Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 426

Watchtower Society Murders by Invented Blood Regulation

Jehovah's Witnesses deny the murder

The blood prohibition of the Bible refers exclusively to the blood of animals. The meat permitted by the Bible is exclusively animal meat and never human meat. The human blood prohibition on which the prohibition of blood transfusions is based does not exist in the Bible because God has never allowed cannibalism. Cannibalism is even so far removed from human behavior that God has never spoken about it.

And yet the Watchtower Society applies the blood ban to human blood as if the people of Israel had consisted of cannibals. The ban on human blood is completely pointless from a biblical point of view. What does the Watchtower Society want to achieve with this ban on human blood?

Only one motive remains that gives meaning to this ban on human blood. It is about the continuing religious murder through the refusal of emergency aid in the form of blood transfusions.

The legal position of the Watchtower advocates is subject to different criteria, so not all Jehovah's Witnesses can be found guilty in the same way.

Failure to provide assistance

The legal position of the normal Jehovah's Witness is dependent on the standard brainwashing administered to him. The mother of the six-year-old from Walldorf, who had to die because of this human blood ban, was not even a Jehovah's Witness, but only had contact with Jehovah's Witnesses. People who know nothing or very little about the true background of the human blood ban can be prosecuted for failure to help.

Negligent homicide

Every Jehovah's Witness who carelessly participates in advertising this ban on human blood and performs the sermon service necessary for it is guilty of negligent killing. Even ignorance, if any, does not absolve these people of the offence of negligent killing. One must even blame all deaths on these people by letting them bleed to death, because they frivolously support this decidedly deadly religion.

Arbitrarily prevented aid/killing

Jehovah's Witnesses who suspect something of the reprehensible motif of the Watchtower blood doctrine and yet do not withdraw their support from this religion are guilty of deliberately preventing assistance. This is where the responsibility of the particularly loyal Jehovah's Witnesses begins, bringing people to their deaths despite better knowledge of their religion. At this point, the deliberate killing of a human being has been achieved. Elders who participate in hospital liaison committees in order to prevent the patient from accepting a blood transfusion are in the status of murderers.


Those Jehovah's Witnesses who could decide on the blood doctrine and render it harmless and do not do so must be accused of multiple murder. These people know full well that God has never allowed human flesh, but they are issuing a supposedly biblical ban on human blood. These people can only be murderers, for they spiritually send all their followers to their deaths and physically kill many by forcing them to refuse a blood transfusion. This deadly outcome of their doctrine is desired and they have even had the special success to date of not having to bear any legal consequences.

The Watchtower Society brings Jehovah's Witnesses a hundred percent separation from God and signs their worldwide work with many dead people of all ages. She even boasts about it by dedicating magazines to this topic and writing about the bleeding young people: "They were faithful to God!" And the parents of these dead are proud to have sacrificed their children to the bloodthirsty Watchtower-Jehovah.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf

How many people must Satan tear out of a Christian church and kill in order to be able to bathe in his triumph? For Walldorf, a six-year-old who had to die miserably from an infection because his mother had only (!) contact with Jehovah's Witnesses and refused treatment with one or more blood transfusions is enough. Jehovah's Witnesses proudly stand in front of the church to which the six-year-old had belonged. They are endowed with a mysterious snootiness and when they see the shield "Six-year-olds from Walldorf deceased because of Jehovah's blood doctrine", they put their heads down and grin scornfully.

If Juergen only wants to tell them that his father from the Watchtower Society was also so indoctrinated that he allowed himself to bleed to death, then these people will call the police. Can it be true that the police protect the bleeding murders of Jehovah's Witnesses in such a way that you can't even say a few critical words to Jehovah's Witnesses? What kind of world is this where religious murder is so important for some people? Isn't it the world in which thousands of anti-Semites and religious assassins are brought into the country in flimsy ways? Where does this unmistakable agreement between politics and Jehovah's Witnesses, who hate everything that their own nation wants to keep, come from?

Instead of the police, a Jehovah's Witness couple came out of the underpass and the woman laughed gloatingly. This laughter seemed very satanic to us and the woman despised us and was happy that she could cover us up with her contempt. She so skilfully enmeshed Renate that Juergen and I were already worried. But the lady did not know that Renate was protected by Jesus Christ. This polite love bombardment could not harm Renate. The Jehovah's Witness laughed all the more satanically when, in the course of a little farewell sermon, I asked whether they might barbecue people in the Kingdom Hall after thorough bleeding and eat them with mayonnaise or ketchup. For without a human flesh permit there can be no human blood ban on which a six-year-old from Walldorf had to die in such a religious way.

The younger Jehovah's Witness left the Pulk of Sermon Service and took a tour of the church square because he recognized the truth in my words and understood it immediately. May all Jehovah's Witnesses ask themselves in the morning when they wake up whether they are man-eaters in order to need a ban on human blood at all.

Jehovah's Witnesses in Speyer

They don't appreciate Renate's love with which she approaches Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses fall for the infamous love bombardment of the kingdom slaves, but can't do anything with real love. Because they are trimmed from the outset on dogmatism and snootiness. One of them had only been around for a short time with a high degree of certainty, because when the Watchtower Rollator collapsed, he tried to stow the cover plate at the back. Ui, there was no compartment for that. He offered a picture that exposed his previously and subsequently shown contemptuousness as the great game of Jehovah's Witness snootiness. A three-week Jehovah's Witness embarrasses himself, but leads the great dogmatism and hate speech. The man is not unsympathetic at all. What is he doing with this religion!

Jehovah's Masonic Sign Witness was also present again in Speyer, claiming that Renate was a liar. He, like all Jehovah's Witnesses, refrained from naming the alleged lie concretely. Probably only the team of specialists had told him what to tell Renate. But the funniest thing was the two at the coffee table. One had been there for over 40 years "mentally dead" and the other was the embarrassment witness with the wrongly stowed cover plate. The two boys sat quite comfortably and cuddled at the coffee cup. If one could trade an arrogant smile on the stock exchange, the Watchtower Society would be the owner of the world.

What is shocking, however, is the indifference of people who pass by. This indifference is comparable to the ignorance of the public prosecutors towards children who have to die for threadbare blood reasons in Germany. It is like a great eclipse of the heart that dominates the people and the public prosecutor's offices. And Steinmeier invites us to left-wing radical concerts.


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