Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 293

No Jehovah's Witnesses but Christians and discussion with Muslims

Yesterday, after I had gotten a new hope that the Watchtower Society would continue its fraudulent attempts undiminished as the weather improved, so that I could continue to warn people, I had to find out today that only in Speyer was a Jehovah's Witness to be seen. And he immediately ran away like an outgoing demon. He disappeared immediately when he saw the signs. Only the screeching and the smell of sulfur were missing.

What must be out of order in a human being, that even when he runs away for the hundredth time he doesn't notice that his "truth" can't stink against the simplest facts? Can such a person still claim that he really believes in the Watchtower religion? If this Jehovah's Witness with Trump and Merkel hooked would go through the city – that would be a picture! But all three would probably not understand the meaning of the picture. Someone would first have to join the government as Chief Security Advisor-Boss to explain this to them.

Jehovah's Witnesses and others whip their program through, even if they are refuted a thousand times by reality. The basis for this behavior is the feeling of being something better. No one can say whether they are cheaters or deceivers. Too common is this state of the better person who enforces his program at all costs.

In Speyer, the city of Catholic religion and Watchtower propaganda, the religious business is atrophied miserably. Only Catholicism continues to vegetate behind thick walls and high mountains of money. I intended to offer tourist guided tours where the confrontation and acting skills of Jehovah's Witnesses could be experienced. This will no longer be possible.

On the journey from Speyer to Bruchsal I was in no hurry, because I was counting on the presence of the Watchtower Bookstall. The surprise, however, was that although the wild struggle of religions in the form of the Islamic advertising tent raged, Jehovah's Witnesses shone with their absence. Only a few Christians, apart from the Muslims, had set up their book stalls in the pedestrian zone of Bruchsal and these Christians did not spread a religion, but a clear, personal faith in Jesus Christ. What a rest! One of the Christians knew Islam well and stayed at the advertising stand of the Ahmaddiyyaists in order to make clear to the men there that they were lost. Muslims do not understand that religion cannot help anything. Muslims are blind to the question of whether religion has anything to do with God and whether God's actions have anything to do with religion. On this point, they share their blindness with Jehovah's Witnesses.

For example, I explained to the spokesman of the Ahmaddiyyaists that we can only rely on God and that we cannot climb up to God through religion. If anyone saves, it is God Himself and no rite, no prescribed prayer and no jihad and no bombing. The only thing you could hear (as in Jehovah's Witnesses) was this "Yes, but!", and that like in the most beautiful cabaret numbers parodying the Indian way of speaking. Yes aba yes aba yes aba yes aba yes aba ... The argumentation always came down to the fact that man with his cerebellum must first understand God and only then say yes to this God. With Jesus it is exactly the opposite. With Jesus, faith comes first, the faith-yes to him and then recognition. The Muslim God is divided into clear squares with numbers and thus as simple and clear as the Watchtower-Jehovah. The God product of Islam has a very similar human structure to the Watchtower product of Jehovah. However, the fact that human self-production could not save them was not appreciated by these people – as it was by Jehovah's Witnesses. Yes but yes but yes but yes but yes but ...

This fantastic experience and recognition that every person can have with Jesus, I could not bring closer to the people. To a woman who insisted that she is happy without Jesus and accepts death as a conclusion, I just gave her hand after a few attempts at argumentation and said goodbye friendly. I hope that in later times this woman will remember this friendly handshake when she sees death approaching. Hopefully she then realizes that she didn't want to be told anything, and then asks herself, what did the man want to tell me and why did I reject this so sweepingly? Maybe she will then come to the conclusion that it is always better to venture the scientific self-experiment with Jesus Christ than to always remain in one's own concept of life. Whoever accepts Jesus loses nothing. Those who accept Jesus sober up and leave the philosophical drunkenness behind them. Whoever accepts Jesus receives hope. The one who accepts Jesus is on the only path at all. And I am not alluding to what Christians experience. For someone who does not know Jesus, this cannot be made understandable at all.


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