Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 301

Jehovah's Witnesses moved inwardly

How many people are left in them?

Just arrived, the old Jehovah's Witness, who must have earned her eternal life in the kingdom of giant tomatoes and pumpkins for a long time, if the Watchtower theory is correct, banned my mouth from me. "Otherwise I'll call the police!" Your colleague had read my sign and probably understood it for the first time ever. She was ashamed.

I repeated in calm tone and serenity the information about the satanic Jesus rejection celebration of Jehovah's Witnesses. The hard-baked Jehovah's Witness must have been hit, because she turned around for several minutes. It took her a little longer to get her bearings again. And showing her back wasn't what it meant "I despise you", as the fat Jehovah's Witness in Bruchsal always celebrates. This woman has more sincerity than the fat Jehovah's Witness leader in Bruchsal.

I also said: "The police will not be able to protect you from the truth!" For the first time I saw a human reaction in this woman, but it disappeared after a few minutes. After that, only the old Jehovah's Witnesses role-playing could be seen again. And although the two old women knew what a devastating message my signs were full of, they continued preaching behind their iron Jehovah's mask until the bitter end.

Jehovah's Witnesses must reject bread and wine! – Anti-Evening Meal – Antichrist!

It seems that there are hardly any Christians left among the European people. The rejection of bread and wine hardly seems to be classifiable any more. People know only – if at all – the wafer, which is the boldest distortion of the Christian Lord's Supper. Otherwise the helplessness is all too often written in their faces. That a Christian symbolically absorbs Jesus Christ by eating bread and wine at the Lord's Supper hardly anyone seems to know anymore. Thus the enlightenment about the lies of the Watchtower reversal of the Lord's Supper into a pure Jesus rejection celebration first of all turns into a kind of confrontation of people with the decisive demonstration of Christianity: the Lord's Supper.

Luke 22:19-20 And he took bread, gave thanks, broke it, gave it to them, and said, This is my body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of me. Likewise also the cup after the feast, saying, This cup is the new covenant in my blood which is shed for you.

This commandment of Christ reverses Jehovah's Witnesses to the contrary. Jehovah's Witnesses must not take of bread and wine! For they are not saved through Christ, but through the Watchtower Society!

Of course the false doctrine has an easy game to play with today's ill-informed European consumers. One pushes one's belly through the pedestrian zone and knows nothing about it. This is the breeding ground on which Jehovah's Witnesses, Adventists and Mormons thrive. And the only ones among Western Europeans who are missionary enlighteners are almost exclusively extremist-looking Christians who wear their Jehovah's Witness-like isolation on their foreheads. The fact that Europe's people are now more pagan than the pagans and urgently need the Gospel is receding behind all special teachings. That is the picture that presents itself in a clearing up attempt about the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses.

A wild cyclist came from behind and insulted me. He demanded my disappearance from the road. I said, oh, someone is riding his bike through the pedestrian zone and complaining about a pedestrian. That's funny. The man became even more sour and I got scared. At least I can speak of a feeling that attacks you when a monster visible on the horizon shows that it has become aware of you. What should I do! I prayed. A man came to me and involved me in a conversation. When he left I saw that there was no danger.

In the end a nice woman came up to me who – as it turned out later – was a good acquaintance of Jehovah's Witnesses. She said that I was probably not properly informed and pointed to my signs. I thought she wanted to make an April fool's joke. Only slowly did our conversation, which was not characterized by politeness and tolerance, reveal that the woman was massively lacking in background information. And I was surprised by the sincerity of this woman who really took my few explanations seriously! It was at these moments that Jehovah's Witnesses wrapped up their propaganda and left.

My guess is that Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch are howling at their acquaintances and friends. But they don't give any information! They press on the tear glands, but hold back the Watchtower doctrine to a large extent. Sure! From a certain intelligence quotient one must expect to alienate his comforting acquaintances and friends. That is only too understandable.

At the end of the day the think, as Anle puts it, but the mere impulse to think about something like truth is in itself a worthwhile thing. Today I saw a man who recognized the facts without a shield.

In order to recognize more clearly the spiritual situation of Jehovah's Witnesses (which rubs off on their friends and acquaintances), a description from the book by W. J. Schnell (False Witnesses Stand Against Me) is helpful.

Quote from the book "False witnesses stand against me", by W. J. Schnell, pages 127 – 129

Of course they were not taught anything at all about Jesus and the way of salvation. It was made clear to them that Armageddon was imminent and that if they remained within the walls of the city of refuge – that was God's organization – they would most likely be saved. Note how their thinking had already changed!

Before they bought Watchtower books, before they consented to the second visit, before they had done house book studies and district book studies, they at least believed that Jesus Christ had brought us salvation from sin and death. Even those who had only superficially adhered to the most important teachings of Christianity had believed this. Now the concept of Salvation through Jesus Christ no longer lived in their hearts and souls, and they were transplanted with all their being into the Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses. So "men of good will" adopted a completely new way of thinking.

The churches from which they had been successfully alienated were now outside their minds, they were now in their eyes part of Satan's organization, they were the enemy that would soon be destroyed. But they themselves now basked in God's favor, for they were in God's organization. This organization became for them a Noah's Ark, which was built while the destiny of the world was still undecided. If the great storm of Armageddon broke out, the "religionists" and the children of the world would perish miserably. But whoever belonged to the Watchtower would be saved!

So the "people of good will" entered into a strong and self-contained connection through the Watchtower Training Course. But in truth they had nothing in common except the way of thinking and training acquired by the Watchtower Society. This must never be forgotten. Only so long, they were told, were they sure of their salvation as they thought and acted in the manner prescribed by society and remained in close contact with the Watchtower organization.

So brainwashing was well on its way to fulfilling its dual purpose:

  1. to create mass concepts of thinking and acting, and
  2. To awaken horde instincts and intolerance towards the whole world, which found expression in the fact that one regarded oneself as "inside" and all others as "outside".

That's why Jehovah's Witnesses are so intolerant. The fifth step was the formal introduction to the concept of community preached by the Watchtower Organization. By this concept the "man of good will" was manoeuvred into an inner position where he believed that his salvation depended not on Jesus but on his remaining in the organization.

If a "man of good will" really believed that he would be saved within God's organization, then of course he also believed that all those outside were damned! So "people of good will" felt urged and encouraged to go out and save the lost, especially those still in the churches. Again Scripture had to serve and serve the Watchtower purposes. They told the new ones to "go out and do the same" and urged them to do to others what had been done to them.

Before that, however, it was necessary to reach the sixth stage, which consisted of attending the service meetings and acting as "preachers" in accordance with the rules of the organization. They were told that they would be trained in service meetings so that they could use the right methods, use the right books, and do effective group service as witnesses. Here they would learn how to present and sell books, how to conduct follow-up visits, and how to conduct book studies. Not a word was said about prayer or spiritual life. That was over now. The only important thing was to work instinctively according to the instructions of the organization in order to get the mark of the beast on the right hand as one had got the mark on the forehead at the fifth step. Only now was the point reached as they could be introduced to the Watchtower Mystery as Kingdom Annunciators!

That brings us to the seventh stage, baptism. When this "man of good will" regularly attended the meetings and became a good preacher, he was told that he must now receive the symbolic consecration by immersion in water.

The rite is generally held occasionally of meetings or conventions in the province and is a kind of public introduction to the mysteries of God's organization. Since Jehovah's Witnesses deny Christianity, do not believe in "procreation by the Spirit" and in "rebirth from water and blood," they apply the baptismal rite only in its one-sided meaning as it was applied as an introductory rite to the Babylonian Secret Doctrine. Baptism, as handled by the Watchtower Society, is the outward sign of official entry into God's organization or the "City of Refuge."

In the light of the activity as a kingdom preacher the baptism is the sign for the fact that one gives up his personality and with it every personal opinion about the religion of Jesus Christ. At the same time it means the explanation that everyone who receives this rite will be a good preacher of the kingdom under this symbol and sign. Only after they have become real preachers and have been introduced into the organization by immersion in water will they be fully recognized by society. The Watchtower officials have strict orders that none of them be appointed servants who have not been immersed in water. Only then has the individual merged into the masses or theocracy. Certainly: it has lost its soul or personality. But see: it has won a whole world, the status of the New World Society as a kingdom preacher!


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