Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 387

Jehovah's merciless extermination system

... and the sad ignorance of the people

Not slept well, grouchy and looking the speed camera in the eye, because a car next door overtook with excessive speed. Next to me a woman bursting in a good mood, with 4000 volts in her suit, happy and ready for all good deeds. The morning annoyed me a little. It was remarkable how the tide turned: When Renate came across Jehovah's Witnesses at the fountain, at their usual main agitation point, she must have almost got a heart attack, because she couldn't get rid of the depression all day long. It was quite different for me. All the strain fell off me and someone held the signs up so that I only had to hold on to them.

The two watchtower colporteurs were totally bored. Also the text "Jehovah "God" murders six-year-olds in Walldorf (30.01.2018)" could not impress the capable literature performers. The only reaction was the constant hiding behind the parasol. Several times I took the opportunity to say to passers-by: "He only lived to be six years old when Jehovah God struck!" That impressed the one Jehovah's Witness who, however, after a very short time was again at home in total boredom.

Will this killer and death row candidate advertiser at home think about these things? It can't be that an intelligent man just ignores such a clear thing. At some point the remaining conscience of these murderers must strike and give them sleepless nights! But the facade of the totally bored Jehovah's Witnesses was perfect this morning. They must not give anything else of themselves, for they control each other. A Jehovah's Witness behind the Watchtower Society's free literature is in the world's worst prison. He must not think, not feel, not participate, not react, not feel, not live. He is only a puppet.

Throughout the morning Renate complained that she didn't have time to do anything today and felt totally useless. But the photos she took were very good. And in the end she held up the signs herself when I was somewhere else for a moment. I am curious to see how our congregation perceives and judges this, because they are not really enthusiastic about our Witness Jehovah's Enlightenment activity in principle. How much remains to be done before Christians finally understand the importance of Jehovah's Witnesses' confrontation with the truth? How many more children must die because of this lying religion of Jehovah's Witnesses? How many banquets will people accept before the satanic religion of Jehovah's Witnesses is resisted?

Many people shared their agreement with us, but then simply went on without further participation. I came up with a nice business idea and I told Renate that she would now have to appeal to a lot of people if they didn't want to hold up the signs for a few minutes for one euro. We laughed ourselves broken. Well, I was more than Renate. She was under the oppressive impression of uselessness all the time. But how much she benefits by her participation and by her experience, that's another thing. It is not up to us always to stand in the elation of the good deed.

A couple talked to a Jehovah's Witness and he laughed at us in relief because he had finally found someone with whom he could make fun of us together. The couple then passed me with a grin on their faces and I called them out loud to see if they were still in the comfort of making fun of the six-year-old. The couple became invisible. Some time later they stood in front of Jehovah's Witnesses again and the laughter continued. There are people who stand behind the Jehovah's extermination system with all their ignorance. And they are citizens of integrity! German citizens who do no harm to anyone. They are accepted, recognized people!

On one of the self-standing posters of Jehovah's Witnesses the saying was written: "THERE IS A CREATOR THAT IS INTERESTED IN US?" This question can basically be answered with yes, but the God of the Watchtower Society is a destroyer-God who makes people jump over the blade in the most wicked way through his religion. And these people do not notice it! They have had themselves gutted and corroded inwardly and are proud that they no longer have a normal conscience. They classify themselves as biblically trained, but they cannot recognize that they have become accomplices to murder.

After all, there was no assassination in Speyer and the police drove by again and again with their patrol cars. How nice it would have been if a constable had come by on foot to find out where and from where. When will the Watchtower murder of the six-year-old from Walldorf finally be recognized as a murder? When will people finally begin to make Jehovah's Witnesses understand that they can no longer run their murder program unchecked? When will the MURDER-ORG Watchtower Society finally be halted? When will the children of Jehovah's Witnesses finally be safe from the swift death of this religion?

The spiritual range of the murderous Watchtower religion can only be understood by Christians (if they want to). Renate is one of the few people who does not shy away from this insight and who looks at the matter with courage and without a psychofilter. The vast majority of Christians find the confrontational confrontation with the Mordmoloch Watchtower Society only uncomfortable, perhaps as disturbing, superfluous, unpleasant, disturbing. One is so beautifully furnished in this Christian niche, in this corner that, the more isolated, the more pious it is. But we have been sent into this world by Jesus himself, but not into a ghetto-like world of offside. Faith in Jesus Christ always works as an urge to people, never as an impulse to pious encapsulation. There are certainly phases in our life of faith in which we must concentrate entirely on ourselves. But the endless flight into our own Christian world of faith can never be Jesus' mission. Jesus emphasizes that we are not of this world. But he says in the same sentence: "I send them into this world."

Besides the quite normal ethical question, which has not yet been answered, why public prosecutors do not call the serial murder society to account, there is the problem for every Christian not to leave his fellow man simply out in the rain. Jehovah's Witnesses are not only standing in the rain, but they are drowning in an anti-Christian slurry that stinks to heaven. How can a Christian walk tolerantly through the pedestrian zone? Only if he ignores death and the corpse mountains of the Watchtower religion. Is a Christian called to ignorance? No. Love your neighbor also always means confronting the other with the facts that kill him.

It is wonderful to be in fellowship with Christians and to experience that they are saved. But the open question remains the general rejection of what could disturb ecumenism. Oh no! We all believe in one God! And may one criticize members of a religious murder organization? They are nevertheless so pious and efficient and world-wide active! There are even statements like: "From them we can still cut off a slice!" What nonsense! Who cuts off a slice of a murder advertiser just because he is so well organized and diligent? Does the meaning of Christian existence really consist in spinning oneself into one's warm cocoon and donating something here and there? What then distinguishes a Christian from an atheistic good man? Do we have the right to concentrate only on ourselves? How obedient is a Christian if he always sits only at home or in important lectures of his leadership committees or in the hip events of his church? Aren't we all all just Katrin-Dagmar-Goering-Eckardts, if we close ourselves off to the real problems in this way and only take care of our thing? How quickly we sink into ideology!

Christians don't even go into the pedestrian zone as critical or neutral spectators, but they have probably established their Christianity. When I let all these lovely and nice people pass my eye, the impression remains that they have come to terms with this filthy world quite well. There murderers are allowed to act in the pedestrian zone and Christians stroll past them. Great! There, one enjoys the sunshine and the possibilities that one has by his fat wallet, but the seduction to the infanticide by religion that takes place right before a child is not noticed. And when such a stupid guy comes to the parish and points out these grievances, you simply turn around and sip on the coffee cup. Awesome!

To this day, Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to go through their seduction program unchallenged, unpunished and above all unenlightened. No moral authority is concerned with the serial murder that takes place in the Watchtower Society. Virtually no Christian feels called to pursue these things and to make an effort to cleanse the Watchtower people for once. And even the authority, which is even legally obliged to investigate suspicions of murder, is silent, silent and silent. In this way Christians are on a par with ignorant murder tolerators. Hello? Did Jesus say: "Just be like the rest of the world, it will be all right"? What kind of self-deception mode do we actually live in? Can you really blame all this on Freemasonry and the EU?

No. Every one of us has a responsibility to the whole. Every single one of us can experience how fresh air goes to his butt when he is torturing himself from the sofa. That feels good. Whether he can then really identify himself with the enlightenment of satanically seduced Watchtower slaves in the sense of the Christian faith and in the sense of a mission, which he gets from Jesus, remains his business. No one can be talked into this. We are no whippersnappers and we know that only the Holy Spirit is responsible for all this. Only he is the yardstick. Otherwise all this will only become a Goering philosophy.

We can't count on Merkel and government agencies. We are counting on Jesus Christ. Let yourselves be moved by the fact that six-year-olds must die under your eyes through an anti-Christian religion. Do not simply go over to the usual Christian everyday life, but stay awake. Let Jesus send you into this world. Do not be content with the usual commitment in the pretty church circles. Do you simply want to let all these seduced people perish?

There. That's enough of that appeal. And yet something should still be said: "Catholic! Do you have a relationship with God or are you satisfied with a cheap religion? Adventist! Do you rely on Jesus or on your ability to keep the special laws of your religion? Jehovah's Witness! How long do you still want to have people killed by your religion?"

Well, today I was tough on you, wasn't I?


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