Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 267

Warning people about Jehovah's Witnesses

In Bruchsal the Freemason egg cake peace is very dominant

A man saw me, shook his head in disgust and contempt and said in passing: "Well, if you have nothing else to do." I asked: "What are you doing that makes sense?" The man accelerated his pace. I repeated: "What are you doing now? " The man became even faster and disappeared on the horizon.

Bruchsal is paved with people who love the lie, when profit and peace-joy-egg cake-feelings develop. An angry woman shouted: "Everyone shall decide his religion for himself!" She demanded the immediate cessation of my activity. She had simply gone on as it is usual with mainstream people. And so I shouted to her from about 10 meters away: "If you lie to someone and I can clear that up, then I'll clear that up." I had to repeat that sentence again before the penny fell. Then she allowed me to go on.

Many wanted to tell me how pointless my demo was, but none of these "intellectuals" stood up to my counter-questions. Even when they simply denied simple facts, as Jehovah's Witnesses tend to do.

Jehovah's Witnesses bathed again in their millionfold superiority and told each other funny stories. The Watchtower Doctrine, which thrives on dogmatism alone, is the cornerstone of these people. One is always right and can never be wrong. Every argument can therefore only lead to laughter. And the citizens of Bruchsal, who seem to have a strong Masonic touch, unconsciously hit this notch. The mainstream in Bruchsal is Masonic. The truth has no fixed place in Bruchsal. The lie can settle in any corner of Bruchsal. One of them is the Jehovah's Witnesses.

But there were also many encouraging and approving scenes. The mainstream doesn't prevail in Bruchsal like the doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses. There are still many clearly thinking people in Bruchsal. They gave me approval and recognition. Unfortunately, these people are so disciplined that they don't name the lie even though they recognize it. They prefer to remain inconspicuous.

The police showed up and searched the pedestrian zone for a monster that ate people. I didn't realize that I could be the causative factor until the police's research focused on the room I was in. The police finally looked at me from a reasonable distance and then left. There is nothing to say against someone holding up signs. But there are people who call the police about it.

In between, other Jehovah's Witnesses appeared to pay greetings to Jehovah's bookcase staff. These travelling Jehovah's Witnesses carried an estimated 8 kilos of make-up through the pedestrian zone. The clownful impression of these Jehovah's Witnesses was overwhelming and I do not understand that the Jehovah's Witnesses do not find such a spectacle embarrassing. A male Jehovah's Witness appeared at the bookstall like a peacock in a leather jacket and homophile design. The lie of the Watchtower religion presented itself optimally.

At 7 minutes before 13:00 Jehovah's Witnesses developed a diligence like the famous ants. It was admitted and packed that it only admitted and packed that way. A man ran with his shoulder from behind against my right hand, so that I knew immediately, how his blows would be, if I would complain. Jehovah's Witnesses disappeared so perfectly organized with their colorful equipment that the Watchtower Org would certainly have been proud of them. Whether it's a quick exit or a religious murder by bleeding to death, Jehovah's Witnesses are masterfully organized.


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