Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 207

No Jehovah's Witnesses, but Christians

When the sun rises in Wiesloch, Jehovah's Witnesses won't be far. With all possible strategies, Jehovah's Witnesses try to draw even more people into their religious community. Jehovah's Witnesses position themselves at important traffic locations. They want to be seen. They absolutely need attention so that the many, many hours of sermon service do not seem completely senseless to them. After all, Jehovah's Witnesses need an average of 6000 hours of sermon service under good conditions to generate a single interested person. This rate must be even worse in Wiesloch after many people have been warned in the pedestrian zone.

It is all the more astonishing that Wiesloch Jehovah's Witness remains empty in beautiful watchtower weather. On one of the last Saturdays before Christmas, the days before Jehovah's Witnesses don't show up, Jehovah's Witnesses lack any activity. How long will they neglect their duty to make new Watchtower disciples?

Christians are very different from Jehovah's Witnesses. Christians are not committed to an org and Christians do not keep records of their activities. Christians are not afraid of Christmas or Easter. Christians take to the streets at all times and bear witness. They do not allow themselves to be regulated by an organization.

Presumably, the Watchtower Society has long been indifferent to whether the Jehovah's Witnesses do their "work" in Wiesloch. The only thing that still counts for them is the attempt to save face. The prospects of generating more Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch have probably been zero for some time. The Wiesloch Jehovah's Witnesses can still aim to conceal the loss of face alone. And their faces turn into a tortured grin when they are confronted with facts from the Watchtower religion.

Above all, they cannot tolerate the realization that they kill more consistently than militant Islam. Jehovah's Witnesses do not decapitate. Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death. Jehovah's Witnesses kill not only because of a religion, but directly with the help of that religion. Jehovah's Witnesses do not use the sword, but the word to kill people. They interfere in people's lives and form hospital liaison committees that are organized in a tough way to ensure that Jehovah's Witnesses who need blood transfusions prefer to die.


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