Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 371

Speyer: Jehovah's Witness Kasperl Theatre with Child to Death Frights

The children had horror written all over their faces.

For the sake of completeness I mention the station Walldorf-Wiesloch. It has been Jehovah's Witness free for quite some time, at least in the morning hours. Of course this will change again. But at the moment the Watchtower Society is not wasting any personnel at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. And this, although it does not cost its personnel anything!

In Speyer the Yeti witness Jehovah's, the two-legged, hairy mythical creature from the Himalayas, who always leaves immediately, and I arrived at the same time. I took a few photos from the tunnel-like passage. Jehovah's Yeti Witness disappeared and suddenly appeared in front of me just before the passage. I preferred to go to the open place at the Altpoertel, because I shied away from the encounter with Jehovah's Witness in the tunnel. So I quickly went where there were people.

The two Jehovah's Witnesses, always disappearing quickly, did not stay long and did what they always do when I am there: they disappeared.

In hindsight, I assume they called the Yeti headquarters of Speyer's Jehovah's Witnesses and gave the information: "He's here, you can come." What happened after that now sends a shiver down my spine. Jehovah's Witnesses demonstrated live how they destroy children's souls. As if to say, "We kill not only by bleeding to death", they performed a spectacle that was transparent, but – as I realized later – not meant to be a perfect illusion. The Watchtower Society enjoys celebrating the killing of man in public and presenting it for its own glory.

After a good long while with the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" sitting on the bench at the bus stop at Altpoertel, a car suddenly drove up with the license plate: XX – JZ XX. And there were actually those inside who were standing outside: JZ or Jehovah's Witnesses. They drove right into the currently closed road, but came out backwards after a short time because another car wanted to leave this dead end. The JZ car then drove further into the pedestrian zone of Speyer. I took note of all this without thinking anything specific about it. For me very simple things were more important. Pour coffee, go home, edit photos. But I didn't suspect that a horror film was waiting for me that would be staged by these honorable JZ.

I immediately recognized the white-haired Jehovah's Witness. I remembered her well as a particularly arrogant person. She confirmed this quality in the course of the morning and what this woman celebrated in public only made me shudder.

Everything seemed harmless and in the first half hour I had a good conversation with two Christian women. One came from East Germany and I could hardly believe that she was a Christian. She said that she had always lived with faith in Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I allowed myself the test. "Is Jesus your Lord?" She affirmed it so honestly and believably that I cheered. I explained to her that no one who is not a Christian can confess this.

The day was already saved. Good weather after all these rain weeks. Good conversations and willing Jehovah's Witnesses next door offered the opportunity to warn the people of Speyer.

The four Jehovah's Witnesses, two men and two women, separated and I went after the women, because the men had already disappeared on the horizon. The grimaces of the two Jehovah's Witnesses were full of contempt, but also of a strange joy. The superiority of these people was perfect and later I learned why. As usual, they kept changing locations, although it was noticeable that they always only put the smallest distances between their sermon places. I followed them from point to point and enjoyed the attention of the people. My signs were again the denunciation of the bleeding to death of Jehovah's Witnesses as serial murder. ... And the state looks the other way.

Every public prosecutor's office has a legal obligation to act in the event of suspected murder. For years I have publicly denounced the serial murder of the Watchtower Society, but nobody takes the slightest notice of it. That is a fine basis for Jehovah's Witnesses to test my tolerance for ambiguity. Ambiguity tolerance is the ability to endure frustration without going crazy. Here is the point that is open in all directions. I don't know how much longer I can endure this arbitrary injustice. But through Jesus I know that we can endure infinitely much with Him. From my point of view there is rather no danger that the most ardent wish of the Watchtower Society will be fulfilled and I will disappear into some institution.

The white-haired Jehovah's Witness often looked around in different directions. And there was a reason for that. After some time, one teenager and three children appeared and passed Jehovah's Witnesses. One of them wore a Monopoly game under his arm. This Monopoly game, which Jehovah's Witnesses don't play because they're supposed to give all their money, I later understood as a signal to myself: "We buy the world". The Jehovah's Witnesses shouted something after the teenager and he reacted promptly. The fourteen-year-old spokesman, the other three about 7, 8 and 9 years old, reacted with derogatory cries. Already at that moment his contempt for Jehovah's Witnesses was recognizably played and unnatural.

And the funny thing was that this alleged Jehovah's Witness hater and his friends got very close to the two old Jehovah's Witnesses. This closeness was absolutely unnatural and showed that the youth and the old Jehovah's Witnesses were very familiar with each other. The white-haired Jehovah's Witness gave lectures that were repeatedly interrupted by the buzzing voice of the youthful leader. The boy was very concerned that the people within a 100-metre radius would know that he despised Jehovah's Witnesses.

This spectacle lasted about an hour and it became increasingly clear to me that one of the funny role plays of the Watchtower Society was taking place here again. The boy did not stop cawing out his contempt for Jehovah's Witnesses, but he was so close to the Jehovah ladies with the fur-trimmed coats that he seemed to be seeking some protection. His three friends were very bored. The endless discussion between Jehovah's Witness and the white-haired Jehovah's Witness did not interest them much. That's why they changed positions in between. One stood on the bench and watched the whole process from above. Boring, also for me.

So the game dragged on and of course I couldn't see what the alleged despiser of the Jehovah's Witnesses had to discuss with the Jehovah's Witnesses from 30 centimeters away for so long. The crowning glory of his unnatural behavior was his farewell remark, which he shouted particularly loudly so that I could hear it too. He shouted: "So you have your religious interests and we have our worldly ones!" So does no normal fourteen-year-old speak! What do Jehovah's Witnesses think a person should believe in such an artificial scenery? Do they still have all the cups in the closet?

Speaking of cups. Production has started. There are now the promised . Can be ordered via the Contact form. For Jehovah's Witnesses this cup is of course super-super-extra-xpensive. I set the price separately from case to case.

The white-haired Jehovah's Witness took the lead in the conversation and at some point I noticed that the smallest of the little rascals was looking at me unrelatedly. At home while editing the pictures, I recognized the naked fear in his gaze. This boy looked at me for a very long time and his next-older companion of fate pulled his eyebrows curly for just as long, but did not look directly at me. It is clear that these boys must have been told when, how and under what torment I would be destroyed or that I was the devil personally. The two couldn't believe each other and the white-haired witness continued to climb up in her triumphant speeches.

It is inconceivable that the pubescent spokesman let all this happen, and it is inconceivable that the fellow Jehovah's Witness also allowed all this to happen and even for a long time thereafter rejoiced in contempt. I have never seen such sympathetic eyes as those of the two boys who were told the horror stories of my imminent annihilation. The white-haired Jehovah's Witness did a great job and then had the body language on like a conductor who had just delivered his greatest work in the world. Child abuse in Jehovah's Witnesses is not only sexual!

In between a woman stood next to the scene and waited patiently until the white-haired witness finally noticed her. She then took the three steps towards her and had a great conversation with the woman, as you can always see so beautifully in the watchtower. A car driver stops in the middle of the highway because a Jehovah's Witness is standing there and wants to show him something. There a submarine stops on Mount Ararat, because a Jehovah's Witness points to a passage in the Bible with her finger pressed through. There a bank robber pauses while shooting his hostages, because a Jehovah's Witness shows the watchtower opened in front of the bank. It's fantastic!

The woman then also said goodbye with a loudly cried out "I wish you all the best!" With this she made it clear that of course she could not be a Jehovah's Witness. I believed her immediately.

The heart-rending fear that stood in the faces of the two youngest ones as they learned the details of my annihilation, live and unprepared, straight out of the white-haired Jehovah's Witness's mouth, does not let go of me. It was all about me! One of them looked at me with such brutal compassion that I understood to the last layer of my brain and heart what Jesus meant when he said: "Become like the children, for the kingdom of heaven is their kingdom!" And their next adults stand a few centimeters away and pour slurry over them. Even the pubescent spokesman was already broken enough to play his intended role in this annihilation.

When evil spreads in a person, it breaks its way into situations like this. Jehovah's little fat fellow producer put a little dance on the Speyer sidewalk parquet out of pure joy and I understand her. Sometimes I too have so much joy in me that I have to physically react to them somehow. But I have not yet experienced that such an overwhelming joy arises from fear fomentations, child disturbances and destructive fantasies.

What do Jehovah's Witnesses want to achieve with such activities? What profit do they have from such activities? How must it feel to be involved in such activities? Is this the anticipated feeling of paradise that is otherwise only cultivated theoretically? How long will a Jehovah's Witness boast about it in front of her bona fide fellow inmates? Will a person ever be able to get out of this abyss? Can a Jehovah's Witness still learn something about herself, about justice and about the court?

Today Jehovah's Witnesses from Speyer achieved the ultimate victory over me and I am sure that I will cry over the two damaged children's souls when the opportunity presents itself. At the moment I suspect the pain. But from experience I know that I will one day fully understand the depth of this abyss.


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