Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 461August 17, 2019

Conversation with Jehovah's Witnesses

Heilbronn – the City of Freemasonry and Migration

Despite climate change, it rained in Heilbronn – the city of Freemasonry and migration. Two Jehovah's Witnesses, a woman and a man, stood at the top of the pedestrian zone. However, I had no time for them. Later they stood further down and I walked towards them without holding up any signs.

The Conversation

Jehovah's Witness (m): You're welcome to take something with you.

Me: So I can be considered a cannibal? Whoever rejects human blood must be a cannibal. Cannibals need a ban on human blood.

Jehovah's Witness (m): Oh, I see. Now I got it.

Me: The Bible's blood rules all refer to food. Do you eat human flesh?

Jehovah's Witness (f): Is that a serious question?

Me: Yes. You even let 9,000 people die for your doctrine on average every year, worldwide. That almost amounts to cannibalism. Whether you eat the people or not – if you have a wrong regulation that kills several thousand people, then the question of cannibalism is unnecessary.

Jehovah's Witness (f): May I ask a question, too?

Me: If Jehovah is the devil? Yes, he is. Jehovah is the devil. The Watchtower Society was born of Freemasonry, and in Freemasonry this Jehovah is also worshipped, and from the 30th degree on, Jehovah ...

Jehovah's Witness (f): We don't want to be insulted.

Me: These are facts and they don't offend. Facts cannot offend. In Freemasonry, Lucifer is openly worshiped from the 30th degree onwards. Then you know where to go. And your works, your works, the dead – in Walldorf the six-year-old had to die of your religion. The parents were not even Jehovah's Witnesses. They only had contact to Jehovah's Witnesses. The brainwashing had already reached its limits.

Jehovah's Witness (f): Have a nice day!

Then I walked a little over the central square of the pedestrian zone in Heilbronn. Near Woolworth there was a circus tent sized headscarf sitting at the cash desk, under which sometimes thin little arms were rushing out and serving the cash desk. Every Muslim veil confirms the carte blanche for Muslims to rape all unveiled women.

As I passed the two Jehovah's Witnesses on my way back, the two of them slammed the tops of their rolling cupboards into the lower containers, so that they were already waiting for the releasing splinter. But that didn't interest anyone and after a few seconds you couldn't see them anymore.

The two Jehovah's Witnesses gave me the impression that they understood the logical connection between the ban on human blood and cannibalism. Surely the conversation was one-sidedly dominated by me. But I will not allow the tricky speech of a Jehovah's Witness in the first place. It is a disgrace to want to talk your way out of such clear facts and the personally desired embrace of the serial murder by letting people bleed to death. Every person who supports the Watchtower teachings has to answer for the dead of the Watchtower Society and will also have to account for every life destroyed by the Watchtower. Every Jehovah's Witness who kills himself because of the Watchtower teachings, every Watchtower-supported child abuse, every Watchtower-supported bleed-out, every divorce recommended by elders will be attributed to every single Jehovah apologist, for he has assumed full responsibility by entering this artificial religion. There is no escape. The support of these deadly heresies will return to their representatives.


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