Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 93

Wiesloch: Jehovah's Witnesses on the Zero Point

We don't organize! Jesus leads!

Two Jehovah's Witnesses, whom I had never seen before in Wiesloch, stood up at the very moment of my arrival at the Schlecker ruin. I went to the bakery to get my favourite egg roll, went outside eating and heard a screeching woman's voice. The screaming female voice belonged to one of Jehovah's Witnesses. She "conversed" with a man who had just adopted a watchtower. At this great distance I should not have even begun to notice the conversation, but the woman was so loud that I could hear her well.

You don't have to be Colombo or Sherlock Holmes to realize that this Jehovah's Witness wanted to draw my attention to herself. If you scream so unnaturally through the pedestrian zone, you either have an almost pigeon in front of you or you want to make sure you get as much attention as possible. Shortly after the man who had received the Watchtower, rolled it up and put it under his jacket, a passer-by came who was so excited to meet Jehovah's Witnesses that I classified the whole thing as a rigged show. And when the ladies of the Watchtower organization left after only 22 minutes, I knew: They had only one thing in mind – they wanted to show two acted cases, how desired they are and how people really like them. The show was good, but like everything the faithful and sensible slave plans, it was easy to see through.

It's completely different what Jesus is trying to arrange. There is authenticity, not acting. There is no organization, but rather helplessness and waiting for the Lord. And when something happens, Christians stand there amazed and recognize: Yoo-hoo! The Lord was once again the one who had an eye on the matter. Praise be to Jesus Christ, who is organization and leadership for us. Rely on him and he will lead you to sources whose existence you cannot even imagine.

Jehovah's Witnesses no longer dare enter the pedestrian zone of Wiesloch when Guenter and Karl Heinz distribute tracts there. These two Christians seem to have been given by Jesus, so that in Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses no longer have unlimited missionary power. Someone must have prayed that Jehovah's Witnesses would no longer be able to act indiscriminately in Wiesloch.

What really amazed me was that Jehovah's Witnesses no longer set foot in the pedestrian zone as soon as Christians confess Jesus and distribute tracts there. This reminds me of the fleeing devil, for whom the presence of a true Christian can be felt like a thousand wasp stings. Two Jehovah's Witnesses came down the hill at the upper end of the lower pedestrian zone and went straight on home without stopping. The only thing they had left for me was an insult, the wording of which I did not understand exactly.

I have never experienced that the mere existence of some confessing Christians has such a devastating effect on Jehovah's Witnesses. The old cliché of the vampire snarling at garlic or the cross is a memory. But that is only stupid magic, cult and mysticism. And yet the experience had something teaching about it. Not we organize, but Jesus leads. We do not have to make sure that "our religion" works, but we can let ourselves fall trustingly into the hand of Jesus. We are not dependent on a worldwide brotherhood, not on a faithful and understanding slave, but only on Jesus. Whoever relies on him moves mountains.

Jehovah's Witnesses cannot recognize these connections as spiritual struggle. They live in a spiritual world of conviction. They follow the path of human logic that biblical scholars have sucked out of their fingers. They cannot recognize whom they are actually serving. The term "spiritual" is Jehovah's Witnesses as opposed to the term "carnal" quite unknown. Jehovah's Witnesses fight the struggle as it is also fought by parties and politicians and Islam. They rely on conviction, mass and numerical growth. Whether they are connected with Jesus or not is absolutely uninteresting for them. They are even forbidden to pray to Jesus.

Throughout the time that I have been making this website and standing up against the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society, I have seen again and again how incredibly relaxed and patient the guidance of the Holy Spirit is breaking new ground. It is incredibly exciting and interesting to experience how one's own imperfection and ineffectiveness is transformed by the power that Jesus gives into something one can only experience gratefully. With the whole creation, which worships the Lamb in Revelation 5:13, I say: Praise and glory to the Lamb and praise and authority from eternity to eternity!


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