Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 146

Locusts: Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch

And they're ashamed of themselves!

At about half past sixteen, two Jehovah's Witnesses stood before the Volksbank. Some more Jehovah's Witnesses joined them, some left again, until finally two Jehovah's Witnesses were left. These two Jehovah's Witnesses disappeared at 10 a.m., only 15 minutes maximum after they had come. This is no longer a preaching ministry recognized by faithful and discreet slaves. Apparently, only one passerby needs to talk to me to make Jehovah's Witnesses leave quite quickly. They themselves have zero foreign contacts and have to watch as a few sentences held up to DIN A4 appeal to people.

A woman photographed the texts on the signs.

After the Jehovah's Witnesses had cleared the most important point in Wiesloch, a strange woman suddenly appeared whose behavior had something reminiscent of the famous tunnel vision. She distributed Watchtower advertising material. Of course, I gladly took one of her Jehovah flyers from her and then went after her with my signs and watched how and to whom she distributed her stuff. The image Jehovah's Witnesses voluntarily created of themselves, namely the image of grasshoppers from the Abyss according to Revelation 9.3 ff, fit perfectly with this woman. A tragic situation must have arisen when such a horribly dressed woman feels called upon to tear the success rate of Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch from the cellar.

The woman was driven. She had read my lyrics and was aware that people saw me behind her. As if steered by a foreign power, she ran her business and went after the people so sharply that it was hardly noticeable any more. She kept looking around like someone in a tunnel who thinks he can hear the train behind him. She finally led me to her two colleagues who had lined up opposite Woolworth. When they saw me, they grinned wide with shame and made off.

Anyone who serves a God whose works make you blush with shame must at some point realize how wrong his religion is. People are brought to death by the prevention of medical help, people are sent to concentration camps by the decision of the governing body or, as happens in Africa, are handed over to certain death. (The Watchtower Society had decided that no party card could be bought. Not buying the party card was punishable by death in this African country. At the same time, exactly the same Watchtower Society allowed people in Mexico to circumvent military service by bribing officials. What an injustice!)

Jehovah's Witnesses are no dumber than other people and they sense the wrong thing about all these things or intuitively know about them. Only the clique compulsion, this group hysteria, to which they are exposed and on which they become dependent again and again, keeps them in this false religion. Jehovah's Witnesses continually fight against their own consciences and replace them with the "biblically trained" Watchtower collective conscience. They must fight daily and hourly for the Watchtower Evil. Also and especially against themselves and their natural good insight.

Jehovah's Witnesses do not go out on the street for any good cause, but only for their own benefit in the Watchtower Village group and for their dream of the great world domination of the Jehovah's elite to which they will then belong. But every day they flattened their normal consciences and joined the ranks like the SS man in Hitler's day. My honour is my loyalty, is one of their slogans. He is known from SS and SA circles. The skull symbol would also look good on Jehovah's Witnesses, because they let people die for their religion. They trample the will of Jesus underfoot by doing so, and they ceremonially renounce it personally at each of their death ceremonies. They let bread and wine pass by and are proud not to have contact with Jesus. They are self-sufficient, they bathe in their separation from Jesus.

Jehovah's Witnesses are a hard-hitting organized anti-Christian force in this world.


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