Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 351

Jehovah's Witnesses bloodless and evil

You instigate evil in others!

When it comes to turning faith into a synthetic ideology, the Watchtower Society is the expert. When it comes to removing substance from people, anyone can learn anything from the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses are the absolute experts on bloodlessness. They even draw blood from Jesus Christ! Jehovah's bloodlessness is real zombies that function like machines. And they are evil up to their last fiber. Today's experiences prove all these assertions!

Jehovah's Witnesses have no substance and are spiritually dead.

At the station Walldorf-Wiesloch already at 7:40 o'clock two propaganda forces of Jehovah stood at the passage from the bus stops to the platforms. After photographically documenting their road camp, I logically and plausibly separated them in a few sentences, why they represent a serial murder organization. My speech ended with the words: "They only recruit new death candidates!"

It was a small miracle for me that Jehovah's propaganda staff did not immediately run away with flying skirts like always at the station Walldorf-Wiesloch. Was the shock too deep that due to the faulty planning of the Watchtower Series Murder Society a meeting with me had become possible after all? (For a long time the representatives of the serial murder Org have been setting their population infiltration times in such a way that they do not encounter critics at Walldorf-Wiesloch railway station.)

It is understandable that a Jehovah's Witness should never admit that he has understood anything. And yet it was a strange sight to see these two poor deceived Jehovah's Witnesses packing up their Watchtower carts and slowly walking away with them. As if they had taken drugs, they trotted towards the horizon. There have probably been Watchtower trainings in their meetings that tell them not to show nervousness. Especially the departures at low altitude, which Jehovah's Witnesses had usually presented at Walldorf-Wiesloch station, had always been very funny.

If Jehovah's seducers had even a little substance of their own, they wouldn't have to make this shameful departure again and again. The Watchtower propagators have nothing in them but a stick with barbs. They go on the one-way street into the hell of lies of the faithful and intelligent slave. They cannot reply to the explanation concerning their serial murder organization. What is the point of an exit in slow motion for these people? Okay, they followed an order from the Watchtower Germany office in Selters. But they had to accept that they were only recruiting more and more potential murder victims.

However, the conclusive, irrefutable declaration of their series of deaths will not cause them to continue their Watchtower serial murder propaganda. The interior of a Jehovah's Witness is not only epistemologically impregnated and waxed, but also truly dead. Even easily recognizable facts cannot penetrate into the interior of a Jehovah's Witness, and these two cored people will continue their propaganda of lies anytime and anywhere. They no longer have a conscience. They cannot admit their sin before God and man because only the Watchtower Serial Murder Society plays a role in their lives. God and men have nothing more to say in the life of a Jehovah's Witness.

The departure of the Jehovahists at Walldorf-Wiesloch station was also pleasant and nice to watch in slow motion. But the inner emptiness of these people shocks again and again. It is incomprehensible that the Watchtower serial murder fascism in religious garb does not trigger a reaction of the legal systems. In any case, the Jehovah serial murder advertising at Walldorf-Wiesloch station was once again prevented today.

Sermon service of the old Jehovah serial murder men from Speyer at Altpoertel

In Speyer there was a funny situation that nobody had expected. The head of the Jehova Altherren team ran into me in such a way that I could accompany him unnoticed on his journey to his usual place. Only when he wanted to cross the road did he notice me, but he went further than if he hadn't seen me.

This Jehovah's Witness continued on his normal path, probably whispering to his buddy that he was supposed to run away, and continued into the Speyer pedestrian zone without stopping. The pictures speak more than a thousand words. It was a real pleasure to be able to photograph the situation comedy. However much I feel sorry for these people, their behaviour is so interesting precisely because it is alienating in an inhuman way. Nobody is at war, but these people are doing their Jehovah show as if it were a matter of setting up a new secret service. – Or to protect an existing serial murder intelligence service.

At the Altpoertel in Speyer I didn't sit so long, because it started to drizzle. I decided to see if the weather in Wiesloch would be a little better.

Wiesloch – good weather – bad Jehovah's Witnesses

In the Wiesloch pedestrian zone I walked up and down in front of Jehovah's Witnesses with my signs. I had spontaneously changed the combination of the signs. Now I had the same slogans readable both from the front and the back: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" and "Internet Search: Jehovah Serial Murder".

The Jehovah's Witness with the Heidi smile, who can pretend to be a nice and honest person in an unbelievable way, came here and briefly talked to a man with grey hair and a boatman's beard. This man then walked up to me with big steps and insulted me loudly for minutes. At some point I exclaimed out loudly that the Watchtower Society's serial murder should be denounced, and Jehovah's Witness with a Heidi Smile called the police.

This man, who insulted me for minutes screaming, at some point let go of me and Jehovah's Witness Heidi Smile said a widely audible "thank you" and disappeared. Bizarre! Then I accused the two remaining Jehovah's Witnesses of how shameful it is to make someone insult other people. I kept shaking my head and expressing my bewilderment that Jehovah's Witnesses can implant evil so quickly and so successfully into humans. It was so incredible how fast and uncontrollable it was. And the triumphant Watchtower holders stood there grinning and holding the Watchtower.

I can answer the question of what this poor Jehovah-damaged person with the Heidi smile had of her action other than the spread of evil: she had nothing but the spread of evil! These poor Jehovah-victims were only interested in demonstrating their powerful malice to me. She did that, too. And many people are becoming aware of it. The hatred of these people must be immeasurable. You can even make a recommendation:

Become a Jehovah's Witness if you want to experience evil from the inside!

They will then become acquainted with a religious façade that will sooner or later cause the inner death of every single person involved and often even kill them physically. The positive thing you will then experience is the living out of sneaky power over others. Positive, however, only if you are the one with the power.

You will know them by their fruits!

The Watchtower Society has argued for decades that man cannot rule over man and that only the Jehovah's organization can. And Jehovah's Witnesses have been for many decades in the spiritual paradise spiritually endowed by the only true government. This government is legitimized by the Watchtower God of Jehovah and will soon rule the whole earth. The clearest signal for the legitimation of the Watchtower government is the unity of the Jehovah's people.

The most outstanding feature of the Jehovah's people is indeed the most successful and impenetrable brainwashing applied to humans in the world. No dictatorship has been successful for so long. Other signs of the legitimacy of Watchtower rule given by Jehovah God are:

  • prophetic persistent embarrassment
  • a lot of broken marriages
  • an incredible number of suicides
  • Thousands of abused children, whose fates were and are carefully kept secret.
  • the annual worldwide celebrated rejection of Christ in the Watchtower Special Celebrations
  • Millions of people separated from Jesus Christ
  • and the serial murder which has been unpunished for decades by preventing medical emergency aid through foreign blood

The Jehovah government's list of screaming mistakes and blatant atrocities is not complete. The Watchtower Serial Murder Society's victory in the field of human extermination, on the other hand, is. The elimination of humans through the application of animal blood rules to human blood is successful, perfect in the sense of this Jehovah's longing, because to this day impunity and ignorance. The simple trick of turning animal blood regulations into human blood regulations has helped the Watchtower Society to pursue its longing for murder in the long term and to camouflage it perfectly with religion.

The strength of Jehovah's Witnesses can be seen, for example, in the fact that in a few minutes a man can be persuaded to pursue a critic of the Watchtower religion in the pedestrian precinct for minutes and to prove it with the worst insults. In a very short time a living human being is made to act against all his values and to stand up for Jehovah's murderous goals. There is a man who is freaked out in public and makes himself the most primitive of all. And Jehovah's Witness says loudly: "Thank you!"

Did she thank this human-killer god, Watchtower Jehovah?

How long will the serial murder victims remain unpunished in the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses? How many Masonic seals must a person purchase before he can become a prosecutor?

And please! Nobody argues that Jehovah's Witnesses only kill themselves! Because when your nephew, sister or neighbour or friend is turned around by Jehovah's Witnesses, you will only experience him/her becoming more and more brainwashed, then you will experience the most lasting gutting of a human being that exists in this world, and – when it happens – you will experience the bleeding death of that human being.

The Watchtower religion is the most successful religious machine for the annihilation of human beings when it comes to the apparently incidental physical elimination. As far as spiritual mortification is concerned, it can only compete qualitatively with Catholicism, not quantitatively.


Hello, it would also be interesting to know about the stock gains of the Watch Tower. That's where the really nasty stuff is! Thanks for the clarification.
The Watchtower Society and its Stock Profits - a Questionable Business Model (de)

Magdalena [Februrary 25, 2022]


Hi Magdalena, thank you for your comment and the interesting link regarding the Watchtower Society's portfolio. No matter what you pick out, everything about the Watchtower Society is simply questionable and the more you look into it and uncover it, the clearer it should be that the Watchtower Society is not what it claims to be. God does not need an organization on earth and certainly not one that lies to people as brazenly as the Watchtower Society does, and does so on a grand scale. Unfortunately, many people still fall for this lying organization and believe everything without questioning. That's why I find it so important that there are such sites still on the net.

It is still possible for us here in the West that we can inform ourselves uncensored. (Of course, there are restrictions here, too) but unlike Russia, which is completely isolated from the Western media and exposed to Russian political propaganda around the clock, we are still far away.

You have to imagine that. For example, Putin has banned independent reporting on the war. Anyone who calls the war in Ukraine by its name can expect to be locked away for 15 years.

Russian ex-president Medvedev even does not rule out a return to the death penalty and threatens with the atomic bomb.

I can't believe the means people resort to in order to enforce their ideology.

The Watchtower Society once mentioned in a Watchtower that they would use the death penalty if they could. It is the same corrupt system that is used in politics. Lies upon lies, scaremongering, fear mongering, manipulation, pressuring and punishing people with death by letting people bleed to death.

Anonym [March 27, 2022]

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