Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 142

Wiesloch: I thought he wanted to hit me!

How a good citizen defends MURDER-ORG advertisers.

In the meantime, I have lost the support of fellow Christians that I had previously imagined. And today, as I had planned for the visual lesson, I was shown that I cannot rely on other people either. So it became clear to me that Jesus alone is the address that remains for me.

When I took the first photos, a man attacked me aggressively, but fortunately only with words. He took his words deep into the insult box, even though he didn't look so primitive. But everything he said was bursting with primitivity and I had several moments in which I had the thought: it beats me right away.

This man didn't look like a Jehovah's Witness. He may even have been a Christian, a Christian from the FEG. In any case, he looked like a young doctor or an astronaut to be trained or like one of the bankers who made the billions disappear. As far as his texts are concerned, he did not intellectually get beyond leakage slogans.

Jehovah's Witnesses didn't last long today when I was there with the signs. People read with great interest and immediately understood that the Watchtower MURDER ORG could not be what it pretended to be. The reactions of the people who read my signs make Jehovah's Witnesses realize how futile they are against the facts, and suddenly they are in a hurry. You can compare it to tree felling. You put on the saw and you saw. Then it cracks at some point and you know that the tree is about to fall. It is mostly completely incalculable, how long it lasts. You also don't know the factors that in each individual case move Jehovah's Witnesses to make the elegant departure. It's funny and surprising every time they leave suddenly. Jehovah's Witnesses make life difficult and even ruin it by trusting a newspaper publisher to save them.

Constant dripping hollows the stone

The Watchtower Society works exactly according to this principle. I imitate this behavior and in this way contrast the constant Christian drop with the constant antichristian drop. And the Jehovah's Witnesses always lose their pious religious face. They seem so slowly to realize that with their magazines and the Watchtower Murder Bleeding, they are left with clear facts. They should also realize at some point that on this basis they can have no hope for a better New World. Because a newspaper publisher who directs people to kill people for religious purposes can never represent God.

Jehovah's Witnesses try to balance the sick and insane in their doctrine with SS loyalty. They have the slogan "My honor is my loyalty," as the SS did back then. With this ideological vehicle, they struggle from minute to minute. Meanwhile, many passers-by read the facts about the Watchtower doctrine and often a smile scurries across their faces.

Catholicism itself is not involved in ecumenism, but it leads this ecumenism and determines what is done. The Evangelical Alliance, in which many Christian communities have committed themselves to unconditional participation, is an integral part of ecumenism. The thing is reminiscent of the religion of the Watchtower Society, regulated and governed from above. And these connected Christians stand on the pulpit and from there forbid my activity, the enlightenment about Jehovah's Witnesses in pedestrian zones. That shocks!

There is not a single perfect Christian community in this world. However, it is not a problem to find Christians in these remote churches. But the organized attitude within the ecumenism controlled by Catholicism is a nasty surprise. They want to leave the satanic doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses uncritical. They don't want anyone standing in the pedestrian zone holding up a sign: "Religion does not save. Jesus saves " You can almost make the rule: The more pomp and splendour, the more ecumenical the shop is. In these congregations the individual has nothing more to say. This is very reminiscent of the Jehovah's Witnesses Bleeding Org. These congregations behave like the Watchtower Society even in small things. They don't answer critical questions at all. They are something better.

So I'm assuming that the young astronaut who wanted to aggressively beat me was one of those Alliance Christians. This experience is absolutely salutary for me. Because as soon as someone relies on earthly collections of people with the same opinion, he is abandoned. As soon as someone idolizes an organization, he is a fascist. Judas Iscariot had exactly this spleen. He wanted to associate Jesus with the Sanhedrin and wanted a powerful organization that could throw the Romans out of the land of Israel. This earthly thinking and acting leads directly away from Jesus. Jehovah's Witnesses are attached to this thinking of Judas Iscariot and the ecumenical Christians also slip into this pattern. They forbid the mission in the pedestrian zone and rejoice in their wisdom and insight.

A Christian who listens to Jesus cannot in the long run remain in an organization styled by Catholicism. For many Christians, the fatal solidarity between truth and lies is not yet clear. That is why I mention it here: Ecumenism is controlled by Catholicism!


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