Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 123

Bruchsal, Jehovah's Witnesses, Police, Detention, Arrest, Removal

Use of force, sanction, police custody, disturbance of the peace, arousal of public nuisance, threat, police state, police violence, state authority, police deployment, demonstration of power, abuse of state violence

Jehovah's Witnesses have no arguments against the legitimate accusation that, similar to the Islamic State, they slowly and deliberately kill people for religious rules. Jehovah's Witnesses have no arguments against the fact that the blood commandment of the Bible only applies when a life has been taken. No life is taken with a blood donation! Jehovah's Witnesses call the police to protect themselves from real facts. They abuse the power of the state and the police willingly play along. The good citizen – later Prince in Jehovah's New World – blinds German officials.

As an introduction to Saturday morning, I went to the Jehovah's Witness bookstall and tried to enlighten the people there that the Watchtower's own blood doctrine is a deliberately engineered misinterpretation of the Bible. A very young Jehovah's Witness was among the protagonists of the Watchtower God-givenness, so I had a great need to address the young lady's perhaps still functioning conscience.

The Jehovah's prince noticed this (watchtower supervisors call themselves princes) and went up to me to defend himself and said: "You may not do that!" What I should not do, he did not say. Later it turned out that the acoustic event of my speech should be the occasion to be taken into police custody. I also approached this Jehovah's lord and had the wonderful opportunity to say loudly to his face from ten centimeters away: "No life will be taken in a blood transfusion".

The patrol car stopped a few yards from my right knee and the officials stormed to a bookstall selling old books for the benefit of Amnesty International. The princely Jehovah's Witness ran to the officers and pointed to me so that they would also recognize the criminal. My learned profession was queried and upon my inquiry as to how many decibels the police ban applies, the officer actually said: "I am not a measuring instrument." But the threat of police custody (he only said: "cell!") was no problem for him. Fortunately, I was able to tell the officers that there was no great difference between murder by misinterpretation of the Bible and murder by beheading for religious purposes. The officers were both very nice all in all, but the merciless misjudgement of the situation is on their heads. I even offered to repeat the sermon so that they could judge whether the volume was illegal, but they refused. They talked about religious freedom and thus showed that they had already been influenced by the Jehovah's Witness.

The young Jehovah's Witness, heavily covered with make-up, left after a short time. I had super good conversations with passers-by and Christians from Dielheim visited me. Also a Christian, whom I know from the FEG Mingolsheim, came over and greeted me. My raised signs had the following inscriptions: 1) "Who besides Satan bleeds people to death for a religion?" and 2) "Jehovah's Witness! Do you still have a conscience?" passers-by rejoiced that I had not been taken into police custody or disfellowshipped from the square. Jehovah's Witnesses realized the predominance of the truth and hastily cleared the field shortly after twelve.

Killing for religious reasons has always been disguised as religious freedom among us. With its beheadings, the Islamic state arouses the indignation of the entire German population. But the Jehovah's Witness bleeding enforcement committees remain under the cover of the subconscious. One passer-by said: "There has always been beheading."What he wanted to say with it is still unclear to me. Probably because I don't dare think that thought through. It is sensationally hollow and stupid what modern people throw into the scales in terms of arguments and then continue to romp about with their very, very valuable shopping bag as if they had just explained the world to you.

If the nephew of the Constitutional Court is reading this, please tell Uncle Karlsruhe of me that the judiciary in Germany has turned a religious gang of murderers into a public corporation. Dear nephew of the Constitutional Court, please write to your uncle Karlsruhe that in Germany the Sharia and the Islamic state in the form of Jehovah's Witnesses are in principle and fact established. Write Uncle Karlsruhe that the term freedom of religion has stood for the legalization of religious murder in Germany for quite some time. Please ask Uncle Karlsruhe what the purpose of this shift in the meaning of the word freedom of religion will be in the future. Is the goal a European religion, the enforcement of which will then also be achieved with legalized murder?


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