Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 183

Wiesloch: Two Hours of Reconnaissance on Jehovah's Witnesses

Always refreshing and soothing

Sometimes I get the feeling that the enlightenment about Jehovah's Witnesses might bore people at some point. But every time there is a pleasant surprise that the education about Jehovah's Witnesses is urgently needed and does people good. For example, most people take the information "Jehovah's Witnesses let people bleed to death" very objectively, whereby, of course, their own, already existing knowledge about this topic is combined with the demonstratively held up information.

Some people react enthusiastically to the saying: "Religion does not save! Only Jesus saves!" Then there are spontaneous cheers of applause and delighted faces. The true statement of this saying can be recognized spontaneously by everyone and one is happy that this fact is finally announced in public.

But there are also negative reactions. A man came up to me, pointed to the accusation of bleeding and asked in the tone of a dog educator, whose dog had just emptied himself onto the living room carpet: "What is that?! What's that?!" I answered: "A fact." The man answered: "Yes, because you live behind the moon!" I said: "That's really a very intellectual argument once!"

It is quite amazing at what intellectual level ecumenically motivated people reside. These people are all geared to religious peace among people, as I am, by the way. My assertion is that religion is as superfluous as a crop. Religion cannot save. But the ecumenists can only fall back on the manipulative influences suffered by the media and demonstrate their unlimited stupidity and above all one thing: they take sides with everything that is religion and become really aggressive first of all.

It's embarrassing for these poor people. They are influenced by the mainstream and haven't really informed themselves for a second or thought about this important topic for themselves. They fall for what they think is their own attitude in a confrontation with the subject. The imagination that the perceived results of media manipulation are already a good and acceptable attitude towards life dissolves in a matter of seconds and a person is left behind who embarrasses himself through his general aggressiveness. This is the trend worldwide that the mainstream propagates religious peace among people in a freemasonic way through ecumenism, but delivers no sitemape at all. Masonic ecumenism turns the blind advocacy of all religions into a religion of its own, which is the stupidest religion of all religions.

And the Jehovah religionists stand there and recruit new candidates for bleeding to death and new canti-dates for bleeding to death. Not a single ecumenist asks what these people accumulate in their lives as guilt. That in the Watchtower doctrine the wish is firmly anchored to murder people for religious reasons and to let people become murderers for religious reasons, does not come at all into the consciousness of the modern world man, who so gladly is an ecumenist. Many of these ecumenically drilled people even appear to be Christians.

All the more grateful I am for the people who have not yet let themselves be taken by the Masonic-influenced world mainstream. These are the ones who can add up one and one and on whom clear facts don't bounce off by ideological distortion. It is very interesting to recognize the aggressive ecumenists from afar. This creates a feeling that is somehow connected with what people have radiated like a Helmut Kohl. There flashes a willingness, almost determined to kill, to bow any factual argument under the "law" of Freemasonry. Ecumenism turns every true word into a dangerous bomb, which must be removed by police force. These people live in an ecumenical dream world of spiritlessness that is always and everywhere ready to kill for its religious peace so longed for the world.

How sick is someone who wants to eliminate disease through another disease! If ecumenists would at least still have some relation to God, one could still take something away from them as true. But their whole point of view and goal is solely oriented towards human society and the equality of all religious lies and they deny God as the mainstream demands. They degrade Jesus to a hobby, elevate the religious murder of Jehovah's Witnesses to a trivial offence, and behave in the pedestrian precinct like half-wits who didn't hear the shot. They cannot oversee the disgrace that these mainstream victims inflict on themselves.

Two hours of education about Jehovah's Witnesses is a good experience. The attention of people who are not stunned by ideology is good and the chance that another person in Wiesloch will fall for the Jehovah's Witnesses' desire to bleed has been minimized again. Buy a laminating machine and hold Jehovah's Witnesses up to the facts of their own religion. Then you can experience something.


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