Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 468October 29, 2019

Who does not tremble is a Nazi

Whoever is not veiled as a woman will be raped

The leader of the left-wing coalition, Dr. Angela Merkel, has triggered a great youth movement. Who does not tremble is a Nazi. The oppression of the entire people is sadly the goal of the left-wing coalition. Many factors indicate that Dr. Angela Merkel was trained by the GDR regime to take over the "right-wing radical" Federal Republic of Germany. How much guilt did this woman take on? How many rapes and murders does this woman have to answer for through her GDR policy?

So far only the Watchtower Society advised against having children

Angela Merkel's youth movement assigns the blame for destroying the planet to anyone who breathes. This goes so far that it would be better not to have children in order to prevent the world's destruction caused by the climate. Stop breathing so that you can survive. Do not reproduce so that humanity can remain. If the morals of Merkel's youth movement are valid, delicate questions of guilt also arise in other areas.

Islam says: Whoever is not veiled as a woman shall be raped

The instruction to rape all unshamefaced women is found in the ilsamic scriptures as a permission in command form. It is about all the women a Muslim has in his possession. He may and should rape all these women as he pleases. Meanwhile, Islam owns the entire West. The Muslim's religious attitude dictates this and puts him in the position of being able to freely choose his victims. This fact springs from Islam and cannot be reinterpreted or played down. It is not about accusations and accusations, but about the simple naming of simple facts.

The female Muslim Guilt

The naivety of female Muslims is boundless. They do not even know that they force and even demand the rape of all unveiled women. Because they confirm the directives of Islam. Thus all veiled women are responsible for the rape of all unveiled women without suspecting it. That is exactly the same as it happens with the Greens and Jehovah's Witnesses. Every Jehovah's Witness is responsible for the serial murder by bleeding to death. On the moral level, as it applies to Jehovah's Witnesses, every Muslim woman who cares nothing about her religion for comfort is primarily responsible for the rape of all unveiled women and supports secondarily all Muslim murders.

Breathing, which left-wing extremists with elephant shit hairstyles prefer to forbid, is a natural activity that is even absolutely necessary for the plant world (and man himself). The serial murder of the Watchtower Society by letting it bleed to death is a brutal crime. The rape of the unveiled woman is a hard-core crime. The rape of the unveiled woman by the Muslim and the bleeding to death of people in the Watchtower religion are regarded and accepted as religious peculiarities. But when the sweet little green girls want to tax their breathing, people fall with their foreheads into the street dust and pray.

No Witnesses of the Cannibal God Jehovah in Darmstadt

Given the masses of colored and less colored people with an Islamic background, it seems understandable that Jehovah's Witnesses do not praise their divine literature in Darmstadt. For they simply perish, the poor. The Masonic religion with its All-Human-Weld-Brothers mode has to give way to population exchange, which was artificially arranged by her Masonic mother. The incredible mass of Muslims and Muslimas in Darmstadt is frightening. Politicians hope to be held up by these people, who of course will have to "vote right". But the fact that Muslims are the real right-wing radicals in all gradations does not occur to the left-wing Greens. Once the Sharia has been introduced, the left-wing Greens will soon be forgotten, because you don't think long about the hanged.

New signs

Last week, one or more Jehovah's Witnesses on Youtube made a great effort to ridicule my thesis of Watchtower cannibalism. As often as I was argumentatively superior to them, they would repeat the insistent statement that I had no proof that the dietary laws of the Bible did not refer to human blood. The continuing discussion, which was taken up again and again from the beginning, shook the facts together to a concentrate which I now present on new signs.

Thus fanatical Jehovah's Witnesses unintentionally help to put the facts about them into handy words. These people have repeatedly set out to defend the great Watchtower religion. This had to end miserably once again. The result is: "The Watchtower-Jehovah is a cannibal god – He must forbid human blood". This statement is conclusive and very easy to understand. It is more difficult to unmask the veil as the rape call of the unveiled. Why?

People don't see it, they don't want to see it, they refuse to see it and they prefer to suck on the public-service thumb.

The person in charge should be imprisoned for life

Dr. Angela Merkel also represents only one interface between Freemasonry with its Satanism and its devil worship within the high degrees on the one hand and the course-setting in the nation on the other hand. Thus she is the reincarnation of all national socialists who after all said only succinctly: "I only did my duty." Especially since this woman went this way out of ice-cold personal profit-seeking. To make matters worse, she whipped through her GDR ideology with all the means of oppression. Hardly anyone can lay more blame on himself. Mrs. Merkel corresponds exactly to the Watchtower leadership, which apparently murders completely uninvolved by ideology. In series.

Within these facts, the politicians supporting Merkel are playing exactly the role that Jehovah's Witnesses are playing: Participation is the motto, because those who do not participate lose their existence.


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