Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 317

Jehovah's kingdom preacher flle in front of own religion

No Jehovah "God" at the station Walldorf-Wiesloch

At the station Walldorf-Wiesloch Kingdom promoters could not be found. The embarrassment of the unmasking departure has buried itself too deeply in the residual consciousness of the kingdom preachers. If the Watchtower liars have to reckon with being confronted with the facts of their own religion, they'd rather stay away. This self-exposure alone should make the world's public prosecutors think about the bleeding murders in the Watchtower religion. Those who flee from the presentation of their own works show that they have something on their toes. Those who have the devil as their God must flee when the devil is exposed. The Watchtower Society is a Murder-Org!

Jehovah's employees only go public happy and relaxed when they can uncritically and unquestioningly sort colorful booklets on tables and watchtower rollators from left to right and from right to left. They treat their advertising material very gently and lovingly. After all, this advertising material is the teaching of the Watchtower Sons of God, to whom Jehovah's paper distributors must be in bondage until death (often unmarried or bleeding to death). The consequences of the Watchtower doctrine are not reflected in Jehovah's distributors, but rather die and murder obediently. Hospital liaison committees set up by the Jehovah's Earthly Organization ensure that bleeding Watchtower Witnesses do not accept medical emergency aid in the form of blood transfusions. And the Watchtower faithful take early death upon themselves to remain loyal to their Jehovah-Org. Teenagers and adolescents make their Jehovah parents happy by willingly going to their deaths because the Governing Body has found it good to make cannibalism laws out of the Mosaic dietary laws. But cannibalism never existed among the people of God, the Jews. The Bible says nothing about cannibalism. Only Jehovah's channel of communication recognizes cannibalism rules in the Bible.

This cannibalism contraception, which is supposed to be in the Bible, was designed by the Watchtower Society only in order to be able to send the people seduced by it to death prematurely and to make the "brothers" working for it murderers. In this way the destruction of the Decorated Jehovah's is not only carried out spiritually, but already now and here very profanely carnally. The spiritual death of the consumers of the right Watchtower food has long been reflected in the unnecessary physical death of many. These deaths are not accidents or self-mutilations of any eccentrics, but they are the result of the purposeful efforts of the class of the "faithful and intelligent slave", the leadership of the Watchtower-MURDER-ORG.

Speyer: Altpoertel increasingly enlightened

On my arrival at the Altpoertel in Speyer, a man repeatedly showed me his middle finger and loudly insulted me. He stood with the two master witnesses of Jehovah, who quickly made off after the successful seduction of this man. I noticed loudly that Jehovah's master students were running away from their own religion, which made the poor man even more angry with his middle finger. But he also left quickly after I asked him if I could take a picture of his middle finger.

Incredible crowds took note of my silent protest "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". One man asked me if I had noticed that since my presence at the Altpoertel there have been no Jehovah's Witnesses on the corner. One woman shrieked saying that my claim "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" was false. I replied: "She's right!" Screaming you: "No!" The sandbox game continued and I gladly went along with it. Many passers-by became aware and listened. I gave some explanations that made sense. The woman withdrew. She had given an unexpected attention boost to the educational action.

The morning at the Altpoertel in Speyer consisted from about 9:30 o'clock on of many, many conversations with people who wanted to inform themselves. This crystallized into an opinion that was valid for many. This opinion, which obviously determines the thinking of ordinary people, says: "Let the Watchtower Society do it after all. But the fact that children who grow up in this theocratic system suffer early death through no fault of their own does not concern these modern people. One man even used the word "unproblematically" to show his morally high tolerance. Is a mass pileup on the oncoming lane unproblematic for this man, as long as he can continue driving quickly?

The situation at the Altpoertel in Speyer is characterized by the fact that people are thinking more and more. Sometimes this does not happen without a dispute. But on the whole, the power that Jehovah's corner-standers have built up is quite visibly dug off the water. The partly aggressive reactions of the residents, who had come to terms with the Jehovah's Witnesses, show that the enlightenment at the Altpoertel must cause the poor watchtower people in Speyer a lot of pain. There are also other indications that Jehovah's strategists are sitting in their kingdom halls, tweaking their hair. Not a single watchtower troop crossed the paths of passers-by. And people are dealing with the subject more and more openly and critically. Nobody calls the police anymore to be protected from the truth. And the insulting gestures decrease more and more, since Jehovah's windshield wipers are no longer so often on the corner.

The proof that the Watchtower Society is a lying and MURDER ORG is becoming more and more vivid for people as Jehovah's specialists consistently run away from the presentation of their own works. Nothing can convince people more lastingly than the prompt disappearance of those who are to be refuted. Imagine a discussion in which a party immediately disappears! This happens at the Altpoertel in Speyer. But Jehovah's Taliban are still as arrogant as they were before.


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