Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 379

Jehovah's Witness Insulted, Christians Piqued

How far have Christians been infiltrated by Freemasonry?

On Friday there were no Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station. And there were none in Speyer either! What a sensation! Even the Altpoerteler Alt-Herren-Zeugen Jehovah's Witnesses did not show up. So all I had was a lye roll baked with cheese for one Euro fifty, which I bought in the nearest bakery. My feeling was great satisfaction and the cold let me experience how beautiful a car with heating is.

Today, Saturday, we left for Heilbronn. Also for this city I imagined that we would probably not see any Jehovah's Witnesses. This was confirmed for a while. Strangely enough, we had great conversations with other people to whom we were allowed to tell about Jesus. I had already imagined going home without the confrontation with Jehovah's Witnesses, but then it came to some really bad events. Among them was the harsh reaction of Christians who wanted to stop the truth from being told. If someone walks through the room with a horse's foot and the smell of sulphur, a good Christian has to keep quiet about it. This is the basic orientation of these people and I have the feeling that their God is called Peace Joy Egg Cake.

The day was, of course, marked by the harsh reaction of the Peace, Joy and Egg Cake Christians and it opened the view to the humanized mode, which today denies all truth for the sake of good reputation. To what extent are Christians permeated by the Masonic doctrine of peace, joy and egg cake? I confess that I could no longer tell the difference between Jehovah's Witnesses and Peace Joy Egg Cake Christians. See below for details.

Before the Peace Joy Egg Cake Shock, we met a Jehovah's Witness running around with a watchtower hanging from his neck. This Jehovah's Witness immediately bit Renate on the head, by the way, read my camera cheekily and overdid Renate with a never-ending flood of speeches, so I realized quite quickly that he had come especially for us. "Let me do that! I'll finish them off! They will experience their blue miracle. I can do it! Wait!"

This Jehovah's super witness indicated how many offspring he had, and as he stocked Renate more and more with fast speech, I switched into the monologue. In a few words, I confronted him with the hemorrhage murder based on a cannibal law that does not exist in the Bible. When Jehovah's Witness ignored my petitions with the utmost ignorance, I loudly preached to the surrounding people and they listened!

I also picked up that the Jehovah's Witness rock-solidly denied the divinity of Jesus, and I asked him if his son was a donkey. If the Son of God is not God, then the Son of this man can only be an animal. I asked him again and again whether his child was an animal, and something must have penetrated to the man, because he began to throw curses and insults so badly around himself that a passer-by called me: "You must show it!" I replied to the passerby that I much prefer a Jehovah's Witness to give up his facade. I like to be insulted for that. For that is human. A humanly reacting Jehovah's Witness is an absolute rarity.

Renate explained to the poor Jehovah's Witness very vividly that the blood rules of the Bible could never be related to human blood, so that the poor man couldn't think of anything more. He left and became so angry that Renate, who had followed him, came back terrified. I had already been approached by a woman at that time. Renate and I could credibly assure her that religion did not help. That was difficult because she came from a country where religion had been forbidden for two generations. She enjoyed the religious experience very much and now had to listen on the street that religion does not lead to God.

I did a little inspection round and Renate stood alone when I came back. Suddenly she waved wildly behind a tram and I realized that they had had a good time.

After this episode we went north-south-east and stayed far to the west. There was Walter, the Christian, who rejected my confrontational approach. I gave Renate the necessary information about him, introduced them to each other and went further when I noticed that here again a temporally unmanageable situation had arisen. Renate has the peculiarity of listening to all the arguments, even if they are so empty and pointless, that I feel uncomfortable with impatient people.

Fifty meters further north-west-south was another Christian bookstall. I took two photos and asked the woman distributing the tracts what she thought of the Jehovah's Witnesses' confrontation with facts. She referred me to the eldest or bookstore manager, who reacted exactly like a Jehovah's Witness. Later, while editing the photos, I discovered that one of these peace-loving egg cake people had stretched out his hand just as I had experienced it with a Jehovah's Witness at Duesseldorf Main Station. "They mustn't photograph us and we don't want to have anything to do with this action and we don't want to be published in connection with it!" I told the Superchristians that they reacted exactly like Jehovah's Witnesses and that they were just badly informed. Anyone who goes public to advertise has given up the right to their own image. The front of these brotherhood Christians was so hard that I kept bowing backwards. "Thank you! Goodbye! And thank you! Goodbye! That's what I repeated all along the way, which I covered backwards. I heard you don't have to, but I didn't care. Peace and joy egg cake Christians must be shown where their Masonic humanistic attitude leads. No one must tell the truth when it upsets anyone! No, no, no! That must not be! That is unchristian and evil. If the devil personally passes by, he is lost who says: "He has a horse's foot and smells of sulphur!"

Shortly afterwards, I met a lonely Jehovah's Witness who was talking to a young woman. The young woman turned to me after a few minutes and called: "We have freedom of speech!" She wanted to tell me that I would violate freedom of speech if I stood there with my reproachful signs. But it was not clear to her that exactly this is the epitome of freedom of opinion, that one can put opinion against opinion. I called out to her that we do have freedom of opinion, but not yet freedom of murder. Did she understand that?

Once the Watchtower Society has taken over world domination, there will be no more freedom of expression. There will then be freedom from murder. In the Watchtower scriptures it says somewhere that unfortunately one may not kill renegades today yet. Because of the still valid state laws.

A friendly former Jehovah's Witness, who called herself divine, then came into conversation with me and Renate joined in at that moment. I turned away pretty quickly because this nice woman was a model for the corrupt ones who leave the Watchtower Society and don't find Jesus. Renate had the gift to tell her more about it, although or because she did not have my experience in this matter. Another small miracle.

Then the watchtower capstan of Jehovah came towards us again and cursed us anew. Renate followed him and I waited bravely for her to come back. I then took two pictures of her. She had been screamed at brutally again. Jehovah's Witnesses are sweet, aren't they?

Renate had promised the environmentalist, who had never heard of Jesus, to get her a Bible. So we had to pierce the other end of the Heilbronn pedestrian zone and I reproached Renate. When we meet Jehovah's Witnesses again, it's your fault! And bang! ... I took out the signs again, I held up the signs again and so on. For my terms I had already experienced enough today. But it should still go on.

When the ladies of the Watchtower logic passed me by, I called out to them three times: "Jehovah must be Satan, for he forbids contact with Jesus. After their disappearance, Renate began a conversation with the Jehovah's man who was left. She had had a long conversation with that man a few weeks earlier, and I felt him grabbing Renate's patience and using her for his Jehovah sayings. So I interrupted the whole thing and brought some bleeding murder arguments, which of course didn't reach the Jehovah's witness. Of course not! But the passers-by listened.

Then I vetoed and gave Renate three more minutes. She only wanted two and then actually only needed one to say goodbye to the Jehovah ideologist. There are limits and some super smart Jehovah's who need to be cut off from abuse. If you don't want to know Jesus, you have to admit that at a certain point. I said to Renate that she can no longer help this man and that he probably has to find the meaning of his life in being the water bearer of the Watchtower Society to bring more death candidates.

The greatest shock I experienced today was the humanistic and contemporary infectious disease of Christians, who were once famous for their strictly Christian attitude. Brotherhood Christians behave like genuine Jehovah's Witnesses and legitimize the heresies of the Watchtower ideology through their prohibitions of speech and thought. We stab into the swamp with a ten-meter pole and have to pull it out again without result, because even after ten meters no firm resistance can be determined. To what extent have Christian communities been infiltrated by Freemasonry? After today's experience, I believe that the end time apostasy is already so well prepared that under the press bandage the blood thunders enormously. We just need a little more chaos so that the Freemason world idea can break loose. The brother churches are more than prepared for this case.


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