Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 420

Jehovah's Witnesses enthusiastic about refolding

Light brown race as ideal of humanity

Lately the behaviour of the black Islam lords who go out and enter my flat has normalized a bit. At the moment I'm not being spat out for a metre and I'm not being watched by the controls when I come home. But the confessing witch, who gives these people free access here, continues to parasitize according to all the rules of art. I had made my washing machine available to the WG. In the meantime I had to buy a new washing machine, because the old one could no longer withstand the strain.

Has anyone ever met a person who rigorously exploits other people to the last drop of blood? Sometimes I think they let the washing machine run without washing to show me what they think of me. And new black Muslims sit here all the time. Recently I discovered the newest man against a black background very late. He watched me and when I discovered him and was frightened, he greeted me with a head movement. I greeted him back and was glad to still have my old sympathies for blacks in me. His gesture almost expressed pity. Too bad about the man. But that can also be imagination.

Jehovah's Witnesses currently speak only to blacks. And yesterday in Heilbronn I asked myself what I preferred. Jehovah's Witnesses or Boko Haram. I came to the conclusion that Jehovah's Witnesses are doing a good job with their increased black advertising. Because unlike Boko Haram, Jehovah's Witnesses only kill those who are seduced by the Watchtower religion by letting them bleed to death. Jehovah's Witnesses can certainly be well protected. From black Muslims rather less. Thus the confessing witch wrote to my landlady that I would insult Islam and that she could no longer guarantee for anything. (I had watched some videos of David Wood in English while the Muslims were sitting in the garden celebrating their new possession.)

In Heilbronn, four Jehovah's Witnesses were on their way with a black woman and a light brown child. When you consider that the Watchtower religion was conceived and initiated by Freemasonry, you quickly understand why Jehovah's Witnesses so enthusiastically push the light brown skin color in their prams in front of them. That works. The do-gooders of the SPD, the Greens and the Left are certainly positively attracted to the new breed. This is a super good advertisement. Against this background it is also understandable why all public prosecutors do not perceive the bleeding murders of the Watchtower Society. Freemasonry is the most powerful group in the world. They have infiltrated everything and made it dependent on themselves. This even reaches deep into the churches and free Christian communities.

And the faces of the Jehovah's Witnesses strutting through Heilbronn speak volumes. They express: "We are already much further than you! We are superior to you a million times over." This power is not only the God of Jehovah's Witnesses, but also the God of Freemasons. And this God is openly worshipped as Lucifer in the Masonic highs. And Intelligence Chief Maassen must be sent to the devil. A toast to the god of the new light brown race! Here the question arises: "What is racism?" Aren't racists human breeders?

As if on the red carpet, the Jehovah's Witnesses strutted through Heilbronn and felt like the ultimate masters of mankind. Unfortunately I have to pixelate the faces and can only describe their facial expressions. Their friendliness towards the passing blacks was enchanting and beautiful to look at. The impression that they are still looking for black multipliers for their many single white women is very obvious. If they succeed, Jehovah's Witnesses will show us the new UN-approved breed. On the other hand, they hopefully draw one or the other Boko Haram fighter into a civilized (by bleeding to death) killing society. After all, the Watchtower Society's bleeding killers are not prosecuted at all. Those are good prospects for Boko Haram people. Killing without risk.

The Christians in Heilbronn steadfastly refuse to contribute even the slightest bit to the enlightenment about Jehovah's Witnesses. So I gave a little talk in the microphones of my camera about the harmful influences of ecumenism, also initiated and dominated by Freemasonry. How redeeming was a little interview with Russian-German Christians.

But from the Christians standing further up in the pedestrian zone of Heilbronn I know that they have completely devoted themselves to ecumenism. They are still real good people. But can a person be saved through good humankind? There is something else in the Bible.

Jehovah's Witnesses still know what women and men are. But it's frightening how they follow the UN's masonic racial delusion and are in the process of creating the light brown human type. We can look forward to the next few years when we will still be alive. The number of light brown children of Jehovah's Witnesses should increase sharply. This will be fun to watch. Making children out of Masonic conviction! What a sin. They make themselves God.

I am proud to refer to Renate's contribution. Renate is a person who carries the longing in his heart to enlighten Jehovah's Witnesses. The fact that this woman is going on about Islam is a great respect for me.


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