Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 442

Watchtower Society – Voting with the Feet

The loss of Jehovah's Witnesses seems to be confirmed

On several pages I have shown the amazing parallels between the religion of the Watchtower Society and the religion of the Greens and the Left.

If what one Jehovah's Witness complained about very credibly the other day is true ("We are getting less and less"), then we can hope that the Merkel system can no longer rage for long. In contrast to the Watchtower Society, the democratic majority counts in politics. It will certainly boil down to the UN and the EU poking at continuing destructive migration, climate mania and gender mainstreaming for a long time to come, but the majority of voters will democratically prevent this destruction of our future. The Watchtower Society will continue to exist for a long time to come, just like the UN and the EU. But through enlightenment and the resulting rethinking of people, the influence of these organisations on our lives will diminish.

As unimaginable as such an open statement of a Jehovah's Witness may seem ("We become less and less") and as desperate as someone who makes such a statement must be, so desperate and sick does the defensive behaviour of the Greens and the Left, which in the meantime seems almost only fascistic, seem to be. If the announcement of our leak in Jehovah's Witnesses is correct, and there is much to be said for it, then we learn from it that the Enlightenment on false religions is working. At this point we can actually speak of a new light instead of the Watchtower Society. But it is not religious light, it is the light at the end of the tunnel.

A real test, reality, best sermon service weather and two old men

Renate and I were in Bruchsal today. Behind the bookstall of the Watchtower religion stood two old men, not unsympathetic, but lonely and very serious. One of them wore a noble hat. If one takes the Bible as a basis, it is inadmissible and blasphemous for the man to wear a headgear during (true) worship, as which the Watchtower Society presents the sermon service. A Jehovah's Witness with a hat in the ministry unintentionally signals that he has no idea or competence in the Word of God.

Just as weak as the worship behavior of a Jehovah's Witness with a hat was the renewed demand for a distance of 10 meters to be kept. Otherwise the police would be called. The rest of the confrontation in terms of content by my signs was characterized by the fact that many people were pleased that resistance was offered. But there were also a few passers-by who expressed their displeasure with vulgar gestures. Here again we see the equality of Jehovah's Witnesses with the green-left clientele, who often can no longer do without hatred.

The bottom line is that we have an increasingly clear result: religion itself is and remains the means of power of choice. Whether climate religion, gender religion, migration religion or watchtower religion, people are manipulated and thrown into a mental prison. And it is precisely at the point where no more argumentation can help that the sheer hatred begins. We also see this in all religions.

Greta Thunberg and Charles Taize Russell

What fascinates me is how similar the view with which Greta Thunberg can be photographed again and again is. It is very similar to the gaze of Charles Taize Russell. Fascinating.

It is fascinating to me how similar the facial expression of Greta Thunberg is to the facial expression of Charles Taize Russell. Fascinating.

Enlightenment must not take any consideration

If you enlighten people, you will always come up against limits that are characterized by the fact that people feel stepped on their necktie. The defense against enlightenment often happens through hatred and blockade. The only legitimate hope one can count on is the enlightening information of the uninvolved. The more people learn about religions and their power mechanisms, the fewer people will fall into the religious trap. At this point it is very important to point out that Jesus Christ is not a religion and that faith in him is an individual act that cannot and must not be religiously appropriated. Those who absolutely need a religious community to believe in Jesus should ask themselves whether they are not just following an ideology. Those who follow Jesus first of all need nothing more in this world. The connection to other Christians takes place later and is not characterized by dedication or submission to an organization.

However, this definition is not intended to mislead people to talk small about evangelism in Christian congregations. However, the standard always remains that a person can never be saved through a community of faith, but only through Jesus Christ.


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