Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 260

Jehovah's Witnesses invisible – How much power does the Watchtower Society have?

... when even Jehovah's Witnesses simply stay at home, put their feet up and suck their thumbs?

Thanks to the Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer, Bruchsal and Wiesloch. Summer 2016 was very interesting for me. The balance of power was slightly improved. Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer indiscriminately call in the police if something does not suit them. The Watchtower organization's exaggerated claim to power was reduced to a healthy level and many, many people were warned of the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses. The notorious misinterpretations of the Bible have been even better exposed. There are many videos on Youtube that deal with these issues and successfully explain them.

Jehovah's Witnesses are finding it harder and harder to progress with their investigation. But they have never had it easy. They always had to maltreat themselves and be maltreated for the aims of the Watchtower Society. Already around 1925 the situation of Jehovah's Witnesses was that of slaves. Let's read an excerpt from the book: "False Witnesses Stand Against Me" by W. J. Schnell, pages 71-73:

Restlessness in the Bible House

In Magdeburg, the centre of theocratic power in Germany, there was a palace revolution. The organization grew constantly, the methods were improved, the production increased, and the sales reached dreamlike proportions! One might think that under such circumstances little attention was paid to the desires and dislikes of the individual. We were well catered for and had modern accommodations that were far better than the homes of the families we came from. There were excellent sanitary facilities, bathrooms, showers, etc. Our time, however, was strictly limited and regulated: despite three meetings a week, six days – and often seven – were set aside for work. This gave rise to dissatisfaction. With the exception of the spies and the director's marked favorites, there was no evidence of favoritism anywhere. These exceptions, however, were granted all possible freedoms. With most of them, it soon turned out what to think of them. Even now, when I am so far away from the actual scene, it is difficult for me to have to say such a thing. Because spying is the most pathetic form of surveillance! Everything we did and left was somehow brought back to the director, and he often said to us, "I know everything you say and do, so don't do it!"

A special department was set up in which these creatures of the director, distributed among the provincial churches and the Bible House, kept records of all our deviations from the Watchtower line. These files were only used officially when one of them was out of line. But then, with astonishing promptness, the person was reproached for his missteps. This usually shocked him, as is the case with any decent person who has to realize that he is being spied upon. In general, he then humbly apologized. At the end of the conversation he was warned that further information was available which was now hanging over him like a sword of Damocles as a constant threat.

While the director managed to make us all good Bible house servants, he was not such a good servant himself. Not only did he live much better in his own separate apartment than we did, but he also expressed the difference in rank in his clothing. He wore silk shirts, silk socks and expensive tailored suits. Remember that this happened in an environment where almost none of the brothers, most of whom had nothing to do with selling books, was able to buy cotton socks or a wool shirt. Often our clothing consisted of gifts we had received from relatives. In post-war Germany, however, silk shirts and socks were luxury items that only the nouveau riche could afford.

Our director also made frequent trips for which there was no proper explanation. Sometimes he had disappeared for two weeks. On the train he drove first class, and by the way he had his Mercedes driven by one of the brothers. This was in stark contrast to our travel habits. Our director also used the best planes, which were already available again, and spent with full hands the money earned sourly by the announcers. Since time immemorial, the greats of the Watchtower have used the most luxurious conveniences on their worldwide journeys.

This thing disgusts me

So the whole organization, which had spread like mushrooms, was rotten and rotten inside. It resembled the Jewish theocracy, which the Lord denounced in Matth. 23,27: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, you are like the whitewashed graves, which seem pretty by heart, but inside they are full of dead bones and nothing but rubbish!" – She lacked personal honesty, which she was also completely indifferent to. Nevertheless one should not indulge in any error concerning the new watchtower organization in Germany which has emerged from ruins, concentration camps and hiding places. It is totally and theocratically oriented and infinitely more dangerous than the organization under which I served. At that time we still had the second ruling class of the Watchtower Society. Today's third layer is preparing for world domination in order to become a New World Society!

At the beginning of the year I927 the conditions in the organization completely disgusted me. I could no longer endure the mental torments and torments caused by such things as the suppression of Christian thought, the service of promoting the spirit of organization, and the banal repetition of Watchtower terminologies. I knew that if I turned my back on the Bible House and stayed in Germany, I would never find peace. I would be plagued and persecuted until the organization could be sure that I had no more influence. The same happened to me in the USA from I942 to I954. At that time it was still possible for me to prevent this by making use of my privilege to return to the USA. In June I927, after thirteen years of absence, I set foot on North American soil again.

Compared to the 1920s and 1930s, today's Watchtower Society appears more relaxed. Jehovah's Witnesses must not look like rushed workhorses for advertising reasons alone. But they still have to work for their salvation through works of advertising. Jesus did not die for Jehovah's Witnesses, as Fred Franz suddenly remembered in the last century. Fred Franz, the uncle of Raymond Franz, who was disfellowshipped from the Governing Body and the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses and then wrote a book about this organization, this uncle Fred Franz landed the biggest coup in the removal of Jesus from the lives of former Bible researchers. Jehovah's Witnesses were told that only by following the Watchtower rules could they hope to survive the great slaughter at Armageddon. No one is responsible for the 99.99 percent of Jehovah's Witnesses. Only they themselves can (possibly) save themselves by expanding the Watchtower Society and advancing on the path to world domination.

Today at any rate, no German Jehovah's Witnesses were to be seen in Speyer. Only a few Italian Jehovah's Witnesses met at the back of the post office to quickly disappear at the sight of my warning signs in the post office and not show up again.

Has the salvation of mankind through the Watchtower-Jehova become a hobby? How hollow is the Watchtower Society's fear-provoking teaching when it all comes down to more money and more power? How can Jehovah's Witnesses endure dedicating themselves to their allotment garden or car? On a Saturday with the best Watchtower weather?

The behavior of the Watchtower victims exposes the Watchtower organization. Jehovah's Witnesses give up the confrontation in Speyer's pedestrian zone and leave the field to a single man holding up a few laminated A4 sheets. Jehovah's Witnesses don't care what they do and they prefer to stay home. How can this be explained?

I hereby call upon the Jehovah's Witnesses to carry out with discipline and obedience and steadfastly the tasks assigned to them by the Watchtower Society. The pressure of the Watchtower Society must be increased so that the end of the world does not become a mere hobby. Have Jehovah's Witnesses recently started knitting sweaters or growing tomatoes in the garden? Or do they prefer to stand at the discount box office rather than in public to cast a spell over people? – Jehovah's Witnesses! Pull yourselves together! Open up and do something! You can't just let humanity down!

Or is it? You've been speculating for a long time in which houses of those killed by Jehovah you will live.


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