Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 345

Jehovah's Witnesses lost in Heidelberg

Little man with hat

Bruchsal is breathing. If Jehovah's Witnesses stay at home and don't fill Bruchsal with their lies, the city lives. Have Jehovah's Witnesses avoided standing beside the campaigners? No one will assume that the Watchtower advertisers are even campaigning? Or were Jehovah's slaves just lazy? Whatever excuse they have, their advertising day was meaningless.

If you refuse with gratitude, the campaigners of the non-Jehovah parties call after you: "Have a nice day!" They don't seem to know that they are copying Jehovah's serial murderers one-to-one. Jehovah's serial murderers love to chase this seemingly friendly wish after critical people. The disparaging significance of this slogan is something everyone can think for themselves.

What do we learn from this? The example of the Watchtower Organization was adopted by the parties. From above, the street slaves are told how to react to critical people. Thus the election campaigners of the political parties also become a real slave people. They get the big "we" feeling and nobody can blame themselves if someone just passes by. No. We have met our targets. It must therefore be the fault of those who pass by disinterestedly. That is indeed the great we-feeling scheme of the Watchtower Serial Murder Society.

In Heidelberg, a single little man of Jehovah's with a hat stood bravely holding up his serial murder advertisement. After taking a few photos, I sorted the signs I wanted to hold up. When I looked up, Jehovah's little man with his hat was gone.

As I went on, I walked behind him with signs up and people looked. Unfortunately the Jehovah's Witness disappeared into a department store. I lost my Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg.

Later I met a Christian street musician. There I stopped. The day was saved.


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