Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 453July 05, 2019

Jehovah's Witnesses at Heidelberg Central Station

Or how to successfully touch a Witness as a male Jehovah's Witness

Jehovah's Witnesses depend on getting to know each other, falling in love and getting married within their organization. Today a beautiful blonde was the central unit of all wishes of two Jehovah's Witnesses. The dark-haired one played the extremely sovereign role and received everything the beautiful blonde had to give in terms of looks and attention. The blonde youngling of Jehovah, however, was bolder. He got assaulted.

That brought me to the signal of the headscarf in Islam. It says: "Don't rape me! I belong to the worldwide Islamic nation!" What does a Jehovah's Witness have against the assault of one of her fellow believers in the field? If she complains, is she not regarded by the elders and all other Jehovah's Witnesses as an immoral woman who only provokes men? Do you not remain only the silent acceptance of the assaults? The Watchtower Society has always demanded that abused children and their parents remain silent about what they have suffered, and has threatened to exclude them.

The headscarf in Islam does not only say that this special woman must not be raped, but it also says and proves that men can always and everywhere rape women as long as no headscarf is involved. This moral perverted into absolute satanic, namely that rape is the most normal thing for every Muslim, is proven by the headscarf of Islam. Only the woman, who is characterized by the headscarf and worse veilings belonging to the Islamic nation, is excluded from the great, worldwide Islamic rape rule. What does this have to do with Jehovah's Witness, who has to be touched by Jehovah's Witness in preaching service?

The parallel between Islam's rape morality and Jehovah's Witnesses' girls' and women's touching morality is the completely godless religious attitude of the powerful. In Islam, the reversal of morality into the permission of all rapes is already fixed in its origins. Jehovah's Witnesses do not have it so easy. You have to turn the Bible to the left to make this satanic turn. They draw up a two witness rule that has nothing at all to do with sexual assault. For this purpose, the elders, under the guidance of the Governing Body, attach importance to the fact that a woman always bears the first responsibility for the abuse and rape she has suffered herself. There is no child or woman in Jehovah's Witnesses who, without two Witnesses, can make believable the harm inflicted upon her.

In Islam the female sex without headscarf is fair game and in the Watchtower society the female sex without husband is defenceless up to a certain age and the husband is always as good as justified. In both religions, the sexual incentive system of the man represents the basic standard and this is then represented as the will of God.

Far away from this perversion of the Bible and the will of God lie the things I criticize through my signs. And yet an obvious member of Antifa must call me a freak. The green and left obsession is the admission and justification of the abuse of children and women to death. All want to let children die for Jehovah. And if they let Muslims do it because they are too good for it, their program is the perversion of all natural morals. This unspeakable pleasure in letting even the most deadly religions loose on people unchecked is the core of the Greens and the Left.

Hidden within this is Freemasonry's long-standing desire to mark all religions as ridiculous and harmful and to transfer them to the One World religion, which of course then emanates from them themselves. Religions in the sense of a relationship with God are indeed only unnecessary ballast, because Jesus can be addressed and found directly by every human being, but the cultural effects of religions must always be examined individually. Why are deadly religions not restrained? Because Freemasonry wants it that way and the states of the Western Hemisphere depend on it. Washington hooray!

The words of the Antifa man: "Let it beee maaan! Pack your stuff and fuck off! Teratism!"

These are truly the words of a righteous man in the sense of the Greens and the Left. And Islam will follow. In Wiesloch I was yelled at by a Muslim who was chasing me out of the city. Our state consensus consists in mass migration, in the most brutal possible freedom of religion and in tearing down the unspoilt conscience. All these are characteristics of the Watchtower Society and it has been mercilessly carrying out its program for decades.

As a Christian, I have no inclination to explain everything and everything about the spiritual track to myself. But when I consider all the facts, the thought that Angela Merkel could have a demon becomes more and more plausible.


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