Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 7

Bruchsal, 07 July 2012

New Jehovah's Witnesses Program: the Book Table

07.07.2012 Bruchsal – Actually I wanted to go to Karlsruhe and see if Jehovah's Witnesses can be found. I wanted to take a break in Bruchsal because it was still quite early. The pedestrian zone in Bruchsal was still quite empty, the wonderful weather and my good mood promised me a comfortable break. I turned around the corner and saw a midi rock. That's a Jehovah's Witness, I thought when I realized: There are 6 Witnesses, three couples, with a big book table and watchtower literature in several languages.

I pulled my cardboard poster out of my backpack and walked with it to the book table with the disciplined Jehovah's Witnesses and positioned myself diagonally opposite. The glances, the tedious smile, the thoughtful storm wind in their heads, all this flew back and forth between us in seconds. One witness, smaller than me and quite fat, attacked me professionally: "If you really meant it, ..." I fought him off in the name of Jesus without responding to him. He also said that I could not even put the name of Jesus in my mouth, and I asked who his Lord was. Then he answered me, "Jesus. And that was the fattest lie this man had probably told this morning. I gave a short speech which was so clear that he understood that he preferred to let the conversation be with me.

For about two hours I could stand there and the passers-by were all very attentive. Many turned around again so that they could read my sentence again. A passer-by – he probably passed there for the second time – said quite loudly: They are right! and pointed to me. But much more important than being right is reaching the irritated. I am sure that the 6 Jehovah's Witnesses this thought »Jehovah "God" is Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus« so quickly will not be forgotten.

Later I walked with my cardboard sign once more from the other direction towards the bookstall of Jehovah and remained standing crosswise on the same line as the stand. There I had some good conversations with passers-by and had the chance to guess that there are many critical Christians who are concerned. A Christian whose colleague has been a Jehovah's Witness for 2 years came along and asked if I was the guy from I affirmed joyfully. It was wonderful to experience how the day developed. Corinna told me that she already had nightmares that there were only Jehovah's Witnesses left in the world. She didn't see it as a coincidence that she met me there with the cardboard sign. I don't see it as a coincidence either.

In Bruchsal there may still be much to fight for in truth and enlightenment. What a pity that not every day is Saturday and nice weather and bookstall of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal!


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