Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 187

Jehovah's Witnesses light-shy

Can't you take a picture of Jehovah's Witnesses?

If someone bears witness to his God, then this testimony is only valid if this person also stands up for this testimony and for this God. The Watchtower Society claims that the new Israel, the new spiritual people of God, Jehovah's Witnesses testified worldwide. But when it comes to standing up for this cause as well, then the great backdown is made, which exposes the deception. This goes so far that Jehovah's Witnesses are not even allowed to photograph each other at congresses. Portrait photography is strictly forbidden.

Jehovah's Witnesses are consistently manipulated in the direction that no one is allowed to photograph them. Photographing Jehovah's Witnesses is already considered a crime by Jehovah's Witnesses and a Jehovah's Witness claims to have called the police and his lawyer today to have this crime punished. Since I had already experienced an extremely arbitrary police officer in Wiesloch, I went home after this announcement as a precaution. But at this point I would like to take a closer look at the topic "May Jehovah's Witnesses not be photographed?".

For tactical reasons, the Watchtower Society has elevated Watchtower advertising to a form of religious practice (true worship) so that Watchtower propaganda could be legally placed under the protection of religious freedom worldwide. The recruiting of new death candidates and new murder candidates is thus regarded as a religious practice, as is the case with other people, for example, prayer to Our Lady or ear confession in all its bad details. Jehovah's Witnesses actually call their street propaganda "true worship".

With this artificial classification of cheap Watchtower advertising as a religious practice, the Watchtower Society achieves several advantages:

  • The individual Jehovah's Witness no longer questions the meaning of his propaganda activity, but indulges in this fateful duty Islamically.
  • Watchtower propaganda cannot be prevented worldwide because it is suddenly no longer propaganda, but "only" the true worship of the Watchtower God Jehovah.
  • Jehovah's Witness can no longer see in his Watchtower propaganda activity what it is, namely a 100 percent public activity, but for him it is a highly private religious activity. In this way he imagines that with the Watchtower in his hand he is travelling purely privately.

Jehovah's Witness generally ignores the fact that people who go public, including the objective of addressing people, i.e. directly and/or indirectly influencing the public, become people of the public. He doesn't know that as a public person he legally falls within the same framework as politicians, celebrities, actors, well-known artists, musicians, and all the other people that are allowed to be photographed. There is no mixed form of these legal conditions. Nobody can go public for propaganda purposes and at the same time demand that he be treated like a private person. A person who shows himself in public for a long time and who confesses himself to an organization through his activities and promotes this organization cannot demand that nobody looks and that nobody documents the matter photographically. If this legal hybrid "public/private" existed, the burglar could demand that he not be photographed by the surveillance camera. If there was this legal hybrid, any politician could sue anyone who photographed him.

Why are there always film shots in the media in which faces have been made unrecognizable by pixelation? The journalists should not have filmed these people if Jehovah's Witnesses had their way! Jehovah's Witnesses also live in this area in a fantasy world that the Watchtower Society has brought them into. Even in these simple things the Watchtower Society provides them with false information and they also live in error in these easily explained things.

Worst of all is the Jehovah's Witnesses' illusion that they could hide their Watchtower propaganda at any time and bear no responsibility for it. Yesterday a Jehovah's Witness put a shell over her Watchtower troll so she could not be recognized as a Jehovah's Witness. What kind of religion is this, what kind of God is it who is the only God outside Islam to produce the dead, so that one even has to be ashamed of him as his witness? The production of bleeding deaths and the production of those who, as a hospital liaison committee, cause bleeding deaths in a well-organized way is deeply rooted in the false Watchtower theology. While in Islam the killing of human beings "only" exists as a means of power, the production of the dead constitutes an important core of the Watchtower religion. Here, too, the artificial classification as religious practice takes hold, so that bleeding and bleeding to death seem to be under the protection of religious freedom.

A person can only bear this multiple great responsibility if he can imagine himself acting as a private individual. And that is exactly what characterizes the normal Jehovah's Witness. He always asserts with delicate questions: "The responsibility lies with the organization!" In this way the Jehovah's Witness speaks himself free and continues his private life lie cheerfully. This imaginary status of the Jehovah's Witness's insignificance also creates the illusion that, as a person of public interest, he does not fall under the corresponding legal rules.

Dear Jehovah's Witness,

who spit poison and bile on you today, you certainly have the right to get upset about being photographed. You should only realize that it is you who go public and change your own legal status. After all, I publish all photos anonymously so that nobody has any damage. Not me and not you. The only thing that surprises me again and again is that you don't realize how sick it is to witness to a God, but at the same time insist on not being recognized as a person. This is definitely sick in the schizophrenic sense and cannot be found in Christians. When a Christian testifies for Jesus, you will never experience that the Christian wants to keep himself anonymous and to be free from responsibility. This is the difference between Christians and cardboard Christians.

Irresponsibility is already so common in you that you no longer even notice what your testimony really is. You don't realize that your alleged testimony to that Jehovah is, and always has been, just an advertisement for a religious newspaper publisher.

But a person who really wants to take a stand for something is even willing to die for it. The Watchtower Society is always so terribly bragging about its concentration camp witnesses, whose arrest it itself arranged, by the way, by ordering open resistance after its petition to Hitler to cooperate with him was not answered. You are so proud that some Jehovah's Witnesses died in the concentration camp. Today on the street, you demand that no one photograph you. Calculate for yourself what has become of you.


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