Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 436

Parallels between the Watchtower Society and the Merkel System

Jehovah's Witnesses as a Long-Term Educational Experiment

Well-darkened club rooms, heavy curtains, cigar smoke. Old men with cognac swivels sit casually in armchairs and discuss a new religion for the purpose of a unique experiment in mankind. The task to be explored can be described with the question, how much cooked nonsense can one tell people and which educational measures must one apply in order to let the experimental people of this new religion live in the conviction to find themselves in the pure truth?

Both objectives include a diametrically opposed contradiction.

  1. Lie must be optimally regarded as truth
  2. The people under the highest pressure must experience absolute voluntariness

This religious experiment has taken place for about 100 years in the Watchtower Society and has only one purpose. It is the scientific determination by which means and measures mankind can be led under the power of the One World Government. This unique experiment was never made public as such – in contrast to the repopulation experiment, which Mr. Mounk openly explained to Mrs. Mioska. He said: "We dare a historically unique experiment. And that is to transform a mono-ethnic, mono-cultural democracy into a multi-ethnic one."

The inventors of the Watchtower religion are so certain that they allow the repopulation experiment to be made publicly known as such due to their hundred years of experience in oppressing and cheating people. One has only half the joy in power if one does not exercise it with an announcement. The very special fun lies in being able to say to the opponent: "After another seven moves you are checkmate."

Some parallels between Merkel and Jehovah

The list of parallels between the Watchtower experiment and the Merkel system, including the repopulation, does not claim to be complete.

Merkel system with repopulation

Watchtower Experiment

The Watchtower Sandpit is the playing field on which the New World Ruler could and can let off steam. The most important characteristic to be tested in the Watchtower Sandbox is the unrestricted rule of the faithful and intelligent slave. This rule even surpasses the rule of the pope. This can be seen, for example, very nicely in the fact that child abuse continues to be protected by the Governing Body. The two witness rule is not abandoned.



Both systems, the Merkel system and the Watchtower experiment, consistently idealize the worldwide propagation target and the negative side effects are played down. The nation is rejected as Pfui-Ba. Both Green Left and Jehovah's Witnesses are deeply disgusted by anything that might have to do with the nation. The participants in these experiments of Freemasonry feel very comfortable in the rejection of the nation. For the Watchtower people, it is the great emotional level of Jehovah's world domination. Greenleftists find their most beautiful impulses for existence in group cries: nationalism out of the heads.

But both groups do not notice that the ideological occupation of the whole world corresponds one-to-one to Hitler's Phatasia.

Ideological Education
Loyalty to Jehovah

Greenleft and Jehovah's Witnesses see their salvation in blindly following their leaders. They are absolutely unattainable for any argument. This inaccessibility of both groups of people can be seen by anyone who tries to talk to them. The complete nailing of the mind finds its highest development in both groups, so that any argumentative approach seems pointless. The only hope that remains is that the individual participant in these experiments will begin to think for himself. The doctrines of faith themselves are objectively very easily attackable, but through the fanaticism of the manipulated people they become impregnable concrete buildings. This impregnability is in turn part of the hopes of salvation that are rampant in these religions or political sects. The simple participant draws from this basically self-produced invincibility once again a good pound of confidence that he follows the truth and that this truth will spread all over the world.

Fighting opponents by ejection
Exclusion of renegades

Since about the time of the Mounky ventilation of the freemason plan of repopulation the federal government has become more audacious with the social ostracism of critics to the front. Here also the natural shyness before the open lie or the natural shrinking back from unjust decisions doesn't count any more. Even the attempted murder of critical opponents is welcome and finds half-open agreement.

The practice of excluding disagreeable religious participants has been testing the watchtower experiment for a long time and is pushing inhumanity further and further to the top. The extreme arbitrariness is striven for and shows, what a human being puts up with. The long-term experiences of the Watchtower testers help the Merkel system and its protagonists to maintain power. It's not about the possible loss of face for a long time anymore. That is at the end of the day completely secondary. The only thing that counts is the execution of the development steps in the course of the repopulation and the anti-national orientation.

The rigor with which the Merkel system proceeds can otherwise only be found in the Watchtower religion. Well, if you ignore Stalin and the similars.

Global warming

Both scenarios, green-left and Jehovah's human oppression, work with doomsday threats. The past of the Watchtower Society is a very nice indicator of how all variants have been played through. The most successful of these is applied to the green-left climate religion. The abuse of children to spread the message of doom is also striking (Greta Thunberg and fans). This was also extensively tested in the Watchtower religion.

Lying media and lots of money
Lying media and lots of money

At this point, even the title can no longer be adapted specifically to the respective religion/politics. What has consciously taken place in the Watchtower Society's literature from the very beginning is now practiced masterfully by Green Left (always including CDU-SPD comparsibles). The Ossis alone cannot be gagged without further ado. The Freemasons should sit down again and discuss whether to exclude some federal states as a whole.

Is the bona fide citizen a victim or a perpetrator?
Is the Witness Jehovah's victim or perpetrator?

The blind follower himself is a big problem. Whether it took place during the Nazi era or among Jehovah's Witnesses or among the large crowd of ARD and ZDF believers: The one-sidedly informed person acts as an amplifier of the rulers. And just as there are still enough Jehovah's Witnesses, Angela Merkel can also trust to have the large crowd of the deceived on her side. However, the fact that the Chancellor is already publicly considering how she can punish Enlightenment as a sin in general is entirely in keeping with the techniques of the Watchtower Society.

Disapproval of Christianity
Destruction of Christianity

Jehovah's Witnesses are determinedly hoping for the destruction of Christianity. In their writings they propagate this clearly and unambiguously. Angela Merkel floods Europe with Islam and insists that Europe is also Islamic. She answers concerned citizens' questions with the recommendation to simply sing more hymns. The contempt which emanates from this woman is contained in all hopes of the Watchtower Society for the annihilation of Christianity one to one.

The diamond symbol of Angela Merkel
Symbols of contempt in Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Society does not spare symbols of ice-cold contempt. On the page Jehovah's Witnesses – Why "Servants of God" have to endure so much suffering we see a small example of this inhuman symbolism. The booklets and books of Jehovah's Witnesses are full of these symbolic allusions. Angela Merkel, on the other hand, limits herself to the symbolic representation of the widely open female genital organ. There is no need to say anything about it, because the impertinence, the impertinence, the abysmal godlessness of this gesture is self-explanatory.


When the Jehovah's Witnesses came to their ancestral stand, they went on bored, for they did not want to stand in this place. There stood this Christian. No, we do not stand there. In Islam there are correspondences for this. Everything that Christians have touched is unclean for these people.


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