Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 392

Jehovah's Witnesses abuse police

The light was carried in buckets to the Wiesloch town hall

At Wiesloch-Walldorf station – how boring – there were again no Jehovah's Witnesses. Who wouldn't understand that? You get up very early, line up with the Watchtower Rollator at the station, only to quickly be embarrassed in front of everyone. That is not possible! Then Jehovah's Witnesses would rather stay at home.

In Speyer I sat all alone on the bench at the Altpoertel and could not photograph a single towering Jehovah's Witness. By the way, the bald man didn't bleed to death and has been in sermon service for a week. Only on Fridays not. Only at about 10 o'clock I discovered the hardest Jehovah's Witnesses of Speyer in front of the Kaufhof. One was called Slomka and the other Merkel. No. It was a joke.

There are several people in Speyer who look at me as if they wanted to shoot me best. When the good citizens are faced with sheer hatred, a status has been achieved of which one can be proud. If good Catholics can no longer and no longer want to hide their anger, then I have good reason to believe that my educational work on the heresies of the Watchtower Society has borne fruit. Adult men show their inner poisoning with few looks and gestures. A cyclist passed me from behind and tried to knock the signs out of my hand. After he had bought himself a pretzel, he passed me with a broad grin. With it he brought a level of self-damage, which today was only surpassed by the Wiesloch police in madness.

Konrad, an atheist, came by and gave me a description of a good citizen of Speyer who passed by with his face filled with hatred. We had a good conversation and the bleeding murder and Islamic flooding of Europe turned out to be the points from which we unanimously suffer. Overall, the time before the Speyerer Kaufhof was characterised by the fact that the whole range of reactions was noticeable. A cyclist who wanted to knock the signs out of my hand, bare hatred in the faces of the people, contempt, but also applause and encouragement. When one sees this range of attitudes, it becomes understandable that the EU wants to reduce the people's intelligence quotient to Islam.

When Speyer's toughest Jehovah's Witnesses withdrew, two young Asian women came and asked the Watchtower Saints for a Watchtower. I called out to the two Asians that the six-year-old from Walldorf had to die on 30.01.2018 because of this religion and whether they thought it was good. Miraculously, the answer I received was a very real shake of the head, expressing the rejection of the Watchtower doctrine. Had the two only had the task of picking up a Watchtower at the departure of the Watchtower Saints?

Wiesloch, where the light is carried in buckets to the town hall

On the way home I decided to drop by Wiesloch again, which I had so neglected in the meantime. And lo and behold, there were Watchtower pioneers who had flown in and who, as it turned out later, had no choice but to break off their lie service. They embarrassed themselves and only the Wiesloch police authority surpassed this high degree of idiocy.

Many people stopped and inquired about the background of my accusations and what it was all about the six-year-old from Walldorf, who had to die for the Watchtower religion. Several nurses talked to me. At some point someone spoke to the Jehovah's Witnesses and the male Jehovah's Witness talked something about rights. I exclaimed the sentence: "Those who produce the dead cannot have the truth!" I repeated this sentence twice so that the hearing-impaired Jehovah's Witnesses would really hear it. Then they called the police: "We have a little problem here ..."

After just under an hour, the police arrived and the trainee or assistant carefully read my sign about the six-year-old man killed for the watchtower. After an interview with the Jehovah's Witnesses, the police officer, an honorable, authoritative person, approached me and had my personal information dictated to him. But it is also stupid to copy my identity card without a paper. I willingly helped him to write down my data.

I noticed that this data is all listed in the imprint on my website. He said: "I will certainly not look at this website!"

This very likeable police officer then informed me that I could stand there from him (i.e. from him!!) with pleasure. But I must not interfere in the conversation of other people! I asked: "Did I interrupt anyone? What a crime! The police officer remained calm and tightened his personal ban in a moderate tone. Where I was born. "In Berlin and I hope I didn't interrupt anyone by it." The police officer remained calm. Lucky for me. Many thanks for his prudence! He repeated his personal ban on interrupting conversations and asked if we had understood each other. I had to answer like a little boy: "We understood each other!" Good thing I didn't hit my heels together at that moment.

The trainee or assistant put her hands into her sides with her elbows apart and remained silent.

At school I once learned that in Germany we have a separation of powers. The legislature (legislation), the judiciary (legal system) and the executive (police). In Wiesloch, however, I had to learn today that not only judicial decisions form the law, but also angry police officers. Today the strict prohibition not to interrupt anyone or interfere in a conversation was launched in Wiesloch. The executive branch in person of a nice police officer in Wiesloch turned out to be judicatively active and thus broke through the separation of powers that was (apparently no longer) valid in Germany.

But what can you expect! Under the burden of the Islamic flooding, the German police cannot be reproached. Especially when it comes to religion.

Let others always finish. Don't get involved when someone lies to someone else and sells him a mouldy carpet. And if one raises a knife and wants to ram it into the other's back, just turn around and go home. Otherwise the Wiesloch police will call you.

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