Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 177

Jehovah's Witnesses are filming me

Hopefully the movie will appear on Youtube

I came, I saw and I stood there. The two toughest Jehovah's Witnesses took no notice of me. The two old women are hardened to the limit. And yet in the end the two understood so much that it was enough for them. They left at the very moment when it emerged from a loud, honest and cordial discussion with a Muslim woman that Jehovah's Witnesses are convinced exactly of what Islam teaches. For both religions Jesus is not God and the Muslim like the Jehovah's Witness does not overlook that they have only fallen for one religion. Both trust in people and value what they do. The Muslim kept saying, "Do you know what we do?" That human work does not save, she had completely faded out. Just like the Jehovah's Witnesses do. The end of the song was: Jesus is not God. So neither Jehovah's Witnesses nor Muslims can get in touch with Jesus to try him out and get to know him.

Religion blocks people. Religion makes people complacent. Religion cheats!

At first I stood quite helpless with my signs in the middle of the street in front of the post office in the pedestrian zone of Wiesloch. Because the hard-boiled Jehovah's Witnesses, ignorant people, acted as if everything was normal. As for the passers-by, I also didn't know if I could make a difference. After a few minutes, a young Jehovah's Witness joined me, who always likes to present himself as a sovereign commander-in-chief. He enjoys playing the watchtower-intended lead of the man over the woman upwards. This is his hobbyhorse. This is his pleasure. After he had left again, a very thinly dressed young woman appeared who turned out to be Jehovah's tourist witness. She stood quite silently next to the old witnesses and held just two mini flyers in front of her belly.

After about a quarter of an hour, the Commander-in-Chief Witness returned and was accompanied by this very thinly dressed Jehovah's Witness. He went with her up to the corner Woolworth / kebab stand, where already two rather insecure Jehovah's Witnesses stood. These two immediately put their stuff away and walked away.

Again down in front of the Volksbank a fat Jehovah's Witness began to film me. I took the opportunity to mention a few blatant fatalities of the Watchtower doctrine. The man left immediately after his action, but at that very moment I was approached by a Muslim woman and her daughter or niece. The Muslim woman was particularly pleased with the announcement: "Religion does not save!" The discussion that followed was warm, honest and loud, because further down construction machines made noise. The remaining Jehovah's Witnesses, who had been hunted down, heard every word and withdrew when they understood that the parallels between Islam and watchtower doctrine are overwhelming, not only as far as Jesus is concerned. The old Pinokkio story (old man carves himself a son) has the same effect in both religions: in Islam and in the Watchtower religion. People simply don't expect Jesus to be God. Not created, but in true direct being.

My Muslim interlocutor showed in her intercession for Islam that she did not recognize anything of Islam as religion and thus as human work. She had forgotten after her initial enthusiasm for the saying "Religion does not save" that Islam is one hundred percent religion. As in Catholicism, there is no personal relationship with God and the prayers are only the fulfillment of a religious duty. – It is amazing how a person can see a truth and then immediately lose sight of it.

The conversation is always stopped at the battering ram that is built into the brains of those who trust religion more than God Himself. It is quite impossible for these people to address Jesus Christ personally. One has gotten something straightened out or had something straightened out and that is enough. Captivity in religion prevents access to Jesus. Religious members can no longer react with childlike curiosity to Jesus, but they must absolutely bring their religious concept to bear. That is as if aliens are standing at the cash desk at the Aldi and are thrown out because they have no valid EC card and no cash with them. We humans push ourselves into a certain religious frame and are outraged when someone shows up who breaks that frame. It is impossible for Jehovah's Muslims and lied lovers to trust Jesus as long as they want to feel they belong to these religions. There is no freedom, no thinking. There is only captivity and the desire not to have to renounce the support of the corresponding group.

The victory came when from the discussion with the Muslim woman the realization resulted clearly audible that the Watchtower religion is only a mixture of the Christian faith with Islam. The Muslim woman did not care. The two Jehovah's Witnesses packed their Watchtower literature and left. Jehovah's Witnesses have to give way to reality again and again. Jehovah's Witnesses can only accept as real what has been chewed on them by their organization. As soon as something arises beyond this that they should agree to, they take the plunge to be on the safe side.


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