Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 148

Police protect Watchtower doctrine

Wiesloch police stop freedom of expression

The Ecumenism is an institution that wants to reconcile all religions with each other at any price and in the truest sense of the word come out on the devil. This freemasonically intended goal is pursued most effectively, but also most hiddenly, by the Catholic Church, without the Catholicism organ officially appearing in ecumenism at all. It merely pulls the strings to unite in itself all denominations and religions. Ecumenical Christians are animated by the idea of finally creating a unified whole world, just as the Watchtower Society propagates with its Kingdom of Jehovah. Ecumenism is gaining more and more power by feeding people peace, joy, pancakes and slaughtering consciously what is true. Facts must yield so that Muslims suddenly appear to be Christians, facts must be forbidden so that all faith is worth nothing anymore. Truth must be destroyed in principle, because the ecumenical goal of the ideal world is higher.

No man takes offence at the truth, no matter how bad it may be. Ecumenists do. Ecumenists long so much for a dream world à la Watchtower Paradise that they love to do without facts. Nobody gets excited about my signs, which only contain factual statements. Only ecumenists are able to regard the facts as a disturbance of peace, and so ecumenists call the police if you hold up the truth.

A passerby told me that on Thursday ten Jehovah's Witnesses stood in Wiesloch trellis and held the entire pedestrian zone in their possession. This may be a substitute act for them being disfellowshipped on other days by the facts of their own religion. The passer-by was upset that Jehovah's Witnesses were behaving as if they already had Wiesloch in their possession. I could only agree with him and agreed with him that this particular Jehovah Witness situation in Wiesloch is a terrible thing. No one in Wiesloch's pedestrian precinct is unaffected by the infiltration of Jehovah's Witnesses. In Wiesloch, people get involved in manipulative conversations in the middle of the street and most are polite enough to put up with it. Nobody complains about it, but if someone holds facts up on DIN A4 sheets, then the ecumenism fetches the police and the police offends with anger against valid right and prevents by state authority the liberty of opinion.

Attacks and low blows were today in Wiesloch oversized present. Some men, mostly grey and dry, made threats and gave me advice on how: "Pack your stuff!" The hate that struck me today in Wiesloch was very conspicuous and was only surpassed by the police action of Mr. Kr. by the Wiesloch police authority, which gave the impression as if he had waited weeks to take me out of circulation. The adrenaline flowed out of every pore and he could hardly control his excitement and anger. Nothing indicated that he wanted to clarify the case, but he approached me with a preconceived opinion and a decision made in advance and forbade me to hold up the A4 sheets.

To check the facts refused the police authority man exactly like the ecumenist, who had put this coworker of the police authority Wiesloch on me. I received a sign hold-up ban for Friday, 06.03.2015.

My signs contain only true facts! Branding these facts as harassment is highly stupid and tramples the truth underfoot. Only pancake people who are engaged in Catholic ecumenism can do such a thing.

The facts condemned as aggressive are:

  • Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death!
  • Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood!
  • Jehovah's Witnesses don't eat people. But their God Jehovah!
  • Jehovah God must be Satan because he forbids contact with Jesus.

These facts are bad. But does it help to keep them a secret?

All these facts from the Watchtower religion remained untested and although only one ecumenist was artificially upset about it, the Wiesloch police took action and made Putin! What a disgrace! Free expression of opinion adé! Goodbye Rule of Law! See you soon, justice. So long, legal security in Germany. Ecumenism has taken power and semi-educated functionaries are whipping things through! One can only congratulate and take note that Germany will soon not be far away from Putin-Russia. Masonic fetishists assert their one-religion ideas and turn on "little girl" so that the state authority jumps to their side.

An aggressive man screams at strangers in the pedestrian zone according to all the rules of art, and the German authorities subsequently make him right! That is the Germany of today. That is ecumenism. Nothing and no one else strives more than ecumenism to seduce people to a religious uniform mush and to deny the truth. Facts are suppressed with all violence, people are forced to remain silent. A dream world emerges and nobody is allowed to name truth anymore.

I'm a bad person! I know who I hurt when and how and what injustices I have expected others to do. When it comes to judging someone, I judge myself first and thoroughly. But banning the upholding of Jehovah's facts is a tyrannical act, an unjust act, an atrocity that can only come from the ecumenical corner. If someone flattens the truth for the sake of a perfect dream world, it is ecumenism and can only be ecumenism. There is no one else in this world who thinks and acts like this.

The man came up to me and immediately yelled at me that my theses were so aggressive that he wanted to go to the police. I shouted past him after some time of screaming, so that as many as possible would hear: "If this is a lie, go to the police!" I had to shout this out several times until the man finally stopped shouting at me. I experienced this peace-joy-egg-cake ecumenist only as a screaming aggressive man. Even while leaving he still screamed.

In the end, a very unfortunate Jehovah's Witness stood all alone opposite the Volksbank and immediately left when she saw me. Mr. Kr. from the Wiesloch police authority came as summoned and gave me the ban on holding up signs for today. The police have poorly trained personnel who only have lower duties to perform. There are henchmen at work whose appearance immediately shows everyone that they are not really trained. This much too badly trained personnel, which the German state expects of the people because of its rage to save money, seems to carry out all tasks without further hesitation, even if they violate the law. Any ecumenical Oscar can come along and take offence at someone's actions and abuse the police to have the person concerned removed. The German constitutional state is due to financial goals and liberal ambition on its function minimum heruntergekommen and Dreiste exploit that. I would be ashamed to violate the law as a policeman. However, I would also be ashamed to put such poor assistants in action against other people for my dream paradise world with the one religion fantasy.

The police in Wiesloch make themselves the henchman of the truth oppressing ecumenism. The state power can be used for egalitarian mixing of religions. The false doctrine must no longer be exposed. The state strikes to silence people. What is preached in the FEG Bruchsal by the pulpit, the state enforces by force.


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