Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 414

Good news! More deaths from Jehovah's Witnesses!

Ice cold murder is no different.

Young black father with pram in the Heidelberg pedestrian zone. Man, he has a lot of time! Passing by, I see the bottle of beer next to him on the bench. That's cozy. Envious. Have I become a racist? Anyway, I've never seen a father with a pram who had a bottle of drunk beer next to him. Hopefully the family gets enough state support. Happiness must last. The children also have to be educated properly.

But there are also black people who have lived here for some time and support Jehovah's Witnesses. And they do it in such a way that one immediately realizes that they know nothing, but nothing at all, about what is going on with Jehovah's Witnesses. They are really blind slobs and followers. And they hack with their elbows trimuphierend into the air and cheer that they have supported the god of The WM sends its greetings. One sees the whole thing as a sporting event. More about this below.

Yesterday I had talked to Renate on the phone to make an appointment with her, perhaps to go to Heidelberg together to take a closer look at the Jehovah's Witnesses' ticket office. Ticket to hell. One way. She hasn't seen him yet, but only on photos. The Jehovah's Witnesses' ticket counter could not be spotted promptly today. But at the other end of the pedestrian zone there were two young Jehovah's Witnesses who were constantly amused that people were being informed about the serial murder of the Watchtower Society. They felt comfortable like lobsters in boiling water, only they didn't notice anything. Disgusting and incomprehensible! When little girls play with a sharp weapon and don't know what they're doing!

After some time the two beauties of Jehovah got a little queasy and they retreated behind a drinks van parked further back. But even there the people took a lot of notice of my signs. The two Jehovah's Witnesses' fatest constant laughter, was it embarrassment or stupidity? I don't think these two understood anything. They really live in a dream world. Unicorn Angela with colorful stars and girls giggling.

Besides, the Jehovah's Witnesses did a shopping spree and then led me back to the Bismarkplatz. There they stood in the blazing sun and there was no shade within a radius of 50 meters. I went to the location where the ticket office should have been, and was not surprised that it was still not there. But in his place resided a little grey male and his assistant. I assume that he is the great pioneer and designer of the Heidelberg bleeding scene. Years ago I had seen him lonely and alone on the Bismarckplatz, too cowardly to hold up the watchtower. He had only the typical plastic packaging with him, in which Jehovah's Witnesses keep their holiness, their literature.

When I stood opposite them with my signs, the two of them made an intense phone call. After about 15 minutes they packed up their advertising material and approached me as if they wanted to run through me. At the last moment they avoided me. Muslims also like to do that. They get taught in the mosques how to frighten Christians. In Wiesloch I had experienced this several times on a Saturday morning and also in my WG a Muslim guest practiced this, who was there to make happy the fellow tenant and to cook for her. This kind of intimidation by brutally reducing the individually necessary distance is characteristic of Muslims and a kind of program to make sure of their superiority. Now Jehovah's Witnesses are doing the same. The grey male in Heidelberg is washed with all the sewage.

When the grey male with his assistant stood directly in front of me, a black man joined me and shouted like a spit how nice it was to receive good news. The gray male, after somehow not being able to open his own walker, laboriously took a watchtower from his assistant's walker and shouted: "Good News! Good News!" I said: "Good News! More dead people! Good News! More dead people! (Good news! More dead people!)" The blacks didn't mind and the three Jehovah's Witnesses almost got an orgasm of excitement. Then there were two black women performing as if they had just become world champions. You can see that in the photos. If stupidity in small bags would cost a cent, the two would be millionaires. They are only interested in a good show. The fact that they work for a Mord.Org is passing them by or they don't even know it.

This funny technique of Jehovah's main Heidelberg witnesses to prove to themselves that they are great is astonishing. For Jehovah's Witnesses are usually the great Bible know-it-alls and attach great importance to winning and convincing through something like superior information. But in Heidelberg, Jehovah's Witnesses are dropping out of their usual level and are only making the kind of audacity and self-assurance they are known for in the schoolyard. The one who better frightens is the more powerful one. Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg are now actually working at this level. And they are not ashamed. They no longer have shame in them. Like their consciences, they have had it surgically removed.

And then that working phone call from submissive black underseal scrapers. Humiliating! Racist! Degrading! But these poor blacks like to give themselves up to enthusiastically supporting the little grey male. With all the emotions they have at their disposal, they serve the grey male. Disgusting. Sad. Stupid. Lost in the abyss. Who ever wants to make it clear to these people what Satan they sat on!

And the little former white man visibly enjoyed how he could take advantage of the blacks, and his white companion got slight remorse, which caused her to keep something in the background. I suspect that this woman, in spite of her murderer's iciness, felt the spectacle the grey male was performing. The embarrassment of the blacks was perfect, but the madness is that no one will ever be able to tell them what they did. They are too much in the hands of the little grey man Jehovah from Heidelberg.

After the troop had forgotten how Jehovah's Witnesses like to pretend to bid each other fond farewells, they got together again and embraced each other inconveniently. Oh how beautiful! So Jehovah's code of conduct was still observed, even though one could see that nothing came from the heart.

On the way to the car I met a poor Jehovah's Witness on the other side of Bismarck Square, who had probably bowed to the call to defend the Jehovah's Witnesses against the one with the signs. She knew nothing and she stood there and wanted to stand there and she stopped and held out so that it became clear that she knew why she stood there – quite well hidden in a house entrance. She then acted like a Jehovah's Witness who either hadn't done sermon service for years or had at least travelled to Heidelberg from Behind-the-seven-mountains-with-the-seven-dwarfs.

Already after one hour I approached her (freely after the Sauerland comedian, who has his own island) and asked whether she had no scruples. The Jehovah's Lady reacted as boringly and internally dead as I am used to from the more rural Jehovah's Witnesses. In the end, she dodged because she didn't want to discuss with me on the street.

The video I will have to make from this material will tell you more about the Jehovah's Witnesses in Heidelberg. The amount of work is immense and I'm getting more and more uptight. Nevertheless I will never be able to do something like I am accused of. And at all! How could I ever found a sect as a Christian! Every single religiously obtained euro would etch me and spoil my life! Only someone like the Pope or the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses can endure such a thing. Not me.


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