Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 419

Senile Watchtower Mafia promotes early death

A little Bible study, a little dead kid

Who studied the Bible with the Protestant woman from Walldorf and thus killed the six-year-old son of this woman?

In Walldorf the Jehovah's Witnesses are so happy about their religion that they can no longer get out of the broad grin. How broken must one be to flood a nation with millions of Muslims? How broken must one be to kill a six-year-old with his religion and then advertise it with a funny giggle and grin in the middle of Walldorf?

Very few people care. Jehovah's Witnesses are free to fool around and must not let anything kill children for you. And they are so highly respected by the audience. What a tie can do. A tie and the usual 3 kilos of superficiality.

When a man sits down on a chair outside at the café, while his wife buys rolls inside, a huge scream and a quarrel arise, that your hair stands on end. When Jehovah's Witnesses trickily kill a six-year-old through their free Bible study, nobody notices. And when someone stands on the sidewalk with signs pointing to this religious assassination, you just look the other way. The hubcaps from that car there, they might look good!

And when a passer-by stumbles, the good Jehovah's Witnesses jump in and want to help. They can hardly be repelled, they are so helpful. Well, touching a Jehovah's Witness doesn't kill immediately. But the passer-by had helped herself faster than the Jehovah's Witnesses could jump. Did she have a minor son? No, no. That's why Jehovah's Witnesses certainly didn't want to help.

Background Facts

Freemasonry has a hobby. Their hobby is to destroy their faith in Jesus Christ. They invent completely exaggerated and twisted religions like the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons or the Adventists, or they water down the teachings in churches like the Protestant ones. With Catholicism, they no longer need to do anything, because there the pure lie has always been rampant. That's a bit funny. This nourishes the idea that Freemasonry and Catholicism together have hatched from a most holy womb.

The most beautiful thing for Freemasonry is when it can kill openly and yet so beautifully encrypted. She does it quite openly, but so well thought out that no one can think of it. And those who could do something about it because of their position are usually very closely associated with Freemasonry. For a long time now, the churches have been using Masonic-influenced channels to meet the financial needs of their pastors. Evangelical Alliance and so on. When Masons turn off the rooster, all pastors now walk. And if all Freemasons disappeared by a big bang, the public prosecutors in every nation worldwide would take legal action against the Watchtower Society.

The murder by bleeding to death has achieved world fame as a trademark of the Watchtower Society. Yet it is not seen through! Nobody recognizes the human blood lie, nobody has (allegedly) the information that in the Bible exclusively animal blood and nutrition is spoken of. Nobody cares about it. Every year an average of 9000 people die for this lie. What is bad, however, is the death of children who were not allowed to decide or were lured into the death trap. Thus the Watchtower Society actually publishes journals devoted to the topic of how many minors have recently died from the blood doctrine. The title is then, for example: "They preferred God!"

Among the Watchtower Mafia members, there's probably an awful lot of people just out of sheer stupidity. But even in these cases I am impressed by the murderous grin these people have on their faces. I can't get rid of the thought that they could know more than they pretend.


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