Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 430

Walldorf: Jehovah's Witnesses 1 month before trial

Can we draw conclusions from their behavior?

Today in exactly one month there is the main trial about the accusations made to me: violation of the art copyright law and insult. Can Jehovah's Witnesses be filmed and published? Does the exclamation express "a thugsman" disrespect after a hunt? Or is this exclamation just a reaction of fear? All this is to be clarified on 22 January in Wiesloch at 10:30 am. Four witnesses stand against me. One of them is a police officer.

However, there is a video evidence that is not considered evidence. It's just an "eye-opening object".

The experiences we had after this order of punishment cannot be interpreted any differently than that the Jehovah's Witness in Walldorf in question is considered unreliable and aggressive by the internal side as well. His gestures to reject Renate were interpreted from a distance as blows and after a few seconds a man came along to stand between Renate and Jehovah's Witnesses. That was a measure not to jeopardize the pending procedure by the rough behavior of this man.

How did the Jehovah's Witnesses behave today in Walldorf?

At first I only noticed three women standing as usual at their Watchtower Rollator. But one of them was wearing jeans and later I learned that this woman was allegedly the wife of the complaining Jehovah's Witness. This woman then appeared by saying something to Renate from a few inches away that no one else should hear. "Camera off!"

It was not until much later that I realized that Renate was talking to two male Jehovah's Witnesses behind the cottage on the church square and had this experience. One of them was the complaining Jehovah's Witness. And again you see on the video and hear from Renate's description that he disregarded every normal distance and became intrusive. He went so far that Renate had to hit him on the hand to prevent him from snatching her camera. Unbelievable. It's lucky that Jehovah's Witnesses don't decapitate, only bleed to death.

Overall, the situation was much more relaxed for me than usual in Walldorf. I had no conflicts because I was far away from the complaining Jehovah's Witness. And the passers-by took note of my signs, so that I got hope again. In the meantime, a kind of mobbing behavior has been developed in Walldorf that gave me the impression that I was in a conservative small town that gave itself its laws and tolerated no interference. No matter by whom. No matter for what reason. The death of a six-year-old caused by the Watchtower Society's blood doctrine counts for nothing in his hometown. How beautiful life is when you can migrate as a substitute! To a place where the serial murder of the Watchtower Society is not ignored.

Walldorf's Jehovah's Witnesses before the trial

It's like the Jehovah's Witnesses remain in Walldorf in a state of shock. The noose of polite self-control is even tighter. The swift departure comes faster than usual. One wants to avoid any impression that might jeopardize the proceedings against me. But the fact that the main actor of this matter again became overgushing and attacked Renate, is very surprising. The man seems to be a very special Jehovah's Witness. I can well understand the concern of the Watchtower lawyers that this aggressive and insulting man is destroying their beautiful plans. And yet they have chosen him to take legal action against me. How they got the judge to issue an order of punishment against me can only be explained by the deliberate omission of the hunt that this man was carrying out. The policeman who will appear as a witness against me must also have been unilaterally informed. Otherwise one cannot imagine that a police officer would agree to testify in contradiction to a crystal clear video evidence.

These factors show again how easily the state power of Jehovah's Witnesses can be misused and deceived. The state is structurally incapable of examining the lies and tactics of the Watchtower Society. And it is not even called upon to do so, because all Watchtower tactics are disguised as religious activities. Only in the direct confrontation by legal means – when it comes to human legal disputes – does the state get the opportunity to weigh up the facts correctly. But also here the ties of the Jehovah's Witnesses and their polished appearance work against it. Jehovah's Witnesses are more than just carpet sellers. They take your or your child's life. And through religion.


If the case against me is dropped, the question remains whether Jehovah's Witnesses can be filmed and published at their public appearances. My personal preference is to let this question rest on my laurels and postpone its clarification. For Section 23 of the Copyright Protection Act, Sentence 3, states unequivocally that persons who participate in meetings in public may be filmed and published. (Without the consent required under § 22, distribution and display are permitted: Pictures of meetings, elevators and similar events in which the persons depicted took part.) This applies to Jehovah's Witnesses. Their performances are always organizational, public, and characterized by the fact that only the goal of the public rally is fulfilled. Who in this world does not know Jehovah's Witnesses?

Someone greater than anything has made it possible in an amazing way for me to pay the penalty in one fell swoop even in the event of a defeat in the forthcoming trial. That is why I have also remitted the donation of dear friends from Austria. In this way I would like to thank you once again! You have stood by me in the hour of need. Who can experience such a thing?

It is well known that the anticipation, description and disclosure of details may have consequences for an ongoing proceeding. However, I am now looking this risk in the face with fearlessness. It is incomprehensible to me with what unbiasedness and impertinence a judge can be persuaded to issue a penalty order that is both legally false and contrary to normal justice. Here the circle closes. Anyone who can commit religious serial murder worldwide without being prosecuted has long been able to manipulate the judiciary in small matters.

Take another look at the video. They tell me I wanted to insult the Jehovah's Witness with the exclamation "a thug".


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