Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 425

Would I be religious without Jesus?

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Suppose this Jesus had never appeared. Would I have become religious somehow? Would I have taken refuge in some version of life to somehow assert myself in this world of shame? Survival through adaptation? Belonging by giving up sincerity? Would I have let myself in for a Mother of God? Would the advantages of the left have been great enough to join them?

If I had not gotten to know Jesus at that time, I would never have gone in search of any religion to create a basis for myself. Such a basis of life was always a man-made construction that I disliked. I had reached the point where I could no longer bear the senselessness of this world. This includes all religions of this world. If I hadn't gotten to know Jesus at that time, I would have been able to choose between bullshit and bullshit. Surely I could have made myself a name in a philosophical way that criticized all this. But what would have kept me? The futility of this life? Could I have hoped for indulgences or Buddhist laughter therapy? How great must the material advantage of Freemasonry be to engage with it?

Fortunately, at the low point of my life, I was not dependent on choosing something from the man-made idiocies and power structures for myself. I asked this Jesus if he was the one he claimed to be, and if he was real, I gave him my life. The liberation was incredible. Suddenly I could feel and experience the life that is free of religious and other idiosyncrasies. Since then I not only know it, but I can explain it to my heart and to anyone who wants to know that religion cannot save.

For some time now the Walldorf police have been investigating and I suspect that the decision-makers there are simply waiting for me to hit Walldorf again or not. The complainant, the SS Witness of Jehovah von Walldorf, got the matter rolling. So far, I haven't seen the police fail to contact me for weeks after an admission. Do the trousers have moisture in them? Why doesn't a decision come from them? Are they overloaded? Or do they have so many Jehovah's Witnesses as friends that they simply postpone a decision?

That is why I have felt the need for some time now to return to Walldorf, especially since Renate told me that Jehovah's Witnesses have recently been fulfilling their special duties there on a daily basis, as if they had to make a loophole. It is and remains exciting. Do people allow themselves to be blinded by the played omnipresence of Jehovah's Witnesses? How long can I leave this field uncultivated? What will happen when I stand there again with my signs? Will I then be arrested?

Today we were in Heilbronn. There we had already experienced how rigorously and unreservedly the police can act if they want to have their peace. Jehovah's Witnesses take advantage of this again and again and lie to the police the wildest fairy tales. Also today it happened again, but the older Greek-born Jehovah's Witness changed the location with the two not collapsed rollators, so that at the arrival of the patrol car there was a distance between the Jehovah's Witnesses and us of about 50 to 100 meters. The police officers probably said to themselves: "Oh, there's nothing we can do about that." The younger Greek-born Jehovah's Witness came back and complained that his colleague had changed location.

So it happened that the Jehovah's Witnesses could not get rid of the truth with the help of the police. We asked them what was the point of someone not eating people and still getting a human blood ban. They couldn't answer that question. We gave them the answer. The sense can only be that one wants to murder people by such a human blood prohibition. On the soft tour. On the religious tour. There is nothing else left.

Today's action had a very special weight and the question almost arises how to deal with the religious swindlers. But nothing helps – not even a ban like in Russia – as long as there are people who turn to religions in absolute godlessness. This includes all varieties from the Mormons to the Adventists to Catholicism. Nobody from these organizations gives out the information that only Jesus saves. All insist that they themselves bring about salvation. From the charismatic to the shaman, religion is rampant. Greens are religiously idealistic. Islam is highly inhuman and power-political. The Catholic priests deliver their stall magic every day by turning God into a cardboard cookie. And the sexy little child women of the Greens are atheistic. It's all just religion.

Recently I received a Masonic threatening letter, which I may publish here sometime. At the same time, I received some God-denying commentaries, which I did not publish due to lack of time as well as unwillingness. These people are bathed in religion and have only one joy in life. They claim that God does not exist, or they claim that Jesus is not God. What does that tell us?

After having experienced that Jesus lives and that he must be God, I continually experience that religion hates this experience like the plague. All the pious people of this world, all the good people of this world, all the scientific believers of this world want nothing to do with Jesus and want to intimidate anyone who confesses Jesus with threatening letters and hate tirades or with the threat of legal means. What these people come up with to silence the people who have learnt to recognize Jesus as their Lord and God, again bears witness to how elementary this question is for us. All religion in the world is designed to banish Jesus and put itself in his place. It is very easy to verify this fact. Confess Jesus and you will know what the world is like.

Without the living God Jesus Christ it would be impossible for me to think these thoughts and see the dangers that come from religion. What if this Jesus were just a legend? Could I then even realize that all religion is just deception? Possibly yes. But what would remain then? A life as an earthworm lives. That has become clear to me in these years of clearing up attempte. Without Jesus nothing works. Without Jesus everything is meaningless. – However, the last thought of my conversion to him struck me like lightning.

Without Jesus everything is meaningless!


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