Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 254

Jehovah's Witnesses with global murder warrant

Spiritual mutilation is also enough if necessary

Now I have been accusing Jehovah's Witnesses for some time: Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death. Why has the Watchtower Society not yet taken legal action to ban this allegedly false public statement? Because the allegation is true. If the Watchtower Society were to take legal action against this allegation, the end result would be a judicial finding that the Watchtower Society organizes people to death by bleeding to death. And such a judicial finding would be fatal for the Jehovah's Witnesses, because that judicial finding would become known worldwide and in the shortest possible time. That would be the end of the Watchtower religion. For "by their works ye shall know them".

The Watchtower Society is determined to continue as it has been doing for several decades without risk, driving people to their deaths without having to accept the consequences for their murders. On television, millions of people watch imaginary murders every day and how the judiciary and the police deal with them so successfully and gloriously. Every day we see in the media how the judiciary and the executive punish murder. But to this day not a single public prosecutor has considered that the Watchtower Society, with the help of Jehovah's Witnesses, has organized and perfidiously religiously arranged murder planned and carried out worldwide.

The planning of the Watchtower murders begins with an erroneous blood doctrine that has already been refuted by many. The assumption of blood transfusion is classified as cannibalism, although the Bible says nothing about cannibalism. Whoever needs a blood transfusion as a Jehovah's Witness and considers that he does not want to die so young, will be visited by hospital liaison committees organized by the Watchtower Society and planned for this case. These hospital liaison committees now manipulate patients and doctors until the patient has died successfully. This is murder. It is an active and – even worse – organized procedure that results in death. And even though the Watchtower Society has described its planning and implementation of these hospital liaison committees in detail, there is not a single prosecutor in the world who is investigating this deadly method of the Watchtower Society.

But courts force federal states to recognize the Watchtower Society as a public corporation. This is the effect of the lie of an organization whose lie potential goes far beyond human thought. Hence the suspicion that there is "God" behind the organization who appears as Jehovah but is Satan. Whoever can lie to the whole world and its legal systems for many decades in such a way that his murders remain without consequences as a result of religious over-exertion in disguise has more on it than Freemasonry, which is the initiator of the Watchtower religion. This in turn explains why Lucifer is worshipped as the true God in Freemasonry. Freemasonry already experiences this Lucifer as a driving force and guarantor of success.

But what's wrong with the individual Jehovah's Witness? How can an individual Jehovah's Witness cope with the fact that he is working for a planned murdering organization free of charge? Many Jehovah's Witnesses are not aware of this. And even when they ask this question, they are fobbed off with religious phrases like the sanctity of blood. And they never finish thinking these things. Why do Jehovah's Witnesses feel better than other people even though other people do not drink human blood? Why do Jehovah's Witnesses like to eat the steak as bloody as other people? Why aren't places where human blood has dripped, like the Catholic wafer, displayed in monstrances? Why are used sanitary towels not buried in Jehovah's Witnesses according to their significance?

The only meaning of the Watchtower blood doctrine can only lie in surrendering people to bleeding to death for religious reasons.

Jehovah's Witnesses are under a global murder warrant. And although, or because, they don't see this order as such, they are working with zeal to recruit more and more death row candidates and potential murderers. They call their organization "the truth" and lead people into both physical and spiritual death in their name. Spiritual death as the actual planning goal of the Watchtower God Jehovah (Masonic Lucifer) is adorned with many physical murders. The spiritual murder suffered by Jehovah's Witnesses and their victims is significantly worse than the physical murder from a Christian point of view. Death by bleeding to death for Watchtower reasons is only an embellishment of what really happens in the Watchtower religion. The bleeding murder of the Watchtower Society is only the foreshadowing of what the Jehovah's Witness must recognize when he inevitably encounters Jesus in the end.

Suppose there is no such thing as Jesus, and according to religion science man was created by chance – even then it cannot be understood that a religious org may murder with impunity to this day.


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