Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 71

No Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch

Do Jehovah's Witnesses avoid confrontation with the truth?

Imagine, you have the holy order to sell chocolate biscuits made of shoe polish and apples made of soap in your place of residence. Imagine you don't even have to convince people that you're selling real chocolate biscuits and real apples. Imagine standing on the street with your vendor's tray and giving the impression that you are convinced that your shoe polish chocolate biscuits and soap apples are the only true chocolate biscuits and the only true apples. Imagine you have to do this "service" as part of a worldwide fraternal sales effort to stay accepted in your circle of friends, which consists of specially trained people who all seem rock-solidly convinced that shoe cream chocolate biscuits are the only true chocolate biscuits and that soap apples are the only true apples. You've gotten used to the shoe polish taste over the years and over time you've even forgotten the taste of the untrue world apples and can now eat the soap apples without throwing up. Imagine you've finally got yourself so far under control that you don't have to think about the problem true and untrue as far as your shoe polish biscuits and soap apples are concerned. So you're doing your sales service as part of a worldwide brotherhood of shoe polish biscuit and soap apple sellers and people already know you and are used to your sight and silently walk past you.

All in all, you've made yourself comfortable in your life. The circle of friends of the only true chocolate biscuits and the only true apples gives you support and guarantees that you will never be without friends. You can rely on them to stand by you, even if only with a warm handshake and verbal sympathy. You've received a special mission for your life for a god who only saves shoe polish biscuit and soap apple sellers. You are something special, you have a special hope, you belong to a special religious community, the religious community of the only true chocolate cookies and the only true apples. The only disadvantage: You are used and exploited free of charge as a cookie and apple salesman, embarrass yourself permanently when you go out on the street and show your specialness. You're wasting a tremendous amount of time of your life on the biscuit and apple maker clique, but it's worth it. Because without them you're nothing but a bunch of misery. Insecure, broken, sick, lonely, abandoned, isolated, inhumanly humiliated, hated, despised – betrayed and sold. All this they do to you if you do not pay your tribute to Caesar the only true chocolate cookies and the only true apples.

And then you're standing in the pedestrian precinct and some idiot stands in front of you, takes the same embarrassing position as you and holds up a damn sheet of paper that's written on: "Your chocolate cookies are not made with chocolate! They just look like chocolate biscuits!

Once you have read the text, you have to turn off your brain and think of something else, because otherwise this thought could develop into a real factor in you. You look as neutrally as possible at the area, look at the clock and the sky, scratch yourself here and scratch yourself there and think, "Oh, great, only true, universal chocolate biscuit sovereign! Destroy this disgusting man of the world, this renegade, this devil worshiper! Hear the supplication of your faithful and righteous chocolate cookie seller!

That your chocolate biscuits are only dummies, but by no means suitable for consumption, that your stomach is already completely ill and spoiled by this "right food at the right time", you feel that, but you must not become aware of it. Too much depends for you on your steadfastness in your convictions, which you have not gained yourself from the Bible, let alone from the hand of Jesus. Your own thinking is forbidden for you, and you must defend the religion of shoe polish biscuits with the iron loyalty that you would otherwise only find in Hitler's SS henchmen.

There was no Jehovah's Witness in Wiesloch today. At least not during the time I was there.

A little tip!

If you look for a free church, if you meet Christians on your own initiative and listen to them neutrally and critically what they say and look at them neutrally and critically as they are, then you have not only a real chance to find real brothers and sisters who do not force you into the street. You also have the chance to become free from the deception in which you live and finally find the truth.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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