Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 190

Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal: Meaningless, More Senseless, Most Useless

Every bag of rice is more interesting.

What happens when a bag of rice falls over in Bruchsal? Jehovah's Witnesses still undercut the famous sack of rice by positioning themselves in their book table backdrop and standing there pointlessly and not even falling over. Since someone there warns of their deadly heresy, Jehovah's Witnesses seem to want to remain active only to demonstrate to the public how steadfast they are. They are the most steadfast sack of rice under the sun.

Why – someone might ask – is this Warner still standing there and holding up his signs? The answer is: The warning against the Watchtower doctrine is not pointless. More and more good conversations are developing and people are becoming more and more open in articulating their reservations about Jehovah's Witnesses. In contrast to the absolutely pointless advertising for the Watchtower Jehovah, the warning against the Watchtower heresy is important and even the more superficial people become aware. Letting Jehovah's Witnesses have a free hand is a sin, for they manipulate anyone they can grab by the little finger into spiritual and spiritual death.

Even if someone can get out of this trap, he usually suffers irreparable damage. Most people who have fallen into the destructive mills of the Watchtower heresy can no longer believe in God even after a successful exit, let alone acknowledge Jesus as their Lord. The Arian thought patterns in connection with fear and artificial isolation make puppets out of people who actually believe that they can create eternal life by praising magazines. For Jehovah's Witnesses, soul-catching is true worship.

It is good that the enlightenment in Bruchsal about Watchtower Jehovah has progressed so far that the soul-catching of Jehovah's Witnesses has become unsuccessful. Slowly, Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal should realize how insidious their religion is. If even small aphorisms and few facts from their religion lead to the fact that they can no longer build their so-called Kingdom of Jehovah in Bruchsal, they should actually recognize at all levels of perception that such a religion is only human work – a broken and destructive human work.

The Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses, figuratively speaking, only suck their thumbs all the time and look boredly at the area as they tell each other gossip stories behind the Watchtower Book Table. If Jehovah's Witnesses weren't so brutally empty of spirit, they could still be approached and cared for. But the front they set up doesn't allow this good gesture. So they have to stay alone and separate themselves from life. Revelation 5:13 describes that the entire creation will worship Jesus some day. Then Jehovah's Witnesses will no longer be present because they refuse and forbid prayer to Jesus. This final turn to death they already show today through their book table steadfastness.

Simple human insight could help them, but they have human insight surgically removed three or four times a week so that they do not realize that Jesus is God and that without this knowledge the death of a possession seizes. They prefer to stand behind their free literature on Saturdays and practice turning their embarrassing grin into a sovereign smile of superiority.

While in Speyer the embarrassment of the Jehovah's Book table quickly led to the Jehovah's Witnesses there refraining from this kind of sacrificial capture, the Jehovah's Witness in Bruchsal rears up stubbornly and acts according to the motto: "What does not kill us, makes us hard... But the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses have always been and still are the hardest of all human beings, they do not consider. They do not realize that they have no means other than their boundless penetrance to keep up their lies before themselves and others.

The simplest truth can't get caught in Jehovah's Witnesses. If God exists, only God can save. Any attempt to climb up to God in cultural, religious or any other way is outright nonsense. But Jehovah's Witnesses do exactly this in the highest extreme and entrust themselves not only to a pure human work, but explicitly to a certain group of people! Jehovah's 144,000 super-witnesses (+ Watchtower-Jesus) are supposedly the great Christ who saves Jehovah's Witnesses. But you don't need to look so closely at Jehovah's Witnesses to come across terrible errors that every child understands. For Jehovah's Witnesses belong to the only religion that, for theological reasons, brings people to death in an organized manner.


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