Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 57

Jehovah's Witnesses are suddenly harmless

... as if faith were only a private hobby

In Speyer, as in Wiesloch yesterday, the usual Jehovah's Witness positions were yawning void. The first thought, of course, is: "Yay! They've seen something and the individual propagandists are beginning to get scruples so that they don't want to or can't do the show any more at the weekend." But when looking at it from a distance, another explanation fits better: "They just want to normalize the situation a bit because they just always lose in the public confrontation with their own doctrinal content." The desire to make the situation a little more relaxed was also expressed in the behaviour of the two Jehovah's Witnesses, whom I was allowed to address in the Speyer pedestrian zone. They didn't take it easy and faced the conversation, but in the end turned it around in such a way that their commitment to the obviously inconsistent teachings of the Watchtower Society came across as a private hobby. Behind this is probably an attempt to build a peaceful coexistence in which there is little or no public denunciation. Jehovah's Witness came very close to me, either to check to what extent he could intimidate me, or to prevent the conversation from becoming audible to others.

But the Jehovah's Witnesses I visited can count on one hand that this confrontation will always be necessary from my point of view. Therefore, it could also be that in addition to the maxim of détente enacted by higher Watchtower bodies, it also has to do with the fact that more and more individual accomplices can now only make their public appearance by overcoming it to the greatest possible extent. After all, they are regularly shown in the pedestrian zones. It is sufficient to hold up the cornerstones of their theology in order to drive the painstakingly hidden blush of shame into their faces. The mental burden that results from the fact that they are repeatedly convicted in public (Jehovah's Witnesses should not actually have this mental burden at all, because according to their own teaching they have no soul at all) is so overwhelming and suggests even outside this confrontation in the public a lasting sense of guilt that increasingly displaces the otherwise usual pride of Jehovah's Witnesses. The Watchtower doctrine may encourage the imagination that one is better than others, but in real conflict it cannot exist and then becomes a burdening factor for those who once believed it.

This is an effect Jehovah's Witnesses probably never dreamed of. Not only do they feel guilty in the public confrontation with their own doctrinal content, but they also suffer from remorse during the week, and they must permanently ask themselves whether they really want and can maintain this loyalty to the Watchtower Slave (Governing Body) as the only true survival strategy. The embarrassment is so lasting that the permanent burden on Jehovah's Witnesses has an impact on the strategy issued by higher Watchtower Committees. Only the Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses have adjusted to one hundred percent ignorance from the beginning to the present day, and the Jehovah's Witness driving to the Bruchsal pedestrian zone passed me with her car grinning, proud of her own stubbornness and proud of the group's stubbornness.

But the Bruchsal sphincter strategy of ignorance cannot work in the long run! What kind of religion is it that depends on its protagonists being permanently blind and deaf? What kind of religion does it have to deny thought-provoking impulses and facts consistently and with the utmost self-deception? What kind of religion can this be, in which only the one can function well, who for himself and for others again and again has fallen victim to clearly recognizable spiritual self-mutilation?

The bottom line is the realization that all those who follow people and rely on their logical outpourings will have no excuse before God. The freemasonically engineered religion of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot attain the status of truth and, while perfectly organized, must fail in the reality of Christ. There is no religion that can do justice to the truth. There is only the worldwide church of Christ, which cannot be grasped in human organizational structures, whose members have each made contact with Jesus for themselves and live and weave directly through him. No human power in the world can outwit or even remotely imitate this church. Man with his logic cannot replace the direct guidance of Jesus Christ. Organizations like the Watchtower Society were certainly able to produce much piety and a picture of steadfastness, but they fail because of a single act of confrontation, the public DIN A4 sheet on which one of their wrong conclusions can be read.

If someone's tied up, that's a good hold for him, too.

Jehovah's Witnesses are bound in all matters and they think this would give them hold. Any attempt at liberation is extremely painful.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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