blatantly into the heresies of some modern preachers that they are no longer willing to take in or weigh up information. This puts them totally in the dilemma of the Greens and the Left. And in the dilemma of Jehovah's Witnesses. Thinking is then only possible in the given direction or not at all.

A left or right extremist came to us and the conversation with him was considerably nicer than with the good green and left and Catholic and charismatic prosperity belly citizens. But at the point where it was a matter of giving Jesus his life, the man flipped out and took flight. That was an impossibility for him. I had advised him to dare the experiment with Jesus. But at that moment he crashed from a height of a thousand meters. This is how people react with a fixed concept of life. They can no longer get to know anything, but must always only move in their once learned pattern of thinking. What else is that as captivity?

The Christians above – and I know they are real Christians – must have thought and learned something about Renate and me in the last weeks or months. This rejection of Jehovah's Witnesses' confrontation with the truth was barely noticeable, and the almost amateurish approaches of the typical Yes-Aber went up in smoke. And later it came to this discussion with the Catholic, in which I unwittingly made a strong cut, which took away every further discussion from both parties. I hope that the Catholic has understood something. The Christians at any rate understood my words immediately. And it was the words of Jesus: "Without me you can do nothing.

Shortly before, we had rediscovered the hat witness who had been deprived of his preaching ministry on the open road because of his openness. The man was again in captivity. The Jehovah's Witnesses must have captured him again by the glorious track of belonging to them. Renate was brave, but the frustration is great that this man, in spite of all openness, was again persuaded by the Watchtower religious fascists. Yes. Without Jesus we cannot do anything. And without Jesus every person becomes a victim of a sect. Whether it is the Greens, the Left, the SPD, the CDU or Catholicism. Without Jesus we are betrayed and sold.

People who, like Hitler and others, want to let people die for an ideology are becoming more and more. The left-green mainstream, which also wishes for the great repopulation in Europe, does not shy away from accepting death as a natural consequence – of course for others – when it comes to their ideology. Freedom of religion and freedom of migration simply require one victim or another. One must not be squeamish about that. But they don't even notice that these people completely give up any simple ethics and make themselves common with Hitler. And the fact that the parallels between Jehovah's Witnesses and the left-wing Greens emerge so clearly is deeply frightening. The stuff is a single brown soup. Let people die for his ideology, that's what the normal mainstream citizen does now. There is nothing to argue, because the representatives of this abomination simply strut of it. They have the power – like the Watchtower Society.

If we realise that a good proportion of our population very much likes to let people die for their consciences, then it also becomes clear that repopulation in Europe is inevitable. The reeducation to humanism has made people think so well that more Green-left infiltrates are running around on our streets than anything else. Who is surprised that Angela Merkel is running after these people? The Chancellor has nothing else to do but to make the left-green mainstream her programme. This woman is not a Jehovah's Witness at all, someone might object. No, no, she doesn't have to be a Green either. She is only addicted to power and therefore herself a victim of the humanistic mainstream.

If we then also accept the worst false doctrines within Christianity, it becomes very dark. In addition to the open sects, there is also an almost unmanageable crowd of convinced self-deception in Christianity itself. There are buzzing prosperity evangelists and oh so critically thinking Catholicism representatives fighting for their ideology. There the green-left ideologues take over the Protestant church and look so good that one could kiss them without inhibitions if one did not know what dirt is in their hearts. And then comes Islam.

When Islam will have taken over political power in Germany in a very democratic way, all these mainstream people will be eliminated. Is that any consolation? No. Because if death is healed with death, death comes out. And Merkel fights for it. And the Jehovah's Witnesses are working for it.

The bottom line is that all Masonic religions and political mainstreams lead directly to death. It is not for nothing that Freemasonry worships Lucifer in the High Grades. There is nothing in secular power – political or religious – free of Freemasonry.

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