Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 84

Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal call the police

Are people becoming more attentive?

Full of expectations I went to Speyer. The little poem went through my head: "Juhuu! Yay-hoo! – But don't be too happy too soon! I was in a good mood, during the night I had cleaned the remaining electrical contacts on my motorcycle from corrosion and treated them with oil spray so that they wouldn't corrode again so quickly. The bike has never been as good as it is today and the day had something of a free floating, of a lightness that everyone wants. Only private problems burdened me, but I know that I am preserved in Jesus, and I could freely think about these problems without having to make myself free by repression for this day.

For Jehovah's Witnesses, Speyer was once again no-man's-land, because in the pedestrian precinct something should take place that has to do with commerce. The Watchtower Society cannot stink up against commerce, for it is itself only arrested by this God of Mammon. Jehovah's Witnesses are not able to appear at times of pronounced rule by secular powers. They themselves are a worldly power and would simply perish without a sound. Christians, on the other hand, have a completely different position. Christians, unlike Jehovah's Witnesses, have no dependence in this world and therefore have every conceivable freedom to represent the gospel of Jesus Christ. Even under the most godless conditions of this world – even towards religions that claim the saving factor for themselves.

After I had clarified the Jehovah's Witness poor situation in Speyer, I drove directly to Bruchsal. (The date in the pictures is still winter time. I had forgotten to change the clock in the photo apparatus.) In Bruchsal I found the Jehovah's Witnesses doing their business and walked past them with my messages on A4 sheets. An old, sympathetic couple, not seen before, stood with them under the pavilion. Circle supervisor? Travelling senior control witnesses? This couple at least looked at my messages openly and they didn't try to ignore me from the beginning. But then everyone grinned broadly. So I made a little speech and the Jehovah's Witnesses turned their backs to me. They didn't want to hear that they laughed at the fact that they bear responsibility for every single religious murder by bleeding to death in the Watchtower Society by being part of this MURDER ORGANization. I also told them that the Watchtower Blood Code was based on a decidedly misinterpretation of the Bible, for the blood only needed to be poured on the ground when an animal life had been taken in an animal slaughter. No life is taken with a blood donation! But the Jehovah's Witnesses had arrived at this point again in their iron ignorance and kept the problem quiet.

I hope at least they think about these things at home.

My speech revolved around the elitist grin of Jehovah's Witnesses and the religious bleeding out of people. They can't understand the deadly nonsense of false blood rejection and they can't check the Bible passages or question the Watchtower writers' deliberately inhuman interpretation. They must faithfully adhere to the false Bible interpretation of the Wachttum Society and they must accept and practice death by bleeding to death of their own relatives as loyalty to the faithful and intelligent slave. They are not aware of the shame that results from a misanthropic religion that can only point to Satan. Satan is the only one who, by his nature, is inhuman and who forces people to bleed others to death out of piety.

Today, an extremely large number of passers-by expressed their goodwill that someone was standing there to counter the Watchtower lie. One thanked them, another said with a raised thumb: "Good work. This vivid predominance of completely unorganized communication between free people naturally put Jehovah's Witnesses under strong pressure. Jehovah's Witnesses must not, of course, show that they are aware of all this and realize that their organization makes them look like a corpse next to a living person. Accordingly, they feel frustrated. But is that why they think about what might be wrong with their religion? No, never.

When I left my location with my DIN A4 sheet and walked up and down in front of the Jehovah's Witnesses bookstall, only the sympathetic circle supervisor (?) stood in my way. I walked around him. Some time later the somewhat thicker Jehovah's Witness (Peter the Elder?) spoke to me after he had come very close: "Mr. Hentschel, if you don't keep your distance, I'll call the police!" I knew I had to go back and forth in front of the Jehovah's Witness booth, of course, just so the Jehovah's Witness wouldn't have called the police for nothing. But I met a Christian woman who drank a coffee in front of the café across the street. I stayed with her as long as the conversation lasted and then wanted to go up and down, but the police were there pretty quickly.

The police told me that I had been accused of harassment. Jehovah's Witness had only talked about keeping distance, but told the police something about harassment. This is once again characteristic of the "love of truth" that counts in the Watchtower Brotherhood.

Show identity card, explain connections, listen, why one had to be checked. It's a little embarrassing when the state is called in for nothing. But it was worth the effort, because the observers of the situation suddenly agreed with the officials and me and Jehovah's Witnesses had dropped out of the focus of attention. They silently packed their sacred paper and I left. The rite with the Watchtower literature is not so worth protecting that a person who passes the bookstall again and again with an A4 sheet of paper would have to be removed. The confrontation of content is permitted as long as the peaceful, objective and legal framework is maintained. This strange minimum distance of 10 metres set by the Watchtower Society was neither demanded nor enforced. This minimum distance of 10 metres is probably only intended to act as a threatening gesture by Jehovah's Witnesses.

However, the up-and-down walk with the DIN A4 sheet in front of her bookstall was surprisingly effective. This loss of power was too much for the Jehovah's Witnesses, because their ignorance was thus done and ineffective. Not only was I allowed to address a few strong words to the Jehovah's Witnesses upon my arrival, who brought shame to their faces, but the normal walking back and forth at the end of the Jehovah's Witness sermon service resulted in a hefty embarrassment that proved the loss of face of the Jehovah's organization in the pedestrian zone of Bruchsal.

The departure from the WTS, i.e. the number of departures from the Watchtower Society, should be immense, as I had heard a few days ago. The oversized piety shown by Jehovah's Witnesses is not responsible for this, but their actions diametrically opposed to piety. As long as being a Jehovah's Witness is just advertising and making a clean man, nothing can go wrong. In the stress test, when decisions are called for, they must show their true character. And that's what the eldest (Peter?) did today. He brought another charge against me (keeping too little distance) when he then reported it to the police (harassment). He slandered me at the police as a harasser and probably didn't know what he was doing with it himself. You can't expect much more from people who are purely trained in advertising. But the completely normal conscience should already exclude such a course of action.

Whoever goes to hospital as a committee for forcing bleeding to death in order to guarantee bleeding to death and the religious murder associated with it and sees himself on God's side in doing so, will not want or be able to distinguish the truth from the lie even in the smallest detail.


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