Kirchentag Stuttgart – Clearing up attempt no. 172

Village festival of religions

Catholics put converted Jesus into showcase

The only ones who saw my shields "religion can't save!" and "Only Jesus saves!" were the civilian police who checked me out. My entire backpack was thoroughly examined and the reasoning was: "When people feel disturbed ..." To protect religious people from disturbance, you are first treated like a potential Islamist. The people check was done because policemen saw my laminated DIN A4 sheets protruding from my jacket. I would like to know if the police were sharpened on laminated DIN A4 pages or if laminated DIN A4 sheets have always been considered dangerous.

Evangelical church members confess their belief in falling borders and try to animate each other to something by means of animation. Group clapping on five was the climax of their sermon. Then I went on.

Catholics make Jesus Christ out of a wafer and put him in a display case, which then serves as a cult object and is carried around.

The wicked lunatic in which church people find themselves seemed to me worse than the heresy of Jehovah's Witnesses. I could not hold up my signs in this Touristik-Religions-Ulk.

The magic of the stalls defeated Jesus in the churches. Whether Eucharistic magic, whether charismatics, whether ecumenism, whether aloof ethics orgasm – nothing has anything to do with Jesus, who died for us. All religious fuss is only human work. Who of the church members really personally said yes to Jesus?


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