Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 215

Why the Watchtower religion is worse than killing Islam

Islam embarrasses itself worldwide

Islam sees non-Muslims as inferior people. Non-Muslim women are sluts in the eyes of Muslims who deserve to be raped. A warner like Michael Stuerzenberger is not defamed because of his naive, undifferentiated friendliness towards right-wing currents, but because he names the facts of Islamic doctrine. German politics consciously closes its eyes to the problems that Islam consciously and purposefully raises. Ecumenism is the forerunner for events such as the mass attack at Cologne Central Station. Ecumenism ensures that those responsible close their eyes to the facts. The ecumenism stands for a tolerance towards the non-tolerance and promotes in this way under the cloak of the great peace the unhindered acting of fascist forces.

As ordered, the immigrant wave of young Muslims comes to Europe to confirm the warnings of Michael Stuerzenberger and to verify them in the most disgraceful way. At the same time Muslims not only continue to murder each other, but also demonstrate the death love of the Islamic religion to the whole world through official executions. Young Muslims are instructed in mosques to show their contempt for non-Muslim women by publicly sexually harassing and robbing them. And the Germans don't see the religious context because they look forward to the millions in mosque builders' money and because they love to be the dear ecumenical child.

How must a Muslim feel, who does not even know the firmly built-in fanaticism of Islam and now has to watch how his peaceful religion develops into an instrument of occupation of the Imams? But even a Muslim who has not yet been religiously exaggerated must feel offended by Islam quotations such as those Michael Stuerzenberger in pedestrian zones. And people like Pierre Vogel feel confirmed because they have always preached that women who go out on the street without a full body bag are devout.

What can be worse than killing Islam?

Worse than killing Islam can only be a killing religion that never shows itself as embarrassing as Islam does. The Watchtower religion has built its concept of killing firmly into its theology and celebrates its murders as the pious self-sacrifice of Jehovah's Witnesses when they reject necessary blood transfusions. While the whole world clearly sees and recognizes the absurd killing and damaging activities of killing Islam, the Watchtower murders as part of true worship are not at all perceived as religious acts of killing. The abuse of the people, the murders and the robbery take place internally with the Watchtower religion, so that it cannot come at all to such a disgrace, as the killing Islam has always shown the world, but in these days especially enjoyably.

Thus the Watchtower religion can even afford to repeatedly incorporate demonic hints in its literature, which mark the true origin of the Watchtower society. Certainly, the Watchtower religion does not instill the open fears of killing Islam. But the destruction before God is not easier in it by a single gram than in killing Islam. And that is what it is really about. The Watchtower religion wants to remove people from Jesus and separate them from His saving power. It forbids Jehovah's Witnesses to pray to Jesus.

The abuse of the people, the murders and the robbery is a fixed religious component in the Watchtower society, which is disguised as piety. Submission (Islam) is the authoritative sitemap of the Watchtower religion and is in no way inferior in its status to killing Islam. Will the time come when more Muslims will turn away from embarrassing Islam and switch to the Watchtower religion? Will ecumenism succeed in throwing religions into confusion? Jehovah's Witnesses do not kill yet. In an older watchtower it was explicitly regretted that unfortunately apostates could not yet be killed because the state laws spoke against it. In return, the governing body of the Watchtower Society has always enjoyed arbitrarily sending its people to their deaths. Whether the arbitrary order to openly resist Hitler sent Jehovah's Witnesses in rows to the concentration camps because Hitler ignored the Watchtower Society's petition, whether in an African country Jehovah's Witnesses there were forbidden to buy a party card whose non-purchase was punishable by death, is irrelevant. And in the truest sense of the word. This is equally valid for the Watchtower leadership.

Religions which provide for the killing of people openly or covertly are spread by people who, as a thousand young men, spread fear among women, and by people who stand quite harmlessly on the roadside and offer paradisiacal booklets and books. Which of the two is better received by the public?

Who determines the development in the religious-cultural conflict?

Islam is known as a religion that seizes every opportunity to spread in the world. What Catholicism has practiced in full contrast to the Bible is the inner axis of belief in Allah. Nothing is more closely related to the Arab god than violence, death and the exercise of power. People are divided (as in the Watchtower religion and National Socialism) into different forms of life. One's own clientele (as in the Watchtower religion and National Socialism) cuts off as the highest and best form of life. The pressure emanating from such a religion not only theoretically points in the direction of death, but also practically leads into death.

The perception of killing Islam is marked by appropriate fears. The fear of deadly activities by Muslims dominates the perception of this religion and often converts are experienced as people who feel liberated because they are now on the "right" side. And then they can even more follow their previously suppressed fascist feelings.


The prospect of the development of this conflict between religions is dominated by the fear of violent Islam. Even if by an illogical miracle, i.e. non-violent, Islam were to assert itself one hundred percent in the world, its natural consequence would be the death penalty, the chopping off of limbs and a morality that would have to be followed by every single human being. Critical thinking would be prevented (as in the Watchtower religion and National Socialism) and the entire world population would be forced (as in the Watchtower religion and National Socialism) under a Godlike leadership.

The only power that could oppose the Islamization of the whole world is Freemasonry with its Ecumenism. Ecumenism has already inoculated millions of people with a seedless Christianity that has nothing to do with the Bible or with God. Ecumenism, as a mainstream interwoven fashion of the alleged Enlightenment, has a destructive and undermining effect.

Ecumenism has three stages

  1. Christian ecumenism (Protestant and Catholic must be united at the expense of truth)
  2. Abrahamic Ecumenism (all Abrahamic religions must be united at the expense of the truth)
  3. Adamic ecumenism (all ideologies and religions must be subjected to ecumenical egalitarianism)

As soon as ecumenism takes hold, people become liars and enthusiastic representatives and defenders of lies. The direction set by Freemasonry is and remains the overcoming of religious conflicts and must in the end produce a uniform mass of faith and unbelief, which must form the basis for great world peace. Mankind should recover from Freemasonry. The Watchtower religion and National Socialism and Islam, on which the world should so far recover, will recede into the background in favour of ecumenism.

What will lead to violent Islam submitting to ecumenism?

Killing Islam, in its present and future heyday, will prove its closeness to death to the whole world, so that even the worst despisers of human life will be ashamed of it. Then the time of ecumenism has come. Ecumenism will then establish itself as the saviour of religions, especially Islam. By that time Christianity and Judaism will be largely gutted and Islam will be reintegrated as another player in the series of religions. Then ecumenism as the dominant component of the New World Order will recede into the background and peace and security will be proclaimed.

The great solution of the religious world conflict will give people a new hope and exactly at this point the story is already at the end because somewhere, in some book, in some place is written:

But you do not need to write to your brothers about the times and points in time. For you know that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. When they say, "Peace and safety", they will suddenly be attacked by destruction like the contractions of a pregnant woman, and they will not flee.


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