Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 82

A lonely Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch

It's getting quieter and quieter in the Jehovah scene

For a long time it has not been about bringing the Watchtower and the AWAKET! among the people and thus enlightening humanity about "the truth", but it has long been about recruiting seductresses who subscribe to buy the mountains of paper in order to bring themselves closer to Jehovah by offering them in the pedestrian zone. Offering the publishing literature of the American Religious Forge Watchtower Society is the vehicle to save people. Jesus, who draws all people to himself, is only responsible for the 144,000 elite religion specialists at Jehovah's Witnesses. The water carriers, the paper transporters, the living booklet stands in the pedestrian zones must earn their possible chance of an earthly life, similar to communism, after death through hourly sermon service.

In order to enter the religion of hourly self-rescue at all, Jehovah's Witnesses must, long before the hour of their salvation, practically justify the cult murder by bleeding to death by entering the organization. Thus, long before Jehovah's Witnesses have worked enough hours for their salvation, they assume responsibility for all religious cult murders of bleeding to death ever committed in the organization of magazine and book distribution.

But it is obvious that nobody can get closer to God through hourly work or an unpaid part-time job with a newspaper publisher. God is absolute and therefore God. God cannot be bought through hourly work. Close to God, the sinful person cannot exist no matter how many hours he has volunteered for a newspaper publisher, no matter how many wounds he has inflicted on himself in self-mortification, no matter how much money he has spent on Jehovah's literature. Man does not have the opportunity to come up with a solution to reconcile himself with God. Even suicide due to religious bleeding is not a way to God.

The only way to be saved comes from God Himself. God is the one who tells us what we have to do to be saved. While religions offer sacraments, prayers, Jewish and Christian murder and magazine buying as a way out, God tells us the one-sided, clear, unambiguous message of Jesus Christ. Jesus took all sin upon Himself. He is God made man, the Son of God, Son of the Father in the most original sense of the word. Jesus is the way, because he has reconciled people with God – himself. In it God shows his absoluteness, without which he would not be God at all: He loves people so perfectly and absolutely that he personally generates absolute justice, without which he in turn would not be God, by sacrificing himself. God himself is the way and God himself is salvation. There is no salvation except in Jesus.

It is mega sad to see people who want to achieve their salvation by standing for hours. It is mega sad to see people who can no longer recognize religious cult murder as such and who are willing to give up trying to persuade bleeding people in hospital not to have a transfusion.

The Watchtower religion traces the Christian faith back to the state of an archaic natural religion by demanding human sacrifices and propagating the exploitation of human beings as a service that leads to salvation.


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