Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 318

Crashing defeat for Jehovah's organization

Why does the Watchtower Society need cannibalism laws?

With self-doubt he went to Speyer. Super nice weather, but I was unsure. Why should I put the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" again and again on the bench at the bus stop at Altpoertel in Speyer? The people are all grown up! Is it really necessary to carry this quite hard hint to the public all the time?

Promptly a friendly gesture of the first person I met let me breathe a sigh of relief. The effect was similar to when I was insecure in Wiesloch and at the very beginning a man simply said in passing: "Jesus is Lord!" So I could sit back and relax and observe the interplay between freedom of opinion and the public. Jehovah's power remained at home.

People's behavior kept building me up. The statement "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" meets with people's understanding despite all the deterrent reproach. The Jehovah's power, which was built up here at the Altpoertel in Speyer, does not protect against the insight of the people and cannot prevent that by a little protest the "good reputation" of the Watchtower protagonists is lastingly reduced. One has to bear in mind that before my sympathy, all the close and distant participants were networked as intensively as a long-standing pub community. The watchtower swivels of the Altpoertel wave enthusiastically to all bus drivers, so that the impression exists: The whole Altpoertel is already in the theocratic hand of the Watchtower Organization. Many people living there stood or stand on the side of the Watchtower swivel. These Jehovah's specialists at Altpoertel have all taken a buddy-like tour for themselves. And that, although or just because the one with the buzzing voice almost only lies.

A nun at the rollator read the text of my sign and greeted me warmly. I returned the greeting astonished. So far I thought of nuns that they participate in nothing because they are so full of cathechism and their Catholic priests. After all, the Catholic Church's highest purpose is to integrate every religion and false doctrine into the One World religion of Catholicism by legitimizing and incorporating it. The purpose of Catholicism is victory as THE only religion in this world. This is where the Catholic leaders strive and where the Catholic Church is the one to which the Protestant Church is committed. This year's Kirchentag makes the practical incorporation clear. If the lies of the Catholic Church are absorbed into the Protestant Church, which religion can be absorbed by the great world religion? Where does Islam stand on the waiting list?

A very old man with a white hat and rollator came and read my accusation "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". Then he shook my hand and I discovered the Watchtower in his left hand. Aha, I thought, another one of those polite people who accept anything imposed on them. I asked him if he would give me the Watchtower. He did it and went on.

Half an hour later the old man came by again. This time on the sidewalk at Altpoertel which was far away from me. He had a watchtower in his hand again, so I thought: Aha! A Jehovah's Witness! – If this man was a Jehovah's Witness, he was the nicest and most intelligent Jehovah's Witness I have ever met. Later that day, I discovered from the photos that it was not certain that it was a watchtower that this man was holding in his hand. Nevertheless, I pixelated him to be on the safe side.

It has become important to me to neutralize or reverse the pub-like takeover of Altpoertel by Jehovah's seducers. I want people to know what they're getting into when they greet the Watchtower swingers back. It is well known that the devil always takes the arm instead of the offered little finger. For today, however, the serious warning at the Altpoertel seemed to me to be enough and I drove down the pedestrian zone of Speyer with the folding bike. My informant had told me where the watchtower seducers stopped their fishing. The sun burned hard and Jehovah's Watchtower salesmen stood in front of the unicorn pharmacy in the shade. I kept them company and the crowds reacted exceptionally positively. Thumbs up, broad grins, but also hard arguments were the result. Most of them saw through the matter quickly and stood on my side. I heard remarks like "awesome acting!" A man reminded me of his earlier tip to wear a support frame under the jacket so that I don't get a cramp or have to give up prematurely. After the increasingly clear victory against the Altpoerteler Kneipenstimmungszeugen Jehovas I had no great motivation to resist the Mecki witness. But after the first second of holding up the signs against the Mecki witness, I couldn't find the point to jump off. The passers-by were simply too open and interested in the "horny spectacle" and I ignored my original wish to go home because of the heat. The tortured face of the eyewitness was compensation enough for me. People looked back and forth between me and the Watchtower providers. The faces brightened. You could really see how it cracked and cracked in the brains. The Watchtower cliché of Jehovah's Witnesses so capable and steadfast received a lasting correction in many brains. The mechanical witness and his accomplice probably felt that too.

The final departure of the Watchtower seducers came through a loud argument with a passer-by. The man accused me of disrespecting freedom of faith and I could only reply by pointing my shield at the Mecki witnesses and saying: "If a twelve-year-old son of them has to die by bleeding to death, what do you want to do with your freedom of faith?" And: "When a court finds that this boy must get blood to save his life, the Watchtower elite parents in court start crying!" That and the reference to beheading in Islam finally reached the man. Meanwhile, Jehovah's mechanical witness and his buddy quickly pulled out. They couldn't and didn't want to stink against the facts any more. A Jehovah's Witness cannot perform miracles, but can only deal with organization and ambush.

Watchtower Cannibalism

Jehovah's Witnesses make cannibalism laws out of the Mosaic dietary rules in order to make the medical emergency aid of blood transfusion a religious taboo. They regard a blood transfusion as cannibalism, against which they curiously do not invoke normal ethics, but rather laborious misinterpretations of the Bible. But there has never been cannibalism among the Jews! The sole purpose of this misinterpretation of the Bible is the pleasurable corner-bringing of people who have fallen for the teachings of the Watchtower Society. The spiritual murder by the instilled rejection of Jesus is thus perfectly rounded off by the physical death by bleeding to death.

And once again I appeal to all public prosecutors around the world to finally take care of this ingenious form of murder. They owe it to the Watchtower Murderers!


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